Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, 27th August 2020, Written Update: Guddu tells Pappu that he is her real brother

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Guddu playing with marbles. Matai says you used to play with it in your childhood and asks if he is opening marbles shop. Guddu tells that Sweety told him that Gudiya likes marbles. Matai asks how you will give it to her. Guddu tells that he will keep it on her doorstep. Matai says girls can’t be wooed by this. Guddu says I just want to befriend her and don’t want to woo her. Matai says you have to do some hardwork to befriend her and whispers something in his ears. Later in the night, Guddu comes to Radhe’s house and writes sorry with Marbles outside Gudiya’s room. In the morning, Gudiya comes out of her room, yawning and steps on the marbles and falls down. Hungama hogaya plays….She shouts Amma.


Everyone comes to Gudiya and falls down. Guddu wakes up and looks at them falling on one another. Matai and Guddu are shocked to see their plan failing. Gudiya tells that she has sprain in her foot. Radhe says we fell down so badly and asks why did she throw marbles on the way. Gudiya says her marbles are in the box. Sarla asks if it flown from the box and fell here. Sweety says I told Guddu Bhaiyya that Sweety likes it, as he wants to befriend her, but I didn’t ask him to scatter on the floor. Guddu and Matai hear them standing outside. Gudiya tells that he has planned to make me fell down. Guddu tells that he wanted to surprise her and make her happu. Gudiya says you are very cruel. Radhe says first let us find out what is happening. Pappu says everything is clear and asks Guddu why did he do this? He says this is not right to do this and says if anything had happened to her. Gudiya says my foot is broken and asks Pappu to teach him a lesson. Guddu says I didn’t mean that and goes from there. Gudiya says he has run away and tells that she is feeling as if her fingers are running.


Guddu tells Matai that his idea was a flop. Matai says you didn’t implement my idea well. He asks who asked you to make rangoli with marbles and says anyone can slip stepping on it. Guddu asks who walks with closed eyes. Matai reminds him that he was still in sleep when he spit on Gudiya. Guddu asks him not to remind that. Putli Bai comes there and asks what is happening? They blame each other. Guddu says I went to befriend her. Matai gave me idea. I wrote sorry with marbles outside Gudiya’s room. Gudiya and her family fell down stepping on it. Putli Bai says you are stupid to take suggestion from a wrong guy. She says if he had known about girls then he wouldn’t have been a bachelor. She asks about Gudiya. Guddu tells that Gudiya and her family fell down, but she was shouting aloud, says he wanted to slap her. Putli Bai asks if he doesn’t realize his mistake. Guddu says sorry. Putli Bai asks him to apologize to Gudiya and says if you apologize from your heart then she will forgive you. She says she likes sweets and asks him to say sorry with sweets. Matai says chocolate. Guddu says I will not give her chocolate. Nanhi hears them and comes inside. She asks what happened? Guddu tells that his plan backfired. Nanhi asks him to give red velvet cake to Gudiya and tells that Gudiya must not have seen or eaten it before. Guddu says idea is good, but from where to get it. Nanhi asks him to order in the bakery. Guddu likes the idea and thinks he will befriend Gudiya now. Nanhi looks on.


Radhe tells Gudiya that Guddu’s intention was not bad. Gudiya says if he wanted to give me marbles then he would have given me directly and tells that he did this intentionally. Sarla says even Bantu could come out from the door first. Gudiya says Guddu has done this intentionally. Pappu says Gudiya is right. Sarla says Guddu can’t do this and goes from there. Radhe tells that he has to go now, Sipri people are calling me and asks Gudiya to take rest and remove revenge intention from her heart. Guddu tells Pappu that he is her real brother. Sweety says I had given the idea to Guddu to give you marbles and asks if you are not proud of me. Pappu says you are really great. Sweety says she didn’t know that her idea will end like this. Pappu goes from there. Gudiya tells Hanuman ji if he saw his bhakt’s work and asks him to teach him a lesson. Bantu asks if she is fine. Gudiya tells that her Amma had beaten her so much and made her body strong. She says nothing has happened to her. Bantu asks her to come.


Matai tells Nanhi that dal needs to be cooked. Nanhi thinks my dal will be cooked. She says she will sit right here and asks him to check the tea. Matai takes tea and goes to give someone. Nanhi takes chilli powder from the kitchen. Guddu brings red velvet cake and goes to call Matai. Meanwhile Nanhi comes there and sprinkles Chilli powder on the cake. She then ties the ribbon of the cake and leaves from there. Guddu comes there and sticks the card on the box.


Precap: Gudiya asks Guddu to eat the cake first before her and says she is taking safety measure. Guddu eats the cake and shouts loudly. Gudiya and others look on.


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Credit: Telly Updates


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