Kashibai Bajirao Ballal, 20th January 2022, Written Update: Kashi helps a woman, Radha doesn’t like it

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal, 20th January 2022, Written Update: Kashi helps a woman, Radha doesn’t like it

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Baji applies kaala teeka on Kashi. He says I know this is mom’s saree. She likes you a lot. If she didn’t she wouldn’t give you such a big responsibility. Now go to your MIL. Radha says to Kamini Kashi has started changing. She is becoming the DIL so I thought I should show her around. Kamini says she will handle sasward well. Radha shows Kashi around. Baji looks at her and smiles. Kashi smiles at him too. Radha says we have 1000 soldiers. That place has secret way to the underground tunnel. Baji looks at her from the window. Chimaji says what’s happening? Baji says go and do your work. Radha says this is our wealth room. It has all the gold and jewelry. She shows all the trunks to Kashi. Radha says I have one key and you keep the other. It’s a huge responsibility. Kashi says but I am too young for this. She says every girl has to be responsible after getting married.

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A woman comes outside. She says please help me. Radha says this is your choti malkin. Speak to her. She says Kashi listen to her, understand and do what you think is right. Kashi says but I don’t know. Radha says then understand it. The woman says my husband is a soldier, he is sick and can’t work. How will we get him treated without money. Please help us. Please give money for his treatment. Kashi asks his salary. The woman tells. Kashi says stay here. She goes inside and takes out some gold coins and gives it to the woman. The woman gives her blessings. She leaves. Radha says what happened? Kashi says I gave her one month’s salary. Her husband is not well. They didn’t have money for treatment.

Radha says but he wasn’t coming to work. What salary? Kashi says he’s our soldier. He’s not well. Radha says nations are lead with rules not emotions. If we pay every soldier without work how will we run this army? Kashi says you said do what you think is right. I thought this was right. Radha says you were wrong. Go and ask money back from that woman. You made a mistake and now fix it. Balaji says what happened? Radha says I gave her a responsibility, she paid salary to the soldier who didn’t come to work. I didn’t ask you to do things your way. be responsible. You will learn with time. Go and fix your mistake. Kashi leaves. Baji comes. Radha says before you defend her just say I have no relation with her. I won’t say anything. Baji says I won’t say anything and won’t help us. But I want to be there to take care of her. She doesn’t know Sasward well. Balaji says he’s right. Baji says should I go? Balaji says yes. He leaves.

Scene 2
Kashi says where will I find that woman? Baji comes. Kashi says Radha gave me task not you. He says we promised to be there for each other. You were with me in battle. So I will be here with you. Kashi says you know all soldiers. Where does he live? He says I can’t tell you. She says then why you here chotay sarkar? He says I am bary baji. She says Baji helps me. And he can risk his life for me. He says but I don’t need to here. She says then tell me. He says I can’t help you but I will come with you. Kashi says not needed. Go. She runs. Baji says in heart I can’t help you because aai made me promise.

Balaji says Kashi will learn everything with time and age. She will be the perfect. Mahadji told me she’s very wise. I agree. You shouldn’t challenge her so much. Radha says I think that’s right. You have to shave carbon to make is diamond. It’s on me how I accept my DIL. Balaji says you are right.

Scene 3
Kashi says don’t keep coming after me. I asked you to leave. He says I also asked you to leave the field. Did you? Kashi sees the woman going to her house. She comes outside. The woman’s husbands did Radha help? She says Kashibai helped me. She gave us one month’s salary. It will get us food and your treatment. She’s very nice. He says I heard she’s very stubborn. She doesn’t know how to handle the house. How will she handle Balaji’s family. She says Kashi is the kind who can understand anyone. Kashi comes in and says this isn’t right. I am not able to understand the world. I can’t understand anyone’s pain. That’s why I came back to get the.. The woman gives her water. Kashi says I want that money back. The woman is shocked. She says we were considering you an angel for no reason. I knew Radha would say no but you gave and asking back? You are taking our hope back. Baji says she’s not doing it on her own. She is helpless. Radha asked her. Kashi is teary. Kashi says don’t say that. The woman returns her the money. Kashi says I don’t want it. Baji says aai will be mad at you? Kashi says their pain is much bigger. She gives her bangle too and says keep it. Get him treated well.

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