Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, 21st January 2021, Written Update: Gudiya pretends to be Neembu Baba to expose Amrud Baba

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Pappu and Sweety telling Rajjo that they were walking. Rajjo taunts them and leaves. Radhe, Pappu and Sweety peep in Gudiya’s room and find her sitting quietly. Gudiya sees them watching her. She finds them gone in sometime and comes out of the room with Bantu. She pretends to be Neembu baba while Bantu pretends to be her/his Shishya. Gudiya as Sadhu Baba asks Radhe to sit. Bantu throws lemons on the devotees, then Radhe and Pappu. She couldn’t see him properly through big number specs. She tells Radhe and Pappu that her divine sight is saying that an imposter Baba is staying in their house. She asks them to take her to their home. They take them home. Sarla bends down infront of her. Bantu throws the lemon on her head. Gudiya says Sweety, your life will get better. She then pretends to smell imposter baba. Amrud baba comes there and says you are imposter and calling me that. Gudiya and Amrud Baba have an argument. Pappu takes Gudiya to room. Gudiya says she will stay here. Sarla says I will Gudiya understand, that Baba is also here. Bantu shouts that a mother is going to see her daughter. He says your daughter is fine. Gudiya gets alerted. Bantu tries to stop Radhe and Sarla, but they ignore his warning. Bantu lies down on their way, but they go past him. They open the door and find Gudiya sitting in her room silently. Radhe says we shall not disturb her.

Pappu tells them that Neembu baba is missing. Radhe says we shall search them. Bantu asks them to come down and pick the lemons from the floor and do some mannat. Sarla picks the lemon and pray for Gudiya’s marriage. Radhe prays for her good life. Gudiya as baba throws lemons on them. Rajjo says it seems he is more big baba than amrud baba. Amrud baba comes out and challenges Neembu baba. Dangal song plays……Gudiya says you don’t know with whom you have messed with. He throws something on Gudiya and Bantu. Gudiya counter attacks on them and throws itching powder on them. Muqabla song plays…..Chote holds the Gudiya’s stick and gets electrocuted. Even Motu also gets electrocuted. Amrud baba says I will see how you stays here. Gudiya says I will see who stops us. Chunni lal comes there and asks them to stop. Amrud Baba complains to him about Neembu baba. Chunni lal warns Amrud baba. Pappu asks do you know neembu wale baba? Chunni lal says everyone knows about him. Baba thinks to kill Neembu baba poisoning him.

Radhe serves kheer to neembu baba. Sarla asks where is Bantu? She then says that he will give kheer to Gudiya. Bantu says I will give and takes it. Amrud Baba comes there and asks his Shishyas to dance. While Shishyas and others start dancing, one of the shishya add the poisonous powder in the kheer. Gudiya eats it, faints and fall down. Bantu says Neembu wale baba is dead.

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