Imlie 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Misunderstanding Between Agastya And Imlie


MUMBAI: Agastya tells Daadi that he is ready to marry. Daadi gets happy hearing that. Agastya says he has 2 conditions though, one he will question Ms Noyonika if she is ready to marry him and two Daadi should allow his favorite singer Govind chachu’s performance during his wedding. Govind gets very happy and pesters Daadi with his singing. Daadi says she will get a real heart attack now. Manno convinces Daadi to agree or else Gattu/Agastya will not agree for marriage. Daadi agrees.

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Imlie plays flute and feels guilty for lying to Agastya. She tells her friend Bunty that she wants to tell truth to Akhrot/Agastya. Bunty asks if she is out of her mind, she will lose her chef job if she reveals truth. Agastya calls her. Imlie picks call and shouts who is it. Agastya asks if he can speak to Noyonika. Imlie acts as a maid and calls Noyonika. Agastya says if she agrees for their partnership. She says she will if he makes her chef job permanent. He agrees. She gets happy thinking he knows about her bar job and gave her chef job even then. He gets happy thinking she agreed to marry him. He informs Daadi that Noyonika also wants to marry him. Daadi and whole family gets happy hearing that.

Imlie returns home. Titu mama informs her that doctor informed that they need to give an injection costing 2 lakh rs to Ashu in a week. Pallo yells at Imlie and asks her to let Ashu die to end their problems. Imlie threatens her with a poison bottle, rope, and knife and says their problems will be solved if she dies, Ashu will get proper treatment. Pallo gets afraid. Imlie says if she leaves her house, how will she feed herself and her parrot Bulbul. Pallo stands afraid.

Govind tells Manno that Agastya and Noyonika should meet and understand each other first before marriage. Manno agrees. Daadi walks in and says he said right for the first time. She calls Agastya and asks him if he is lost in Noyonika’s eyes. Agastya seeing Imlie working as a chef asks how does she know. Daadi says he must be thinking it’s a new feeling, but same thing happens in each marriage. She shares her experience with her husband and asks him to take Noyonika out on a date. Imlie notices Agastya staring at her. She gets lost in her own thoughts while working. Agastya walks to her and calls her Ms Johri. Imlie thinks why is he calling Johri when he knows about her bar job, she thinks there is some confusion and she needs to clear it. Agastya asks why she is kneading dough with her hands while there are modern equipments for that and washes her hands. He looks at her eyes and thinks she has seen these eyes somewhere before.

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