Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, 25th January 2021, Written Update: Radhe and Gudiya to compete for the councilor’s election

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Radhe asking Bantu to come out of the bathroom. Pappu says even he wants to go. Rajjo asks why did Sarla make Urad dal in night. Sarla argues. Radhe asks why is she fighting. Rajjo asks Sarla to be silent. Sweety asks what did you ask her? Sarla asks her to close her mouth and taunts her. Sweety runs crying. Bantu comes out of the bathroom. Rajjo runs inside the bathroom. Radhe scolds him. Pappu asks Bantu if he was writing an essay inside. Bantu says he was thinking what to write for 26th January’s parade. Sweety says even she had written essay on it. Rajjo comes out and asks do you know when Independence day comes. Radhe is about to run to bathroom, when Pappu goes. Gudiya asks Radhe about constitution of India. Radhe explains. Pappu tells Radhe that Gudiya will not leave us now. Gudiya asks them to make constitution for their home. They run away.

Sarla prays to God and asks him to make Gudiya get married. Gudiya tells that they will set the constitution of the house and asks her not to interfere. Sarla asks did you ever think that there is a constitution of the house? Gudiya asks her to agree for the constitution or else…She thinks to go and eat golgappa.

She comes to the Golgappa shop and comes to know about the Councilor. Gudiya thinks to become politician and set up constitution for the neighborhood. Sarla comes out of the bathroom. Radhe and Pappu have a talk about hand pump. Rajjo taunts Sarla. Gudiya comes there and says that she has decided to become Councilor. Sarla says even your father don’t want to be Councilor. Radhe says he thought to become. Gudiya says nobody can stop her from becoming the councilor. Radhe says how to make her believe that the position of councilor needs a certain qualification. Pappu asks Radhe and Gudiya to convince the family members about who deserve the position. Gudiya says I will be the councilor, but you will hold my chair. Radhe asks her to handle herself first. Pappu talks to someone and asks if his father can get the ticket for the councilor. The guy says no. Pappu gets worried and thinks tomorrow is the last day.

Sweety says she has a good idea and asks him to fight for the councilor’s seat, and says if you stand for the election then you will lose. He says if I become then? she says then my beauty parlour will be set. Gudiya says I will set up your beauty parlour. Pappu asks Gudiya why is she not thinking about babu ji. Gudiya says she is thinking about babu ji only and don’t want him to become less than a Minister. Pappu gets impressed with her thought and see her as a councilor. Sweety thanks him and says Gudiya is going on a right direction. Pappu laughs.

Rajjo taunts Sarla and asks when she will think about other stuff? Sarla asks her to handle the kitchen so that she can see other things. Rajjo scolds her. Sarla gets upset with Rajjo. She asks Radhe how he will stand in the Councilor election. He asks her to motivate him for chasing his dream. He asks if I am becoming Councilor for myself and says I am trying this opportunity for you. He asks if she will do facial. Sarla says she is not like Sweety and is a natural beauty. Radhe jokes. He says he is worried for Gudiya, as she is also fighting for the same position. He says the councilor needs to have certain qualification and criteria. He asks if she chooses him for the councilor’s position. Sarla gives her vote for him. Gudiya thinks she will fight for the councilor’s job and will win.

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