Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai: Complexities reach an all new level!

MUMBAI: Ana comes home. Bani asks about Rohit. Ananya replies, she doesn’t know. Bani says he was with her, but Ananya replies he isn’t anymore. Bani asks why Ananya wasted her time, if in the end she had to wear the dress of her choice. Ananya tells Bani she doesn’t need to speak about this dress anymore, not tonight. Bani replies, ok. She offers some wine? Bani replies sure.

Later, Ananya and Bani were drinking wine. Bani says this isn’t cool, he must have gone with Ana. Are all men like this, such weirdo, or marriage itself is weird. She says Aarya was different before marriage, he was stupid but cute. He used to get his tie knot from dad, but actually he used to come for her. Ana says it feels she still loves Aarya, and missing him. She can call him. Bani replies, it’s not like it. She leaves for her room.

Rohit returns home. Ana greets him with a Hi. He was drunk. He walks to Ana, hugs her. Ana notices he was drunk and helps him sit. Rohit says he met Guri, and had a few drinks. He grabs the bottle again. Ana tells him not to drink. Rohit apologizes for missing her big moment, he must have been there. He was thinking she took care of Nickie and Bani, even threw party for him; but he behaved badly. Ana takes the bottle from him and forces him to go to the room. It’s time to sleep.

In the farmhouse, Bani comes downstairs asking Nickie about her stilettoes. She says there Ananya misplaced half of her things, and in this house she can’t find anything. Nickie asks Bani why she is cribbing, that’s not her room anymore and why she needs that s*xy laundry? She has already taken a break from her husband. Doesn’t she fight him for this? Bani was angry that Nickie again checked her messages. Nickie says she never have to hack it, she uses the same password. Either it’s his birthday or Bani’s. Bani throws cushion over Nickie.

Nickie laughs that earlier their chats used to be romantic, but now it’s like Saleem and Akbar. She reminds her the pink teddy discussion. Bani keeps on throwing the cushion over her. Maa and Meera hear this conversation. Nickie says Bani and Aarya used to be amazing couple, but here now; he spends three hours in washroom only because he does himself what she doesn’t help with. Bani was disinterested. Nickie says no one wants to live with Bani, neither her nor her beloved husband. Bani stops now. She says Nickie has finally crossed her limits. Poonam comes and forbids Bani to stop fighting with her sister. Nickie tells Poonam that she must stop fighting her sister. Poonam was angry at her. Bani complains that no one wants to understand her in this house. She came to take a few things, she guess Nickie might have sold everything because of her online poker habit. She ignores Poonam and leaves. Poonam tells Maa they must go to a small house, living with these kids is a waste of time. She leaves for parlor.

Rohit and Poonam came to see the apartment. The real estate agent left for a call. Poonam agrees about the apartment. Rohit asks if she will now live here, after having lived in a big house. Poonam says she got call from dealers, they might get lesser money than market rate for farmhouse. Rohit says he has decided he won’t sale farmhouse, he can do something else. He inquires about kids. Poonam tells him about the fight, it’s the same. Nickie hacked Bani’s phone. Rohit laughs that Nickie didn’t leave. Poonam says Bani is like him, she never changes password. Rohit asks Poonam how many times she checked his phone, as she also knew his password. Poonam replies never. Rohit asks why, if she trusted him. Poonam says she always feared of seeing something wrong, and then she decided to ignore. Rohit smiles. He omplements the color she wore. She asks really? Rohit says this is a complement, and she seems different. Poonam doesn’t get it. she now gets a message and goes to the corner. Rohit says he won’t peek into her phone. Poonam says he lost that right. Rohit inquires her the matter. She speaks independently, and changed a lot. What’s new in her life? Poonam asks who told him, whatever he is asking. Rohit says he is just asking. He knows her for past 25 years and knows she won’t lie. Poonam argues there is nothing to tell, and she doesn’t need to give him explanations. Rohit says the guy is years younger than her. Rohit says he is not only her ex-husband, but her friend as well. They will have to handle the situation, tomorrow if not today. They will have to tell the girls as well. He is just being protective. Poonam was angry, she says he wouldn’t have left her if he was protective. Now she is taking care of herself, and doesn’t need him anymore. And there is nothing. She says she knows who told him.

In Ana’s office, Poonam tells Ana what Rohit said about Abhi, that he is young. She says she and Ana never had a fight, she never shared anything with her; but she only wanted trust from her. She never expected Ana to tell Rohit about this. Ana says she didn’t tell Rohit. Poonam asks how he came to know then. Poonam says Rohit behaves really weird, is she sure she didn’t tell him. Ana says she didn’t. She asks where they met. Poonam lies that they bumped into each other. She asks Ana who told him then, Rohit can’t have a dream about it. Ana replies she doesn’t know. Poonam says this is ridiculous that Rohit believes there is something, though there is nothing. Rohit said she looks attractive, young, they will have to tell kids, he won’t check her phone… It must not be Rohit’s concern. Someone must have told Rohit.

Rohit speaks to Guri on phone in washroom and understands Ananya is his wife, not Poonam. He will have to tell Ananya he lost so much money. Outside, Ananya murmurs that earlier it took him 15 minutes in washroom, and not it’s a whole one hour. Rohit comes out and says she applied the same cream again, he hates the smell. Ananya applies some more. Rohit asks Ana what happened to her. She doesn’t reply. Rohit says he has to tell her something important. Ana taunts if he didn’t have enough talk with Poonam. Rohit was offended and asks if she and Poonam are on hotline these days? Ana says he met, and tried to know about her personal life, complemented her complexion… blah blah blah. Rohit asks what Ana is even trying to say. Rohit says it’s very important that he tells her something today. Ana wasn’t in a mood to hear anything, not because he met Poonam but because Rohit is repeating history. When Poonam was his wife, he used to meet her. And now he goes to Poonam. Rohit tells Ana to put this aside for some time and hear what he has to say. Ana argues that Rohit must first go and solve the mystery of that young man, he should go and stalk him. Rohit asks Ana why she didn’t tell him if she knew. Ana argues what he has to do with all this. Rohit says she knew there was someone in Poonam’s life. He explains that she is the mother of his children, he is just concerned. Ana says she is cool with him meeting Poonam and caring for her, but she doesn’t like that she didn’t know about it. Rohit says he must have. More importantly, he has to speak about something. Ana clarifies to Rohit she doesn’t want to be a woman, where she comes to know about her husband from someone else. She says good night and gets into bed, as she has early morning meeting. Rohit comments she is being unreasonable.

The next morning, Poonam was in Abhi’s room. She says Rohit came to know about it. Abhi was silent. She asks if she speaks a lot. Abhi smiles that no. He asks if she still loves Rohit. She  replies, no. He was setting his cupboard. Poonam comments he is quite organized. Abhi says he wants everything neat. His work, his cupboards and his relationships as well. He sits closer to Poonam and says he is very straight forward. Poonam replies she realized. Abhi says this is beyond attraction now, he really wants her.

Credit: Telly Updates


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