Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 20th August 2020 Written Update: Harbheji threatens Gupta family

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Radhe scolding Guddu what is she doing? Gudiya says she doesn’t know how tea fell down on her. She brings water and is about to make water fall on her again. Sarla cleans the stain and apologizes. She asks Sweety to activate her mind if someone comes. Radhe asks Harbheji to sit. Harbheji sees Guddu in the window and tells that she will sit. She says I am in a hurry. She folds her hands seeing Guddu. Radhe asks her not to fold her hands. Harbheji tells that she is not folding her hands to apologize to them, but folding her hands to tell them that they shall not misbehave with her again and shall not come to her house again. Guddu just sees her gesture and don’t hear her. Harbheji says she can’t let anyone enter her world and says if you was on my place, then would have done the same. Radhe says yes. Harbheji says you are looking understanding. Radhe says I had told them that we shall not go. Harbheji says your intention was good, but nobody likes it. She says we had no interactions with our neighbors in our village. She threatens them indirectly. Radhe praises her as he couldn’t understand her threat. Harbheji tells that they shall understand the circumstances and do the work accordingly, it is the intelligence work. Pappu and Sweety praises her. Harbheji says I appreciate that my neighbors understand my signs. Pappu says you have won your heart. Harbheji asks them to understand her words and keep their heart safely. Gudiya tells that she didn’t do that intentionally. Harbheji says if mistakes are done again and again then it is called habit. Radhe asks Sarla to bring tea. Harbheji says your daughter made my saree drink tea. Sarla brings tea and gives to Harbheji. Harbheji says she is fasting. She says beating heart sound seems good and threatens Sarla and asks if she understood. Radhe says why she will not understand. Harbheji goes. Guddu also goes. Radhe praises Harbheji to be royal blood. Sarla asks if they doesn’t understand that Harbheji threatened them silently. Radhe says she sent us from the door and she doesn’t want anything to happen to us. He says she wants us to take the steps slowly. Sweety says she is Nirupa Roy. Sarla says everyone is foolish. Guddu hugs Harbheji and tells that he has become her bhakt and says if a bit of her goodness comes in him then his life will be successful. She acts to be upset. Guddu asks what happened? They told you something. Harbheji says I apologized to them, they might come here, but I am worried that what they will say seeing Gabbar, then his marriage will happen problems. She says she is thinking to get his room door nailed. Guddu says I won’t let you do this and tells that Gudiya is always after me, to make my life hell. He thinks God solved their fight.


Sarla tells that Harbheji threatened us. Radhe tells that Sarla is jealous of Harbheji. Sarla says I don’t think that I shall talk to you. Gudiya tells that Harbheji apologized to them, so can I go to her house. She asks Sarla to take back promise. Sarla refuses. Gudiya says Putli Bai loves me so much. Sarla says I will see if she calls you.


Guddu’s Chacha comes to the shop and tells that he came to give something. He asks about his profit in a day. Pappu asks why I shall tell you? Chacha tells that he brought scheme for him and tells that everyone uses the nada/cloth used to tie the pajama. He fools him. Pappu asks him to go. Gudiya comes and says haveli wale Chacha is here. Pappu says I understood seeing your face, you are not an ordinary man. Gudiya says hanuman ji told me everything. Pappu asks him to sit on the mattress. Chacha ji says he came to bring the money and asks do you have money? Gudiya asks Pappu to give 50 Rs. Chacha ji says he just wants 20 Rs. Pappu gives him 20 Rs. Chacha ji says today you have won my heart and thanks Gudiya.


Nanhe lal comes to Radhe’s house and finds Sarla sitting sadly. Sarla sees him. Nanhe asks her not to worry and says Gudiya will get married. Sarla says she is thinking something else. Nanhe lal tells that he is thinking to go to haveli and have tea. Sarla thinks my family is already mad about them, but Nanhe lal is impressed with them.


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