Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, 20th January 2021, Written Update: Amrud baba gets Gudiya locked in a room

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Gudiya wanting to go to Amrud Baba’s meeting, but Radhe stops her. Baba’s shishyas tell that they got good amount of money and valuables today. Baba says it seems we shall stay here for long time. Chote says we shall make Ashram here. Radhe looks at Gudiya and Bantu who are in room. He goes. Gudiya and bantu stand outside the Amrud Baba’s room and hears all his planning. She asks what did I think about you and what you turn out to be? Gudiya asks if it is right to fool people. Baba tries to fool her. Gudiya says I will go and inform everyone.

Motu says we shall stop him. Baba stops them and says they will see when she tells everyone. Bantu stops Gudiya from telling Sarla and reminds of the challenge. Rajjo says when will Gudiya marry? Baba ji says your daughter has Raj yog in her destiny and I see a prince coming in her life, but a trouble too. He says something wrong is going to happen with her, but I can say that we can stop such thing. He says the solution for this problem is you have to lock your daughter in the room and nobody can meet her for 3 days, and tells that the time can increase. Sarla says it is very difficult to lock her. Baba ji gets upset and gets up. Sarla gives him 100 Rs. Bua ji gives him 500 Rs and assures him. They take the money and go back to guest room. Rajjo says you are foolish. Sweety appreciates Rajjo. Baba plans to set up his Ashram in the house. Radhe fools Gudiya and locks her in the room. Gudiya is about to come out, but Radhe asks her not to come out. Sarla says your baba asked us to lock you in room. Gudiya says I am hungry and asks what will I eat now? Bantu hears Baba and his Shishyas laughing at Gudiya’s plight. He gets angry. Later he brings food for Gudiya and tells her that he has become Singham. He says they have to bring more big baba than him. Gudiya says I am more good than him. Bantu asks her to become Sanyasini. Gudiya says it will be fun, when I will punish this baba as Sanyasini.

Baba takes the guava in his hand and pretend to talk to God. He tells Radhe and Rajjo that Gudiya shall have maun vrat also. Sarla tells that her daughter will suffocate with maun vrat. Baba asks Rajjo if they want to get her married then she has to keep silence fast in the locked room. Rajjo says ok. Sarla brings food for Gudiya and tells that Baba wants her to keep silence fast. Gudiya eats the fast and says she can keep it and challenges her. Sarla goes. Bantu comes to gudiya and tells that they are taking her lightly, she shall do some action now. Sarla comes down and tells that Gudiya has agreed to keep the silence fast. Baba ji gets happy. He asks his shishyas to keep eye on her.

Pappu and Sweety dance in their room. He says my sister is tired of the taunts and that’s why agreed for the silence fast. Sarla tells Radhe that their daughter is locked in room and they are busy in dancing. Radhe says he will go and check Gudiya. Sarla says I can’t go. Radhe goes to bathroom. Sweety and Pappu also come out of room. Gudiya comes out with Bantu and hides. Chotu and Motu look at Radhe.

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