Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, 3rd November 2020, Written Update: Pappu asks Gudiya to keep karwachauth fast

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Sarla and Sweety breaking Karwachauth fast seeing their respective husbands. They all dance. It turns out to be Sweety’s dream and she sings song…Pappu wakes up from sleep and asks Sweety what happened? Sweety tells that she was seeing a good dream. Pappu asks what? Sweety says she was seeing karwachauth fast in sleep. Pappu gets happy and asks what they were doing? Sweety says they were dancing and even Amma and Bau ji. He asks about Gudiya. Sweety says Gudiya can’t be hungry for the fast. Pappu says when anyone can keep the fast then Gudiya can too. He challenges her.

Radhe wakes up Gudiya. Gudiya tells that she was dreaming. Radhe asks her to brush her teeth. Gudiya smiles. She brushes her teeth and calls Guddu. Guddu is brushing his teeth and seems lost. Gudiya asks what happened? Guddu tells that the family members have gone to Malihabad. Matai says but I returned. Gudiya says it is good. They spit the water taking in their mouth. Matai says you both have become good friends in some days. He says he will make potato parathas. Guddu asks him not to forget to add potato in it. Gudiya invites him for tomorrow night and says they will make tasty food. Guddu asks what is the occasion tomorrow? Gudiya says tomorrow is karwachauth. Guddu says you might be fasting then? Gudiya laughs and asks why will I keep fast. Guddu asks so that you get a good guy.Gudiya laughs and says she can’t do injustice with her stomach and says she will remain unmarried, but will not keep fast. Sweety hears her and asks Pappu if he heard. Pappu says that he didn’t hear and gets upset. Sweety tries to cheer him up. She asks why don’t you all agree that Gudiya can’t keep the fast.

Gudiya comes to Sarla and falls on her sarees. Sarla asks her to get up and jokes. She covers her head with saree and asks how is she looking? Radhe says like your Amma. Sarla says she is searching what to wear for karwachauth. Radhe asks her to take saree from the shop. Sarla says she wants to wear saree brought by him. Pappu comes there and tells that he wishes to see Gudiya fasting. Radhe asks why he wants Gudiya to do this. Gudiya tells that this time she is keeping two fasts in one fast. She says calculation started in her mind and selects saree for herself.

Later Gudiya asks Sarla and Sweety to decide about the kalast. Sarla says one is mine and other one is of Sweety. Gudiya tells that she wants it. Sarla asks Sweety to go and says she is working alone. Sweety asks her to make tea. Sarla says I doubt that you can’t keep fast. Gudiya asks her to get kalash ready for her. Sarla gives her kalash. Nanhe lal comes there and looks at Sarla smiling, while background song plays….Sweety comes there and hugs him. Sarla asks when did you come? Nanhe lal looks at the kalash and gets emotional. Radhe asks why is he lost? Nanhe lal says bhai saab shall keep fast for you. Sarla laughs and says Radhe can’t be hungry even a minute for me. Radhe feels insulted and tells that even he will keep the fast. Sweety comes to Pappu. Pappu says even I will keep the fast. Nanhe lal thinks even me.

Gudiya brings kalash and tells Bantu that she is keeping fast tomorrow. She searches for colors and finds Guddu standing in his window and studying. She comes to him and tells that she had reached the fast and says you will not finish even a chapter and I will keep the fast and pass in the test. Guddu laughs and reminds of her words. Gudiya says your memory is good and applauds for him. She says she is surprising him, else wouldn’t have seen such happiness on his face. She asks if he has the colors to fill in her pot.

Precap: Pappu asks Gudiya to keep the fast for his respect. Gudiya says she will keep fast. Sarla says if you don’t keep fast then you will be sin. Matai asks Guddu if he has kept fast for Gudiya. Gudiya tells that she has already eaten sargi. 

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