Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 18th August 2020 Written Update: Gupta family gets insulted by Badi Amma

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Guddu coming to Gupta house and thinks to tell Pappu that it is not good for Gudiya to come to his house. Radhe asks him to come inside. Guddu thinks he was going to college and thought to meet them. Pappu says it is good. Radhe asks him to come inside. Guddu says that he has to talk something important with them and is in hurry. Pappu says I will call Amma and Sweety and tell them that Guddu came. Sarla gets happy seeing him and says I was missing you. Sweety says even me. Guddu says even I was missing you and gives sweets to them. Pappu says I like it a lot. Radhe says I am like you. He asks what you was saying? Guddu says Gudiya came ..Radhe says yes, we were afraid. Sarla says she said that your family is good. Sweety says everyone is scared of dacoit’s family. Guddu tries to say, but Radhe tells that Gudiya can win anyone’s heart. Guddu says ok, I will leave. Sarla asks him to have kadi chawal. Guddu says I will eat some other day, now I have to go to college. Sarla says he is very sanskari. Radhe tells Guddu’s family might have impressed them and that’s why they were eager to befriend us. He thinks that’s why they sent sweet box. Sarla says eager? Radhe says if I befriend them then our status will get high. Pappu and Sweety agree.


Radhe asks Sarla to make kheer for them and tells that they will go there. Gudiya tells God that she is not understanding how to thank him and keeps her toys infront of God. She tells that Putli bai has become her dear friend and now she will win other’s heart too. She tells that she will win Nanhi’s heart too and then will give a surprise gift to him (God). She goes. Radhe gets ready in suit. Sarla and Sweety get ready too. Radhe asks where is Gudiya? Sarla tells that she has sent Gudiya out as she wants to befriend them in her absence. They all laugh and come to haveli.


Badi Amma opens the door. Radhe introduces himself and his family. He tells that his wife has made kheer. Badi Amma asks did I know you? Radhe says we are Gudiya’s family members. He says we have brought kheer for you all. Badi amma asks why? Sarla says we thought you will like it. Badi Amma says we don’t befriend with low status people and also don’t make relation with high status people. She closes the door. Radhe and his family get insulted and come home. Nanhi thinks atleast you would have taken kheer. Pappu washes his hands and tells that they shouldn’t have gone there, hearing Gudiya’s words. Radhe says this thing would have happened if we had gone to any other house uninvited. Sarla says we don’t do like them.


Radhe says you are not Putli Bai. Sarla says if they are rich people then we are also not small people, our samdhi is the Inspector of Sipri, we are not less than them. She says who closes the door on the face. Pappu asks her to calm down. Radhe takes the insult lightly. He says we have gone to their house uninvited. Sarla says this means that we are liable to get insulted. She says I am really confused what he wants to say. Radhe says I will break my head and asks her to stop. He says nobody shall tell this to Gudiya. Pappu says she shall know what happened with us. Radhe says Gudiya is very happy now a days and her confidence shall not break. He says if anyone tells then they will see our dead face.


Chacha comes to Putli bai and asks for her blessings. Putli Bai blesses him. He asks how do you make the designs so nicely and tells that he has a good idea. He says Putli Handkerchief will be popular. He says first we will start with Pillow covers and then will set up the factory. Putli Bai says you told me this many times and asks who gives you money for drinking bhang and says if I come to know then I will not leave that person. He runs out and collides with Mangal. He says I was coming to you. Mangal says I don’t have anything. He talks about Putli Bai and tells that she got punished for her deeds and her own son Sadhu never forgave her. Chacha says she is your mother too. Mangal says step mother. Putli Bai hears them and thinks she lost so much to get Sadhu.


Gudiya is eating gol gappa and blocks the way seeing Guddu. Guddu says this way is not your personal and scolds the gol gappa seller. Gudiya tells Bantu that she will defeat the enemy in the battlefield as she has won Putli ji’s heart. Bantu says yes. Gudiya says Putli ji made me eat kheer with so much love and tells that she will take gol gappa for her. Guddu says my dadi doesn’t eat such things and says don’t know from where this water came from. Gol gappa says he has brought water from the river and it is clean. Guddu diverts Gudiya asking her to check something is stuck to her kurta and leaves from there. Gudiya realizes he has fooled her.


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