Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, 12th October 2021, Written Update: Alena warns Sonakshi about the intentions of Sanjana

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

MUMBAI: Ishwari explains to the lawyer that Sohana was with Sonakshi just after her birth and she was the one who raised her, The lawyer explains that the court deals with technicalities and there are several cases when those related with blood got the custody, he feels that they should try to settle this out of the court and also he feels Dev sir made the right decision by allowing Sanjana to work in the office, Neha explains she was also saying the same thing from the first day as Sanjana also has the right to be in the life of Soha, but no one wants to listen to her, Alena asks Sonakshi to come and help her remove the stain.

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Alena is with Sonakshi who is helping her, Alena brings Sonakshi aside and then mentions she is really worried, Sonakshi explains that she has vinegar and it would remove the stain, Alena replies she was not talking about the stain but is worried about Sonakshi because Sanjana is still running after Dev, Alena explains she heard the card teller say that Sanjana has a road block between her love but she should remove it, Sonakshi explains she must not be worried when Radha also comes from behind questioning what were they talking about, Sonakshi explains that Alena got a stain on her clothes so they were discussing that if they are not able to remove it then would have to throw it in the bin, Radha mentions she is not able to digest the food, she asks Sonakshi for some sweets, Radha standing with Alena thinks they would surely be talking about something behind her back, Sonakshi hands Radha the sweets but advises her to not eat too much, Alena once again raises her concern mentioning that she doesnot get good vibes while being with Sanjana, Sonakshi replies it is because she really cares for them but should not be worried since her bond with Dev is stronger than ever, they can manage to handle anyone like Sanjana, she is now focusing all her energy to make sure Sohana stays with them as a family.

Sanjana is in her cabin when she hears the scream, going to the door, she witness a women arguing with the staff claiming that the designs which are displayed on the project of Ishwari infotech belong to her, Sanjana wonders how did she come to the office, She recalls when she took her professional degrees and changed them to her name by hacking into the account using her computer skills and when Rena asked her when she got the degree in interior designing, she made about doing it two years back, Sanjana wonders how wrong it would get if Prena met with Dev sir, he will get to know she hacked her profile after which she would be fired but she cannot let this happen, Sanjana thinks of a plan so decides to call the office and complain about the car which belongs to Prena, Mona asks her to go outside and stop the towing van from taking her car, she leaves when Dev enters the office, he says that he has to talk about Sohana so orders Sanjana to come into his office.

Ishwari in the house is running after Shuv, she asks him to first eat and then play as she would also play with him, he asks her to first catch him, she manages to make her sit on the sofa, Dev comes to the front gate with Sanjana, Shuv exclaims her new friend has come, they both wave to each other, Ishwari is left stunned seeing her enter her house, Sanjana has a grin on her face, she stops at the family photo as black omen, Sonakshi also comes with Neha, Ishwari questions if she knew that Sanjana was coming, Sonakshi replies that she knew.

Shuv hugs Sanjana asking if she is going to play with him, she agrees explaining that she will surely play with him as this is what she came for, she asks Shuv to eat the food by himself and be a good boy, Sanjana thanks Ishwari for allowing her to come and meet Sohana, she asks if she can meet her but Sonakshi replies she cannot, she then brings the doll house explaining Sanjana asked her to give it to Soha but she can now give it to Soha herself, Sonakshi calls Soha who comes, she seeing Sanjana exclaims she is the new friend of Shuv and questions why is she crying, Sanjana explains that she is not crying but something went in her eye, Sanjana questions if Soha would like to be her friend, Soha agrees so then Sanjana presents her with the doll house exclaiming it even has rooms for her dolls, Soha asks if Sonakshi if she can show the friend of Shuv her doll collection, when Sanjana exclaims she is not just the friend of Shuv but also her, Sonakshi hearing this gets tensed wondering if she would reveal her true identity but Sanjana exclaims she is also her friend, Soha takes Sanjana to show her the doll but Sanjana seeing Dev and Sonakshi exclaims that she has first entered the house because of the doll house but very soon would also become a member of the family by entering the life of Dev, Soha asks her to come but Aayush brings a new game mentioning they have to find the clues and reach the treasure, they all agree and rush to find them.

Sanjana sees Neha so asks permission to sit down, she questions why does Neha have so many medicines, Neha explains that it is because Ishwari has a lot of health related problems and they can cause serious illness with the growing age since she is not able to remember all the medicines which is why she is organizing them, Sanjana exclaims it is very sweet of her, Neha replies she is also glad Sanjana hid the truth from Soha, Sanjana replies why would have she not since Soha is really happy with them all as a family. Neha explains when the mother of Sonakshi died, she went into depression and did not talk with Dev even for a long time, Sanjana thinks this is a blessing as she found the weak point in the relation of Dev and Sonakshi because if the death of one member ruined their relation to this extent, then what would another such incident do to her marriage, she knows what she must do. The children come to her showing her what they found, they even ask Sanjana to also find her clue, she goes to find it in the kitchen and is not able to understand it, after thinking she concludes it mean the room of Dev, Sanjana quickly walks to the room as it is the place where she desires to go the most, Sonakshi is not able to see her so wonders where might have she went to, She walks up the stairs and is shocked to see what is actually going on.

Precap: Sanjana sees through the webcam how Sonakshi hugs Dev with all her might, she getting mad exclaims their love is about to end soon, she marks the photo of Bijoy mentioning she knows exactly what she has to do

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