Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, 26th August 2020, Written Update: Gudiya’s friendship troubles Guddu

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Guddu asking hanuman ji to help him befriend Gudiya. Matai asks him to befriend friend’s enemy first to befriend the enemy. Guddu says I don’t trust you and will not befriend you. Matai says ok, then let it be. Guddu thinks Matai is right. Bantu goes behind the remote car. Guddu is having the remote and takes the car. Bantu tells that he had seen the car in his dream. Guddu asks him to keep the remote car and tells that he has seen the dream in which you are telling your Maasi, not to have enmity with him (Guddu). Bantu returns the car and goes.


Radhe practices to give speech and tells that he will get water hand pump installed and also the public toilets build. Gudiya comes there and tells that she wants money to have golgappa. Radhe says he don’t have time now and continues with his speech. Gudiya thinks with whom is he talking to? Bantu comes to Gudiya and tells that Guddu wants to befriend you. Gudiya says he must have some plan. Bantu tells that he saw truth in his eyes. Gudiya tells that they shall not be afraid and asks him to tell Guddu that if he wants to befriend her, then bring Golgappa for her. Guddu tells that the cart was dirty and don’t know from where he brings the water. Bantu says ok I will tell Maasi. Guddu says I will come. He comes to the Golgappa cart. Gudiya also comes there with Bantu. Gudiya asks did you tell my conditions to him. Bantu says I didn’t tell him, I don’t think he will agree. Guddu asks her to tell. Gudiya says you have to give the money for the golgappa and also you have to eat with me, until I eat. She says then she will decide if she can befriend him or not. Guddu says ok. Gudiya eats the golgappa. Guddu also eats it with much difficulty and his stomach gets upset. Gudiya calls him weak link. Guddu asks the seller to give more, feels more pain and is going home. Gudiya asks Bantu to get money from Guddu. Bantu takes money from Guddu. Gudiya says he had given extra money. Bantu says we shall pay the advance for the next golgappas eating. Gudiya gives the money. They laugh on Guddu. Guddu goes to bathroom and tells Matai that he is having much pain. Matai asks him to drink water. Guddu tells that instead of befriending them, I will run away from here. Matai says she is 4th failed, but you studies in college, then also she won from you. Guddu runs to bathroom again.


Pappu is taking the sarees out. Sweety stops him and says I get bored all day. Pappu asks her to work with Amma in kitchen. Sweety tells him that he didn’t love her since many days. Pappu says he is getting late to go to shop. Sweety says I will not let you go and plays the song. Aaye Aaye yeh majburi….Pappu dances with her and leaves with his boxes. Sweety looks upset. Guddu is having a bad time. Chacha comes there and asks what happened? Guddu tells that he wanted to befriend Gudiya, but the way is not easy. Chacha says I know many ways and tells that coach doesn’t play cricket, but tells how to play. Guddu asks if you can say. Chacha says yes and says you just wanted to befriend her, don’t want to marry her. He says formula no. 333 will be good for you and asks him to give money. Guddu refuses. Chacha is about to go, but Guddu stops him and gives him money. Chacha says if you want to befriend her then woo her family and asks them what she likes. Guddu says her family likes him already. Chacha says then he has to think of other formula and asks for more money. Guddu gives him money and asks him to say. Chacha asks him to enquire with her family members, what she likes. Guddu runs behind him and falls on bed.


Guddu comes to the window and sees Sweety sad. He calls her Madhuri Didi. Sweety gets happy hearing him. He jumps down the window and asks how are you? Sweety says she became fine when he called her Madhuri Didi. He says he needs her help. Sweety says I don’t do any work. Guddu says you have to just give your suggestions. He says Dadi maa tells that if I befriend Gudiya then all our fight will stop. Sweety says if you befriend her, then keep up your friendship. Guddu says he will. Sweety asks him to give her marbles/crystal balls (kanche) as she likes it. Guddu slaps for her. Pappu calls Sweety. Sweety tells that she will meet him later and goes. Guddu says so Gudiya likes the crystal balls, it is proved that she is just one piece in the world. He gets the crystal balls and plays with it.


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