Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 24th November 2020 Written Update: Nanhe lal misundertands Sarla’s concern as jealousy

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Rajjo asking the lady who is she? The lady tells that she is phoolbarbad. Nanhe lal says begum…whoever you are, I don’t know. She tells poetry about Nanhe lal. Sweety and Pappu laugh. Phoolbarbad tells that he has to pay for the heart. Gudiya tells Sarla that she called her to set her with Nanhe Chacha. Radhe appreciates her and tells Nanhe lal if he knows her. The lady continues to tell poetry. Gudiya says if she will continue her poetry. She lifts phool barbad’s veil. Phool barbad comes to Nanhe lal and looks at him. Nanhe lal asks do I know you? Phool says I think him as my love potato and he doesn’t know and asking me. Gudiya asks her to tell her truth. Radhe says we are eager to know your truth. Phool tells the story that Nanhe lal saved her when she was in danger. She tells she would have fall down, but Nanhe lal saved me. Nanhe lal asks when, how and where? He says I don’t remember anything. Chunni says I remember. Phool says I will become his dream girl and will return his favor. She tells poetry. Radhe asks do you know him? Phool says yes. Nanhe lal thinks Sarla is jealous and thinks to make her more jealous and calls Phool. He says you are like a puzzle to me. Gudiya asks are you weak not to solve the puzzle. Nanhe lal says no.

Rajjo asks Nanhe lal not to waste the time and come with her. Nanhe lal says I will be back in sometime. Gudiya says it is yet to be seen if he will make her dream girl. Rajjo tells Nanhe lal that she feels that there is drama happening here. Nanhe lal says surely, but I have no involvement in this. Chunni lal comes there and asks then whose involvement is this and says you did favor and forgot. Phool comes to Nanhe lal and tells him that Matar is alone, asks her to add aloo in it. Nanhe lal sees Sarla sad and acts with Phool. Sarla cries and tells Radhe that Samdhi ji is happy at the last time. She says Gudiya did the right time for the first time. Bua ji comes and asks them to ask Nanhe lal and Phool to go. Radhe says Nanhe lal will stay with us for some days. Gudiya comes and handles bua ji, praising her. Sweety tells that she can’t take breath whose father have done this in this childhood and cries. Phool comes there and asks how to woo your Papa?

Sweety asks her to forget. Phool says she is nothing without Sweety. Sweety asks her to go. Phool tells Sweety that her nakhras are not less than Kareena. Sweety gets happy. Phool gives her gift. Sweety checks lipstick, mascara etc and calls her Maa, hugs her. Sarla calls Nanhe lal and asks him to have halwa. He says don’t know how many days are remaining here. Nanhe lal thinks Samdhan ji is jealous. She says your new world is about to begin for you. Nanhe lal and Phool sits while Radhe acts as if they are sitting in the boat. Ajeeb dastan plays….It turns out to be Nanhe lal’s dream. Radhe says he has died and cries. Sarla and others come there. Nanhe lal asks who has died? Radhe tells that he felt bhai saheb left. Phool says I will go wherever you go. Rajjo says Nanhe lal is ready to marry Phool. She tells Chunni lal that they have to do something. Phool falls on Nanhe lal.

Later Phool comes to Nanhe and disturbs nanhe lal. Nanhe lal says I have to go. Phool tells poetry. Nanhe lal says I really don’t understand. She says I don’t understand what are you saying? She looks at him. He imagines Sarla in her and smiles. Sarla looks at them from the kitchen and cries. Gudiya asks Sarla not to cry and says Chacha ji will not go so soon. Nanhe lal’s illusion breaks and he sees Gudiya pacifying Sarla. He misunderstands Sarla. Phool tells Chunni lal that she is liking Nanhe.

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