Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, 28th August 2020, Written Update: A spicy cake burns Guddu’s tongue

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Radhe telling Sarla that he will get her hand pump repaired and will allot gas for her. Guddu comes there holding the cake box. Radhe and Sarla call him and laugh. Guddu apologizes and says he wanted to befriend Gudiya, that’s why he kept marbles outside her room, it was Matai’s idea. Radhe and Sarla ask him not to give clarification. Sarla asks why you want to befriend her. Guddu asks who has benefitted from enmity. He asks them to give cake to her. Sarla asks him to give to Gudiya himself. Guddu asks Radhe to get her married. Sarla asks him to reply. Radhe asks him to say if he sees any prospective guy. Guddu goes to Gudiya’s room. Gudiya is playing with Sweety, Bantu and pappu. Guddu comes there and says I came to apologize to him. She asks if he kept marbles outside her room. He says yes, I will tell you everything. Pappu asks her to forget him. Gudiya laughs and tells that Amma is right, you are no surface pot. Pappu says you have become very mannerless, I shall not interfere. Pappu and Sweety goes from there. Gudiya tells bantu that he came to forward his friendship hand so that I end the competition. Guddu tells that he has accepted that he has lost the challenge and says your and my family too. He says you have won and I have lost. Gudiya says she didn’t want his favour.


Guddu swears that he is not lying. Gudiya asks him to go. Guddu says what to do with red cake. Gudiya asks him to show. Guddu tells about the cake which he brought from outside Sipri. He asks if she befriended him. Gudiya says I will think and tell you. She asks him to go. Bantu looks at the cake. Gudiya also eyes the cake and opens the ribbon. She opens the box and is about to take the first bite, when she stops. She tells Bantu that he is very clever, and must have mixed something in it. She asks him to call Guddu and smells the cake. Bantu tells Guddu that mausi is calling him. Pappu and Sweety tell Radhe that it seems Gudiya agreed. Sweety says love has to happen. Sarla asks her not to think that and says Guddu is bal brahmachari. Sweety tells that she has taken film name. Guddu comes to Gudiya and asks why are you looking at me? Gudiya says she is staring at him and trying to find if there is a thief in his heart. She asks what is mixed in it? Guddu says nothing. Gudiya says I am doubtful. Guddu says you are doubting me unnecessarily. He says your soul will be happy. Gudiya asks him to have the cake first. Guddu says you are doubting me. Gudiya says she is taking precaution. Guddu takes the cake and bites it, he shouts aloud. Gudiya and Bantu looks on shocked.


Radhe, Sarla and others hear him shouting. Guddu comes down and drinks water. Sarla goes to kitchen to bring sugar. Gudiya blames him for bringing spicy cake. She says first he tried to make me fall and now added chilli in cake. Guddu signs that he didn’t for anything and then promises. Sarla gives him sugar and rotates the hand fan for him. Pappu asks who has added chilli in cake. Guddu says I didn’t know. Gudiya says how you didn’t know. Radhe asks Guddu to go home right now and rest, talk later. Gudiya stops him. Radhe asks her to let him go. Gudiya says why did he do this? Guddu says he don’t have an answer now, but will get the answers. He leaves. Gudiya says first he tried to kill my leg and then my mouth. Sarla tells that such murder can’t happen. Radhe taunts Sarla.


Putli Bai signs while Harbheji plays harmonium. Guddu comes there running and says sorry. Putli Bai asks him to say what happened and asks about the cake. Guddu tells that you have given me a good idea that Gudiya likes Sweets. He says Nanhi didi asked me to take red velvet cake for her. He says someone added chilli powder in it and says I know who has done this and calls Matai. Gudiya tells that she will go and inform Putli ji. Radhe says you will not go anywhere. Sarla says first we shall know who has done this. Gudiya blames Guddu for everything. Radhe says don’t forget that we will have politics relation with them. Sweety says even I can’t believe that Guddu bhaiyya can do this. Gudiya says this is your problem, he is lovely and dear to everyone. Pappu takes Gudiya’s side. Radhe says you are no surface pot and tells that Guddu can’t do this. Sarla says even I think the same. Pappu says he has done this. Sweety says I thought you clever. They have an argument. Gudiya says matter is getting serious.


Guddu comes to Matai and asks why did you add chilli in the cake. Matai asks what is this nonsense? Guddu asks him to tell truth. Matai recalls and tells him that Nanhi was in the kitchen, I told her that I will inform her when the food is ready. He says when I returned after giving tea, chilli powder was missing and says I have figured out the matter. Guddu shouts Nanhi di.


Precap: Putli Bai tells Matai how her family will grow? Guddu comes there and says I promise that. Putli Bai asks will you get married. Harbheji asks Guddu if he is in love. Guddu looks at Gudiya who is hugging his dadi.


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