Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai: It's complicated between Bani and Arya

MUMBAI: The episode starts with Ana in office. She gets a call from Harry. He asks when she is coming to meet her best buddy. Ana says she is busy and will talk later. Harry tells her to give the number of her boss, he will take a class. Ana wasn’t in mood. Avi brings a coffee and turns to leave silently. 

Ana asks what happened, she and Cherry went out but didn’t invite her. Avi says it was an impromptu plan. Cherry didn’t feel good. Ana asks Avi why she took a leave yesterday, if it was hang over. Avi asks if she can’t even take a leave, she hasn’t taken any leave since last three months; not even in Qatar. Ana asks what’s wrong, what happened with Cherry. Avi complains that Ana doesn’t realize what she has done, did she even call Cherry even once. Ana says she did, but Cherry needed space. She thought Cherry would cool down. Avi says yes, Cherry needs them at this time the most. She has stood with her at time of her father, and with Ana during her family issues; she feels terrible after her last breakup and Ana laughed at her when she joked only.

Ana explains that Cherry wants to go with Harry. Avi says Harry likes Ana. Ana was taken aback, Avi asks if she doesn’t know. He likes her. On the last night of Qatar, and even in the car that day. They all like attention till it’s harmless. What if Cherry wants the same attention, is it that Ana doesn’t want to share the attention. Ana was offended that she is a happily married woman. She says thanks God at least her husband trusts her. Avi asks if she is sure.

Ana rushes into Rohit’s office. He was pleased and surprised and excuses himself from the staff. Ana apologizes that she didn’t know he was in the meeting. Rohit asks if everything is fine. Ana asks if he trusts her. Rohit asks why? Ana says she doesn’t create an issue of petty matters, as it creates drama only. Rohit clarifies he doesn’t understand. He says whatever it is, I am sorry. Ana asks why he is sorry. Rohit says she came all the way, then he must have made some mistake; he will make sure it won’t happen. Ana laughs that it’s not about him, it’s about Harry. Rohit makes her comfortable in the chair, ready to discuss about Harry. 

Ana says nothing important, but since Vandy pointed out and she thought she must tell Rohit about it. That night she went to him when he had Hernia, he was drowsy due to heavy medication and casually said something that was weird. He told her that she was his favorite speed dial girl. Rohit was annoyed at this. Ana says he even said that Rohit was very lucky. Rohit boasts that he is, but he will ask Harry what he means by favorite speed dial girl. Ana says it doesn’t suit. She is starting a new project with Harry, she is really excited about it but she won’t if Rohit doesn’t want her to. Rohit was angry and decides she can’t work with him anymore. Is she a lose character girlfriend that he claims her to be his Speed Dial girl.

Guri asks Rohit if he really said this to Ana. Rohit asks if he seems to be mad, he wanted to say all this but instead he said….

Parallel to this, Rohit tells Ana he isn’t the man who would interfere between her career and her work. Harry and his flirtatious are small things and people like him must be kept at an arm’s length. Ana agrees, no personal calls and no dinners at all. Ana was happy. She thanks Rohit for understanding him, and says I love you.

Guri asks Rohit what about the eight hours she will work with him. Rohit says they can’t stop the work. She did a lot for Nickie and threw a party for him as well, when he said so he felt good, she had a respect for him. Guri says Rohit would regret. He feels lucky that no one calls Jassi hot. Rohit comments that it’s sad. Rohit says he is happy that Ana spoke to him about Harry. He understands the situation. Guri says Rohit has spent his life with a wife like Poonam, now he have to adjust with an independent woman like Ananya. He as well have to prove that he is progressive as well. Women are changing, but men aren’t. Rohit says it’s good that women are changing, he is changing as well and trying to be a good, open-minded husband.

Poonam comes to meet Abhimanyu beside swimming pool. She asks why he called her here. He offers her a bowl as a gift. Poonam asks peanuts? He says these are gold and diamonds. Poonam now enjoys them. Abhi says they are friends, and he can share the details of his date with Poonam. Poonam agrees. They go for a walk. Poonam says she loves the place, she and Rohit used to come here when they married. Abhi thanks for the info, and says it’s his date’s account. Poonam was a little disinterested. Abhi says that’s not fair, she bought the ticket to movie and will have to watch it now. He begins that the date was extremely bad. The scent was like washing powder Nirma; she wore heavy cakey makeup as well. Poonam enjoys this. Abhi asks if she is enjoying his bad date.

Bani and Aarya were at the boutique of Kitty, Bani’s friend. Aarya argues with him as he mentions Victoria Beckham as Viky B. Bani tells him to stop this, Kitty has a good fashion sense. Aarya asks Bani why she wants lose fits, she is hot and must try something hot. Kitty sends Aarya to try a shirt. Aarya goes to changing room. He overhears Pooja discussing with Bani about Dhruv’s car boom banging obsession. She complains of having spent more time with him in the car, than in the room. She wish he marries her so they get time in room. Bani advices Pooja to never get married, marriage is close to committing suicide. Aarya feels bad. Pooja tells Bani that Aarya is a very loving husband, they are extremely happy together. Bani says Aarya is more of a child, it’s like having a baby at home. She feels it’s good she had a miscarriage. Aarya comes out of changing room and questions Bani what she just said. Bani shouts at Aarya that he has always been over-reacting. Aarya tells Bani that problem isn’t with him, it’s with Bani. And he knows the reason. It’s not in Bani’s genes to stay happily married, it’s not in her blood; like father like daughter. He leaves. Pooja and Kitty felt bad for Bani as she was upset. Later, Bani calls Poonam but she was with Abhi and her phone wasn’t around.
Ana sat alone. She thinks if she should message Vandy and Cherry. Before that someone rings the bell. It was Bani and shouts for Rohit. Ana says he isn’t home, he must be on his way.

Poonam comes home with Abhi. He tells Poonam whatever happened yesterday won’t happen again, but he requests her not to send him on a bad date again. Poonam smiles, ok. There was an old school song playing in the car. Poonam turns it off while Abhi stared at her. She tells him to go home, eat and rest. Abhi asks if he can call her at night, as a friend. Poonam agrees.

Ana brings juice for Bani. Bani says she doesn’t want to speak to her, she will wait for dad. Ana was silent. Bani was crying, she requests Ana to leave her alone and do some work. She doesn’t want Ana see her cry. Ana replies she doesn’t want to leave Bani alone. Rohit comes home. Bani hugs him and cries. Rohit was worried. Ana leaves them alone.

At home, Sheena asks Poonam how was it. Poonam gets a call from Ananya. She tells Poonam that Bani is here. She tells Poonam not to worry, but she feels Bani and Aarya had a fight. She is upset and she feels Poonam must be here. Poonam hurries to leave, and curses herself for not being there for Bani. Sheena convinces Poonam that she needs to take care of herself as well. Poonam insists that she has to correct Bani’s mistakes, she is her daughter. Sheena tells Poonam that her life as a woman and a mother will always intermingle, she needs to understand that she got a new sourse of happiness in her life. Poonam rushes.

Rohit consoles Bani and politely asks what happened. If Aarya raised a hand over her. Bani tells Rohit her life has been a mess since their divorce. She wants to take control over her life. She needs a break. She feels trapped, and is unable to cope up with it. Rohit suggests if Bani wants a break then she should. Bani says, then everyone would say what Aarya said; like father like daughter. Rohit says Bani’s happiness is of utmost importance, leave the world. 

He offers Bani to stay here with him. Bani says he left mom and married Ananya, she isn’t cool with that. Rohit agrees. Bani says she will speak to mom, and see what they can do. Rohit hugs Bani again.

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