Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, 18th November 2020, Written Update: Gupta family assumes Guddu to be Gudiya’s baby father

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Guddu and Matai see Gudiya having a baby bump. Matai says Gudiya is pregnant. Guddu says this might be the reason for some other reasons. Matai asks why are you getting tensed. Guddu says I am thinking how can this happen? Matai says she is young girl. Next day, Gudiya is brushing her teeth and calls Guddu. She asks if he will compete with her to spit. Guddu goes inside. Sarla looks at her. Bua scolds her and asks Sarla to manage Gudiya’s issue fast. Gudiya comes downstairs holding her waist. Sarla asks if she is not feeling ashamed. Gudiya says I have achieved something for the first time and asks why she will feel ashamed. Sweety says it is a sin to have children before marriage. Sarla says even God doesn’t forgive such persons. Gudiya says then God wouldn’t started baby birthing machine before marriage. Bua scolds Sarla. Nanhe lal asks Gudiya to tell since when it started. Chunni lal says he can’t ask properly. Nanhe lal asks where did he stay? Gudiya says he stays in his home. She says my stomach is growing and you are losing your smartness. Radhe asks her to answer Nanhe lal. Gudiya says she didn’t have any answer. Bua takes Bantu with her. Gudiya tries to talk to Sweety. Sweety and Pappu don’t want to talk to her. Gudiya comes to Sarla, but the latter asks her to run away. \

Bantu goes to Gudiya and tells that everyone wants to know about Mausa ji. Gudiya thinks to talk to Bajar battu and says we will play there. Bantu finds Gudiya climbing on the table to go inside Guddu’s home. After talking to Guddu, Gudiya tries to come down the window but he stops her and asks her to go from door. Gudiya asks did you think about my heart, you refused to become my baby’s father. Guddu says I am not your baby’s father and asks her to go through door. Bantu hears him. Gudiya comes home and thinks what to do. Bua ji scolds her for going out and Sweety is drinking tea at home. Gudiya comes to kitchen and asks Sarla to give her food. Radhe comes there and asks Gudiya, who is he? Pappu also asks her to say. Radhe tells that he is getting angry. Gudiya looks at Bua. Bantu tells Radhe that they shall take her to room and ask. Bantu says I came to know, who is he? He says Guddu Bhaiyya. Pappu and Radhe are shocked. Pappu says we shall ask him directly. Radhe gets angry. Pappu says we have to ask Gudiya. Radhe says we shall ask Guddu.

Pappu asks Gudiya about Guddu. Gudiya says Guddu doesn’t want to become her baby’s father, he is a cheat. Pappu and Radhe misunderstand her. Pappu calls Nanhe lal and asks him to come home fast. Nanhe lal and Chunni come to Pappu’s shop. Radhe says new development is that….He asks Bantu to go. Bantu says I had told that Guddu is Mausa ji of Mausi without marriage. Nanhe lal asks what? Radhe says he refused. Pappu says he refuses to become her baby’s father. Nanhe lal says I will break his bones. Gudiya hears them and goes to talk to Guddu. She whistles and calls Guddu, informs him that her Chacha ji will arrest him and break his bones. Guddu asks what did I do? Gudiya says you have refused to be my baby’s father. Guddu says it is a small matter? Sarla hears them and gets shocked. Nanhe lal and Chunni are leaving from home, when Sarla comes and tells that it is confirmed that Guddu is the guy and taking Gudiya very lightly. Pappu says I will burn the haveli. Nanhe lal asks Pappu to calm down and use his mind.

Nanhe lal says we have to plan to trap him. Sarla says we have to beat him. Gudiya says I won’t let anything happen to him, irrespective of what he has done. She comes to haveli and asks Matai about Guddu. Matai says he went out. Gudiya tells that Guddu refused to be my baby’s father and that’s why my family is coming to beat him. Matai says I can’t believe. Gudiya says why will I lie? She says Nanhe lal planned a conspiracy to trap him and asks Matai to give her promise that he will protect Guddu. Matai promises him and says you have grown up. Gudiya asks him to save Guddu.

Precap: Guddu asks Nanhe lal to let him go. Bua says he has betrayed Gudiya. Gudiya says he will accept that he is my baby’s father. Sweety tells Gudiya that she will marry in an hour. Gudiya asks if bal brahmachari can marry. 

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