Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, 27th November 2020, Written Update: Gudiya makes Phool understand about Nanhe lal’s refusal

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Nanhe lal telling that he didn’t mean that and asks Sarla to say, says you might have heard me. Sarla says I heard you telling that I can give my life for the real avatar. Nanhe lal says I said that for..Rajjo asks to whom you want to send that message. Nanhe lal says it is strange force. Phool tells that she is a dancer and there is no value for her emotions. Gudiya says my Chacha ji is not like this and asks her to say what she wants. Phool says I want to become his wife thanedarni. Sarla tells Radhe that Nanhe will get companion being alone. She asks Nanhe lal to agree for marriage. Nanhe lal asks what are you saying? Sarla asks again. Nanhe lal says yes. Everyone gets happy. Phool feels shy. Gudiya says Chacha ji’s heart is very big. Phool feels shy and goes from there. Aaj Madhoosh hua jaaye re…plays….She imagines dancing with Nanhe lal on the song tu lagati hai jab lipstick…Sweety asks Phool if she is happy to snatch her Papa from her and says he didn’t marry when he should had remarried. Phool says you shall be happy that your Papa will not be alone now. Sweety asks her to go away from her Papa. Phool asks how can I go away from your Papa’s life. Sweety goes.

Nanhe lal is lost in thoughts. Radhe says since your marriage talked began, you are in dream world. Rajjo taunts Sarla for not handling home matters and scolds Nanhe lal for staying in daughter’s home. Sarla cries. Nanhe lal feels bad and thinks to escape when everyone sleeps. Gudiya hears him and comes running to Phool. She tells Phool that Chacha ji is about to elope and asks if she will get hurt to see her Chacha ji refusal. Phool gets sad and thinks she won’t let him go. Later in the night, Nanhe lal tries to go, but Sarla stops him and asks where are you going leaving me? Nanhe lal says where can I go without you. Sarla says take me from here and holds his hand. Nanhe lal looks at her and finds her to be Phool, when Rajjo switches on the lights. Everyone comes there. Rajjo asks if he is running away. Sarla gives him promise to marry Phool. Nanhe lal gets tensed.

Later Bantu tells Gudiya about Sarla telling about good mahurat after an hour. Gudiya thinks Chacha ji has decided to marry. She finds Nanhe lal sad and asks him. Nanhe lal tells that everyone thinks that I am happy within about the marriage, but I am very sad and don’t want to marry Phool. He says I was eloping and don’t know how Phool came there. Gudiya feels guilty.

Later she comes to Phool as she gets dressed as a bride. Gudiya brings a lipstick and asks her to apply it. Phool refuses. Gudiya asks her to think how Nanhe lal feels, to marry her against his wish. Phool says I love him and will give him so much love. Gudiya asks if love is small and tells about Sarla’s idea of love. Phool comes out and drags Nanhe lal to room. Bua ji says it is shamelessness. Phool and Nanhe come out. Phool asks why are you so good? She says she loves him and that’s why leaving him. She says I didn’t know that you was marrying me for family and for your samdhan ji’s promise. Nanhe lal says I am like this only. Phool is about to go, when Gudiya says there is a love in Chacha ji’s life for you. Nanhe lal says sorry. Phool asks him to call her if he needs support. Gudiya, Sarla and others go to Phool and bids her bye. Nanhe lal says Gudiya ustad…whatever you do is less….

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