Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, 6th October 2020, Written Update: Gudiya’s golgappa punishment to Guddu

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Gudiya asking Sweety to keep her lipstick safe as it is in danger due to Kukkoo Mausi. Kukkoo Mausi comes there, hears them and tells that she will go. Sarla asks her to come and sit. Kukkoo asks what did I steal? Gudiya says Amma was worried that you came. Sarla scolds and beats her. Pappu compliments Kukkoo Mausi and tells that she is looking more beautiful. She gets happy. Mausa ji comes there with their stuff. Sarla asks if they have brought gifts. Mausa ji says they will get Vandana married here. Sarla gets shocked. Mausi says she will get married in 15 days. They ask where is Vandana? Mausi says Vandana went to have golgappa? Vandana is seen enjoying gol gappa. Gudiya runs to the gol gappa shop and meets Vandana. Vandana tells that her Chacha’s daughter Pinky also came here. Gudiya says you have grown up. Pinky sees Guddu coming there and tells that her heart is beating for him. Gudiya mistakenly makes Guddu falls on Pinky’s embrace. Gudiya looks at them and says Bajar battu. Guddu starts reading hanuman bhajan. Gudiya asks why you didn’t tell me before going. Guddu apologizes to her. Gudiya says you will be punished and asks him to have gol gappa. He refuses citing he will have upset stomach, but Gudiya convinces him.

Mausa and Mausi ji keep their stuff in the house. Sarla says I am wondering where the stuff will be adjusted. Mausi says your growth didn’t happen even now. Sarla laughs. Mausa asks Pappu to keep their stuff in his room and asks Sweety and Pappu to adjust to the drawing room. He says Vandana and Pinky will stay in Gudiya’s room. Sweety refuses to give her room to them. Sarla emotionally blackmails Pappu to agree. Sarla says she is not getting lighter. Mausi asks her to ask her if she don’t get anything and takes out lighter from her bag and gives sugar box. Sweety panics worrying for her make up stuff. Mausi says it is safe with me. Sarla searches for the cups. Mausi gives her cups from her bag surprising them. Radhe asks Pappu to go and see the girls. Gudiya, Pinky, Vandana are having golgappas with Guddu. Pinky tries to flirt with Guddu, but he moves away. Vandana jokes. Gudiya asks Guddu to have gol gappas for the days when he was not present here. Guddu says I can’t eat more. Pinky tries to talk to him. Gudiya says I am still upset with you. Guddu goes.Vandana asks Gudiya if Radhe and Sarla haven’t come. Gudiya says you came to my house and not me. Pinky signs Vandana and she recollects and smiles.

Mausa ji tells Radhe that he remembers everything and thinks to get Vandana married in Sipri secretly. Radhe asks why secretly? The girls come home. Vandana greets everyone and plays with Gudiya’s hairs. Gudiya says just now we met and have many golgappas together. Vandana says she didn’t have since many days. Mausa ji says Vandana has memory loss problems and that’s why they are getting her married secretly. Mausi says today is Vandana’s engagement. Vandana tells that she is waiting for someone. Mausi says if you forget about your alliance then it will be a problem. Gudiya says Amma told me about Vandana’s memory loss. Sarla asks her to keep her mouth shut. Vandana says today is Gudiya’s engagement. Mausa ji asks Vandana to let this marriage done, else I can’t face anyone. Vandana asks I will have golgappa. Gudiya says I will take her. Sarla says just now you had it. Gudiya says my stomach is asking me to eat again.

The neighbor lady calls Gudiya and looks at Vandana in surprise. She asks if circus people came to her house. Gudiya and Vandana laugh. Gudiya says everyone’s life is a circus and gives her own reasoning. Neighbor lady calls someone and tells that dwarf circus girl came to Sipri and laughs much.

Pappu comes and tells that something is missing. Radhe says Kukkoo might have kept it safely. Mausi ji says she gets greedy seeing the things. Radhe asks her to steal whatever she wants. Radhe asks Mausi and Mausa to get the groom family know about Vandana’s marriage, but Mausa ji says that they can’t tell and that’s why giving 10 lakhs dowry. He asks Radhe to make arrangements for the groom’s family stay somewhere for 5 days. Radhe refuses. Mausa ji asks his wife to give his wallet. She says it is in room.

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