Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 21st August 2020 Written Update: Gudiya thinks of an unique idea to reach Putli Bai

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Nanhelal telling Sarla taht he has to keep an eye on Putli Bai as she shall think that Police is keeping eye on her. He tells Sarla that if she lets him go then he will go there. Radhe tells that he will also come with and tells that Harbheji came and apologize to them, said that they shall not come without invitation. He says I can go with you. Gudiya tries to go with them, but Sarla stops her and calls her actor. They come to haveli. Nanhe lal tells that it is renovated. Radhe says it is looking good. Madhav comes there. Nanhe lal introduces himself as Inspector of Sipri. Radhe says Radhe of only Sipri. Madhav dacoit gives his introduction. Nanhe lal tells that he wants to meet Putli Bai. Putli Bai calls him and tells that until Police team drink tea of my house, they don’t feel that their salary is sufficient. She asks Matai to send tea for them. They all sit down in the drawing room. Madhav tells that he is Guddu. Guddu greets them and goes. Nanhe lal tells that Radhe is his samdhi and tells that he had caught a kidnapper. He says no thief can be saved from him. Putli Bai laughs. Nanhe lal asks if she remembers a joke. Putli Bai tells that her son is a lawyer and knows law. Nanhe lal tells that they have met him. Radhe tells that Sadhu doesn’t seem to be of your family. He tells that Guddu is very good guy, if he had not tell us then we wouldn’t have known that he belongs to such a family.


Putli Bai asks what do you mean? Radhe tells that you are also a good woman and says if she joins politics then they will do publicity for her. Putli Bai tells that she doesn’t wish to enter politics. She asks Madhav about the time. He tells the time. Nanhe lal says I will leave now, and asks her to call him if she has any problems. Radhe asks her to think and goes. Madhav Dacoit asks Radhe to meet him later and says we will do something. Gabbar shouts saying you are a liar. Madhav says he is my son who is unwell. Nanhe lal says I know about Gabbar. They leave. Badi Amma asks Gabbar to wear pant, but he refuses. Guddu comes there and says you shall not speak to Maa like that. He says see in her ears, pearls are falling down. Gabbar says I won’t let pearls fall down and tries to catch the tears. He asks Harbheji not to cry. Guddu asks him to call Maa. Harbheji asks him to change his clothes and goes to bring half pant. Guddu makes him change his clothes.


Radhe comes home. Sarla asks what happened? Radhe asks her to wash his hands. Sarla asks him to wash himself. Radhe says everyone will understand when I become a politician. He calls everyone and tells that he had a talk with Madhav dacoit about the politics. Gudiya asks if Putli ji asked about me. Radhe says no, we were discussing important things. Gudiya gets sad. Everyone is happy. Gudiya tells Bantu that she can’t go there due to the promise of great lady. Bantu asks her to break promise and come. Gudiya refuses and asks him to think of an idea. Bantu falls down the bed. Gudiya tries to help him get up and finds Guddu’s book kept there. She checks and says it is blank. She thanks hanuman ji for the wonderful idea and draws something in the book fully. Bantu comes to haveli and splashes all the papers in air. Matai sees him and checks the drawing. He smiles and asks Gudiya if she is missing Putli bai then why she is not coming. Gudiya tells about Sarla’s promise and tells that’s why she thought of this. Matai tells that he will give the papers to Putli Bai.


Guddu is massaging Putli Bai’s feet. She says you massages my feet, but who will massage your feet. She asks him to get married so that his grand sons take care of him in old age. Guddu says bajrang bali is with me. He says Gabbar will get married. Putli Bai says how? She says Harbheji is trying, but he can’t handle himself, how he will handle his wife. She says one grand son is brahmachari and other can’t handle himself. Matai comes there and asks Putli Bai to come down and see. Guddu objects and says she is resting. Putli Bai comes downstairs and sees Gudiya’s drawing scattered on the floor. She gets emotional.


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