Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, 30th November 2020, Written Update: Gudiya challenges to marry a hero

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Gudiya and Bantu playing on the terrace. Gudiya asks Guddu what is he looking at? Guddu says when he gets tired while studying, he looks in the mobile for a while. Gudiya asks him to show. Guddu asks if she knows who is this star? Gudiya says she doesn’t know and says she might see the real star. Guddu says he works in TV. Gudiya asks Bantu to take their video and asks Guddu to become laddoo gopal. While Guddu poses as Laddoo gopal, Gudiya poses as Sarla and says today my daughter will get the prasad…She then asks Guddu to watch her video, says she has become superstar. Guddu laughs. Gudiya thinks he is laughing on her and challenges that she will marry a star only, and very soon he will talk to a star wife. Guddu says then he will become a star’s friend.

Gudiya comes downstairs and calls everyone. Bua ji asks your daughter shouts so aloud…Sarla. Pappu asks did you see my phone? Bantu returns his phone. Nanhe lal comes there and says he brought kachori. Gudiya says you came at the right now and everyone shall hear what I am going to say. Radhe asks what is the matter? Gudiya asks since when you are trying to get me married and asks them to search the guy and make arrangements for her marriage. Sarla asks her why is she using her mind. Gudiya says she needs a guy at the earliest. Sweety opens her mouth in shock. Rajjo says this girl is talking about this and says she will pull any random guy now. Gudiya says she has some demands and tells that she wants fair, rich, superstar and the guy shall work in films. Sarla scolds Sweety for provoking Gudiya to marry a super star. Sweety asks why is she blaming her? She tells Nanhe lal that Sweety is married to Pappu, on a condition that Gudiya shall be married soon. Radhe asks why are you digging the past? He asks can you make arrangement of tea? Nanhe lal refuses. Chunni lal says you said that we will drink tea here. Gudiya thinks she shall be stubborn and strict and says until the guy is arranged for me, nobody shall eat food here. Sarla says you know that your babu ji can’t be hungry. Gudiya says then you be hungry?

Sweety asks what did you ask her? Sarla taunts Sweety. Rajjo taunts Nanhe for not finding guy for Gudiya and coming there, although his daughter is useless. Sweety cries. Sarla asks her to be quiet. Gudiya says may be Chacha ji will become active hearing my demand. Pappu brings tea for Nanhe lal. Nanhe lal says I will not drink tea until I bring the guy. Sarla asks him to think and says you might miss my tea all life. Nanhe lal scolds Chunni lal when the latter comments, and leaves. Chunni lal asks him, how he manages so much insult and says bhabhi ji…referring to Sarla. Nanhe lal grabs his collar and asks him not to blackmail him. Chunni lal says I was saying that you don’t see your insult. Nanhe lal says from where to bring the guy. Chunni lal says today God is with you, as shooting will be done in PS today, hero will be there.

Pappu packs his bags. Sweety asks where is he going? Pappu says he will bring clothes for shop. Sweety cries. Pappu says everything will be fine. Sweety says how will I live without you? Pappu says even me? They hug.

Sarla tells that Gudiya let her eat anything. Guddu comes home and brings the stairs. Radhe says Pappu went to bring the stuff. Sarla asks Guddu to stay back and have tea. Gudiya asks Sarla not to drink tea. Sarla says I will not drink. Guddu asks why? Sarla says today, the princess woke up and told that a prince will come home and propose her for marriage, while bending down on his knees. Guddu laughs. Gudiya says Bajar battu will get the answer for his question. The neighboring kids come there and tell that Chamatkar serial actor is coming there in Sipri. Sweety says he is my favorite actor too.

Just then Nanhe lal comes there with the hero of the television show. Everyone claps seeing him. Don song plays…..Gudiya looks at him. Main hun Don plays…..He removes his googles and gives to his assistant. He then bends down on his knees and proposes Gudiya for marriage…surprising everyone.

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