Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai: Rohit in a fix between Poonam and Ana...

MUMBAI: It was morning. Rohit was at Guri’s place. Guri brings him tea and says he knew this would happen. Jassi takes children for Christmas shopping and tells Guri not to drink. She notices there was some tension on their faces. But Guri says it’s alright she must go. Rohit discusses he wonders how to tell Ana. Guri asks if he is crazy, honesty isn’t the best policy. Rohit argues if he must lie. Guri says it’s just to hide the truth. He visits Thailand, Bangkok every six months, but never shares. He asks if their wives wouldn’t ever like another guy. Rohit says he was only consoling Poonam because she was upset. Guri suggests him to go and talk to Poonam. Poonam is sensible, but Rohit must keep his mouth shut in front of Ana. Ana is the problem, she might take another project and fly to Qatar if she finds out the truth. Rohit wasn’t ready to lie to her, Ana is his partner and a friend. 

There, Ana and Avi were in Rohit’s office. Ana asks Rachel, his PA that she is looking for Rohit’s wallet. Rohit is in a meeting and won’t take the call, but she needs his card. Rachel says he had left earlier yesterday, maybe it’s in his car. Ana discusses with Avi this is funny, Rohit had said he was in office till late. Avi says may be Rohit had gone to Harry for his financial solutions. Ana says she knows well that Rohit hates Harry and won’t go to him. Ana finds a file and takes Avi, as there is something wrong. 

Rohit comes to farmhouse and asks about Poonam. The servant says she is in garden. In the garden, Ana and Poonam sat together. Ana was saying she has come to know everything, she knows Rohit is lying. Poonam felt uneasy and tries to explain that she was upset. Ana argues that she thought they had an understanding, why didn’t Poonam share it with her. Rohit gets a call from Guri and says Ana is already there with Poonam. Guri suggests Rohit to run away. Rohit says he will have to face this, he can’t lie to Ana. Ana says to Poonam that Rohit always lie to her, he believes she won’t understand anything but at least Poonam could tell her. Poonam tries to explain to Ana that she was very upset….. She spots Rohit. Ana says its good Rohit is here, she was about to call him. She knows everything. Rohit says he had to tell her, he didn’t want to hide it. Poonam says there isn’t anything serious. Ananya asks if it isn’t. He is selling his house. Rohit and Poonam were relieved. Ananya says she had offered to contribute, and told Rohit to sell her apartment. Rohit tries to speak about last night, Poonam intervenes that he just told her last night. She cautions Rohit that protecting his family isn’t lying. Poonam says Rohit is just taking loan on the property, hasn’t finalized selling. She tells Rohit its insulting Ananya by not letting her contribute. She says they got each other after much hardships, they all have faced a lot but moved on. She was broken earlier, but now she doesn’t want Rohit to force anything from his past to present. Whatever is between her and Abhimanyu, they will see. Ananya thanks Poonam to understand and complains that expecting maturity from anyone will be silly. She gifts a tea box to Poonam, and goes to take a call. Poonam warns Rohit that it will be stupidity to tell the truth. She knows the pain, it will finish Ananya. She thanks him for comforting her, but he should end this here. Ananya and Rohit leave together. 

Rohit lay in his bed, haunted by the thought of Poonam. Ananya comes in a lacy nighty and gets under blanket with Rohit. She was excited to spend the whole day in bed. Rohit says he got to go for work. Ananya asks who goes to work on 31st December. He must work from 1st Jan. Today, his work is to keep his wife happy only. It’s been seven days, and they haven’t loved. Ananya hugs him in bed, kissing his cheeks. Rohit apologizes Ana and tries to speak to her. Ana gets a message, then apologizes that she needs to go. She will explain later. 

Ana, Avi were in the yoga class. Ana tells Avi she had to run today from Rohit. She had an appointment with doctor for blood test, else she wouldn’t have gotten the report by the evening. She wants to surprise Rohit by midnight. Avi tells Ana not to keep high hopes, and whatever the test results she must stay cool. Cherry asks what about her disappointment, they are taking her forcibly to the farmhouse party. She hopes Nickie had invited hot guys. Ana tells her to shut up, Nickie is a child. Cherry wanted to start her new year with a bang. They jokes that thankfully Harry has left for Qatar. 

At the farmhouse, Maa complains to Sheena that Nickie wants her and Meera to go to Rohit’s place, as the party is only for cool people. Sheena says Maa would be bored in the party. She can watch TV. Maa says she won’t go anywhere. Poonam comes and says Maa won’t go anywhere. Poonam asks Sheena what this was. There is party at their place, and Rohit and Ananya are also coming here. Sheena says once Poonam went with that cutie Abhi…. Poonam stares at her. Sheena says he is cute, when are they meeting again. Poonam tells Sheena that she and Abhi are a close chapter. 

Guri teases Rohit that he knew one day or other Rohit will propose him. Rohit laughs, then asks if Ana would like the diamond ring? Guri says she is there to sort his financial matters and here he is presenting her with a diamond ring, his timings are wrong. Rohit says financial issues are sorted. They will get 10-12 crores from loan, and their land will be sold in a few months as well. It’s a New Year gift. Guri says she would ask a simple question, where the money came from, why he spent so much, and why he didn’t gift it earlier. Rohit answers that it’s an expression of love. Guri argues, why he didn’t expressed such love earlier. What he is hiding. Guri says Rohit will get exactly these expressions, and will spit out everything. Rohit felt there won’t be anything Guri claims. He can’t already live with this and will share this with Ananya. Guri advices Rohit no matter what, he must zip his mouth at least tonight. 

On the pool side, Sheena tells Nickie that all the oldies are coming. Nickie says she only wanted this party to be of young people, and now Dadi, Meera Bua, then Ana and her friends. Sheena asks her permission to invite a cool friend as well. She calls Abhi and invites him for the party. Bani was irritated as she comes out on pool side. Nickie asks Bani if Aarya loves her, till last night he was texing Leena. Bani was inquisitive about the message, and how she knows that. Nickie says Bani isn’t the only WhatsApp she stalks. Bani asks if he messaged that he loves me? Nickie says he bought new iPhone X, so she doesn’t have the new phone’s details. She teases Bani that she has all the old chats of them two, he loves her black lingerie. Bani shouts she can’t read their messages. Nickie suggest her to refresh old memories, try filmy poetry and black lingerie and Aarya will be gone. Bani was irritated by Nickie. Nickie says she has invited Aarya, and asks Bani to help her in return. Bani replies no thanks, she has to get ready and look good for party. 

Ananya asks Rohit to come upstairs and get ready, they will be late. Rohit looked tired and says he will just come. Ananya sits with him and asks what’s bothering him. Rohit says he needs to speak to her. Ananya says she knows he is worried for Bani or Nickie, but it’s going to be Ok. She knows the guy with Poonam is much younger. She says Rohit is a typical Punjabi man, no matter how much olives and wine he has outside; back at home he only wish for butter naan, butter chicken. His daughters are smarter and progressive than him. Poonam is in love and it’s fantastic, she is very happy for her. Rohit turns to change. Ananya requests him not to take cigar in the room as it will stink. Ananya gets a call from the hospital that her test report will be delivered on 2nd Jan, today they had to give their technicians a half leave.

Credit: Telly Update


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