Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, 9th September 2020, Written Update: Bobby gets liking for Guddu

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Harbheji asking Gabbar, whom is he looking at? Gabbar shouts at her. Guddu asks shall I come? Harbheji says no and asks him to study. Guddu comes and sees Gudiya. Gudiya asks why he is shouting? Guddu says I told you not to go there and asks if she don’t understand. Gudiya says ok, I understood. She asks him not to refuse to play with her, as groom’s family is coming to see me today and if the marriage gets fixed then soon I will marry and leave from here. Guddu gets happy and then tells that it is difficult that your alliance will be fixed seeing your habits. Gudiya asks what? Guddu tells about his friend’s good behavior and got selected for marriage. He says she got married in 15 days. Gudiya says she will go in 5 days. Guddu says I will see and prays to hanuman ji to get her married soon. Harbheji asks Gabbar, whom is he searching? Gabbar looks out from the windows and asks Harbheji to go. Harbheji asks him to have food. Gabbar looks out through the window and pushes Harbheji. Guddu comes and holds her. He asks Gabbar how you will come out if you don’t become fine. Gabbar says I will come out on my legs and asks Harbheji to go. Guddu asks him to behave nice with Harbheji and tells that he will do wrestling with Atta Chacha. Gabbar acts like Atta.

Radhe and Pappu tell Nanhe lal that it will be a surprise from them. The groom’s family comes there. Radhe and Pappu tell that they have talked to them. Sarla asks them to sit. Bobby, the groom asks her to sit. Sarla gets impressed and likes him. She tells Nanhe lal that she can’t digest the fact and says how they can select the guy together. Nanhe lal says I have selected this guy, but have to give credit to them. Sarla says I know and praises him.

Radhe asks Bobby, what does he do? Bobby starts dancing shocking everyone. Nanhe lal asks him to stop dancing else he will shoot. Bobby stops and comes to his mother. Gudiya comes there and she liked his performance. Sarla says I asked you to bring groom for Gudiya, but not a friend. Radhe tells that this marriage can’t happen. Gudiya tells that she will marry him only, recalls Guddu’s words. She tells that she wants to know if he wants to marry her or not. Bobby’s parents ask him to agree. Bobby agrees for marriage. Gudiya gets happy and says now nobody can say that my marriage can’t happen because of me. Radhe asks them to sit and goes to talk with Sarla. Bobby identifies lipstick shade of Sweety. Sweety gets happy and goes to bring brown lipstick. Guddu comes and sits on the window. He signs Gudiya that the groom is nice. Bobby smiles looking at him.

Nanhe lal tells that if they were not DSP’s relatives then he would have thrown them out. Sarla says you brought this alliance. Radhe and Pappu blame each other. Bobby asks Gudiya about Guddu. Gudiya says he is my friend and takes him to Guddu. She tells Gudiya that she is getting married to Bobby. Bobby tells the same. Guddu says Gudiya and my friendship is unique. Gudiya tells that Bobby is 2 in 1 and tells that he will be husband and friend too. Bobby flirts with Guddu shocking him. Guddu tells that he will go and study. Bobby asks him to tell first, what he feels for him? Guddu is shocked. Bobby sits on the window. Radhe asks Bobby’s parents to bring Bobby down and leave from there. Sarla calls Gudiya. Gudiya comes downstairs. Guddu runs and sings hanuman’s bhajan. He hides. He asks Matai to save him from Bobby. Matai asks who is he? Guddu tells that he is gay…Matai says you are hanuman bhakt…Guddu asks him to save him. Matai says the guy is going to Nanhi’s room. Guddu says Nanhi di is not in danger, but you and me are in danger. Nanhi is eating the food when Bobby goes to her room, tells that he is searching his dear one. Nanhi looks on.

Nanhe lal asks Pappu to call guddu. Pappu says he doesn’t have his number. Gudiya says Guddu doesn’t like her touch and was resisting even bobby’s touch. Nanhe lal tells that it was Putli bai’s haveli. Bobby’s parents run away. Nanhe lal tells that if they were not DSP’s relatives then I would have shown them. Guddu tries to run away and falls in Bobby’s embrace. Bobby says I love you…

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