Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, 5th October 2020, Written Update: Sarla helps Mahua leave

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Nanhi telling Sarla, Sweety and Mahua that she fell down and got stuck, inorder to stop them from going to Putli Bai’s room. They all try to pull her, but fail. Nanhe lal, Radhe and Pappu try to stop them. Nanhi comes infront of them and pushes them. Nanhe lal, Radhe and Pappu take them downstairs. Pappu gives promise to Sarla not to go to Putli Bai’s room. Nanhe lal tells Sarla that they shall not trouble their Neighbors. Mahua says I am saying the truth. Nanhe lal tells that they need proofs before taking a big step. He says I will help you if you are right else will arrest you in forgery case. Harbheji acts and tells that may be Mahua is saying right. Mahua and Sarla looks at each other. A fb is shown, Sarla tells Mahua that she knows that she is Saleem chacha’s daughter and asks her to help her. Mahua regrets her doings and apologizes to her. She says she can give her life for her. Sarla says she is like her sister and she can also give her life for her. Mahua and Sarla hug each other. Harbheji tells that she will get the food brought from outside. Sarla says she will make food and tells the dishes name. They all agree to eat. Sarla makes food and serves everyone. Harbheji eats food, but is upset. Pappu asks Sarla to bring halwa. Everyone likes the food made by Sarla. Sarla brings halwa and serves everyone. Everyone gets sleepy and sleep on their places, except Mahua and her son. Sarla tells them that she asked them not to eat halwa, as she had mixed jai phal in it. She asks them to go. Mahua tells that if you can handle. Sarla says she will handle and asks her to take care as world is bad. Mahua says world is beautiful, she had just experienced. Sarla says you have to return and teach a lesson to Harbheji later, now we got weak. They hug each other. Mahua and her son leave.

Sarla pretends to be unconscious. Later everyone gains consciousness and search for Mahua. Harbheji comes there and is surprised not to see her there. Nanhe lal finds a letter left by Mahua and reads it. He calls Radhe and gives the letter to him. Radhe reads it and passes the letter to Pappu. Nanhe lal says she has written that she will return. Harbheji says if she had mixed something in food as she was roaming around Sarla. Sweety asks if she ran away. Sarla says she must be afraid that someone will get her killed. Nanhe lal says she was a mysterious woman, we shall be careful. Sarla asks Harbheji, why she didn’t tell everyone that she called Mahua for the conspiracy as ladies are always bad in men’s eyes and secondly she has her secret safe with her. Harbheji thinks she will teach her a lesson.

Sarla, Radhe, Pappu and Sweety come home. Radhe asks for tea. Sweety is sad that Mahua left. Pappu asks why did she write that she will return. Radhe says she was a fraud. Sarla says she was not fraud, but one among us. Sweety says when she was here, house was good. Pappu says she said right. Sarla says she left us sad. Radhe goes to sleep. Pappu goes to shop. Sweety imagines Mahua and says she misses her. Radhe also imagines Mahua and misses her. Sarla also imagines Mahua in the kitchen calling her. She says wherever you stay, be happy.

In the morning, Sarla and Radhe wake up and see Gudiya sleeping between them. They think if it is their dream. Gudiya hits them with her hands accidently and they laugh. Radhe asks how did you come alone? Gudiya says she came with Rajjo’s school teacher in bus. Sarla hugs her and asks when did you come? Gudiya tells that she came late night and talked to Pappu and Sweety. She gets a call from Kukkoo asking if she is coming to the station. Sarla makes an excuse. Radhe asks if her husband is also coming. Sarla says yes, she said that she will stay here for some days. Sarla wakes up Pappu and Sweety and tells that this time, they will stay in your room separately. Sweety asks Sarla to give her room to them. They argue. Sarla tells that their room is not good and asks Pappu to tell the runaway girl how she shall stay in joint family. She taunts her. Sweety cries. Radhe asks them to calm down and says they shall behave nicely infront of them. She says Sweety will have food with us in the house. Gudiya tells Sweety that she is having danger to her lipstick from Kukkoo Mausi. Sarla asks her not to tell this to them. Just then someone knocks on the door. They look on.

Precap: Kukkoo mausa tells that they will get his daughter marry here, as she is having memory loss problem. His daughter comes there. 

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