Kashibai Bajirao Ballal, 25th January 2022, Written Update: The minister gets detained

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal, 25th January 2022, Written Update: The minister gets detained

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Kashi says I will protect Chimaji. Pick your sword. Baji says I can never pick sword on you. Kashi says am I special? Get ready, you’ve to take me to temple. Annu picks the sword and shoves Kashi’s sword. She says this is how you could throw her sword. You bowed down yours. Baji says behave Annu. Kashi says it’s okay. Annu says let me tell aai. He’s bowing down is sword for her and she’s making him a coward like him.

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Balaji says to Radha you look happy. She says Kashi is understanding her responsibility. I wanted her to consider this her place. she’s going to do pooja for you. She will bring miracle and make you minister. Annu says and Baji will become a coward. Radha says what are you saying? Annu says he bowed down is sword in front of Kashi. I don’t think she’s good for Baji. He’s becoming mellow because of her.

Shahu’s men come to meet Balaji. They say it’s urgent. we have to meet Balaji right now.

Scene 2
Baji takes Kashi for pooja. they do pooja together. Baji says you’re praying for my family. The laadubai I didn’t like, this Kashibai I like the most. Baba and guru ji said right, things fall in place on time. How do I tell you wanna make you wear this jaimala (garland) again with my will this time and call you my wife. I will do it at the right time at right place. I won’t hide anything today. I will tell you today.

Scene 3
Shahu’s man tells Balaji it’s very urgent. The minister has been arrested by Rani’s men. Balaji says what? The fighter says he went to meet Rani sahiba for discussions. But they trapped and detained him. Shahu wants you to react on it urgently. Balaji says it’s too complicated. Rani must have kept him very hidden, she took the minister of this regime.

Kashi looks around for Baji. She says where did he go? Balaji says I have to go right now. Radha says let baji come. He says no I can’t wait for him. I’ve to go. And someone has to stay here. They might attack saswad too. Annu says I told you she is a curse. See what happened and Baji isn’t even here.
Baji comes. Kashi says where did you go? He says I was around. He says what did you ask? She says that Radha gets what she wants and Balaji becomes minister. Baji takes out garlands. He says I got these for you. Kashi say what will we do with these? Pandit ji says put it in the temple. He takes them, Baji is shocked.

Balaji says they’ve taken our minister. They will ask for something huge. It can risk his life too. Shahu should have taken the first step. Kashi comes and says baba take prasad before leaving so you become the minister. He says first I need to save the existing minister. And anything can happen. Doesn’t look like your wish will ever come too. Baji says I will go with you. Balaji says no stay here. Kashi prays for him.

Scene 3
Annu and Ganga fight. Annu says my mom is coming. Ganga says why did you lie? It’s Kamini She says it’s my house. And I had to use a bigger name to scare you. Kashi hears it and runs to Radha and Baji. She comes out and says I found a solution. Radha says what do you mean? He’s gone to save the existing minister? Adn you found a solution to make him minister? Kashi says yes. Saving him will make him minister. Baji says you don’t understand all this. Radha says yes tell her, she can’t even manage this house and she can make him minister? Baji says let’s go Kashi. Kashi says take me to Balaji please. Baji says he’s gone far. Baji says we need to stay here. Kashi says I will just give him solution and will come back. Please. Once. Baji says to Radha, I take Kashi’s responsibility. She would think good for baba. Radha says they’re on their way. She is a kid. Baji says but she has a suggestion. Radha says what if something goes wrong? Baji says I will take the punishment. Kashi says God has listened to our prayer. This is our chance. Trust me please, let me go. Baji says please. Kashi says I’ve to speak to Balaji before he meets Shahu. radha says go. baji says thank you.

Scene 4
Baji and Kashi are on the way. Baji rides the horse. Balaji is on his way too.

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