Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, 22nd September 2021, Written Update: Sanjana reveals her one sided love for Dev on the radio

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, 22nd September 2021, Written Update: Sanjana reveals her one sided love for Dev on the radio

MUMBAI: Sanjana is in the office, Dev calls her so she wakes up but hurts her feet, Dev explains that Maa sent this for her, she after touching it exclaims it is hot but is really amazed to see the Halwa and mentions how her mother is really caring as she just yesterday ate the Mitri made by her mother, it was really delicious and now he is sure he knows how lucky he is but today even she is really lucky, Dev explains he knows they both are really lucky, but she should not have taken the responsibility of bringing the groceries to his house as she is already in a lot of trouble, Sanjana rep[lies she is not so worrying but would surely love to take these responsibilities because of which she has to meet such nice family, as she really felt nice playing with Shuv, he has such a great family which is really nice, she exclaims how she does it have anyone to call family, she apologizes for taking his time, he explains there is no need for her to be worried because his words donot mean anything but she must never thinks of being alone in this city as they are always with her, he leaves when she thinks she only has to ensure that he is with her. Sanjana receives a call from the delivery office, she advises them to send the letter to the new address.

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Bijoy is playing with Jitin and meets, Jitin explains he is having good luck so they would once again play and this time he will win, Bijoy advises Jitin to also find a life partner otherwise he would be searching for a chess partner in his old age, Jitin exclaims he also needs a suitable match to marry just like Dev and Sonakshi because they always find the solution to every problem together, just as they also went to the marriage counselor, Bijoy gets tensed when Jitin mentions there is nothing to be worried about as they both are really comfortable now.

Ishwari is cleaning the room when she receives a call from Bijoy, she wrongly pronounced his name, so he corrects her, questioning why did no one tell him about the marriage counselling when Ishwari explains they did not even told her but she herself found a few days back when Dev told her, she assures him nothing to be worried about as both Sonakshi and Dev are fine, she replies this is what relation is as sometimes there is a need to be angry or suspicious which makes a strong relation, she explains they both know how hard it is for a person to live alone, they both end the call when Sonakshi comes to the room asking what is she doing, Ishwari replies she doesnot know how she forgot because she did not make any list to buy the groceries for their house and now is searching for her diary, Sonakshi says she must not be worried as they can make a list on the mobile, she explains that whatever list Maa has, she just needs to speak it on the mobile and then a list will be created, Ishwari is really amazed mentioning how her modern daughter in law has also made her a modern women, they both are really enjoying their moments together.

Dev enters the house, he smiles seeing Sonakshi and Ishwari both enjoying the moments together and even smiles seeing all of his children playing happily, he is really relieved, Shuv is counting with his face leaned against the bed, Sonakshi wonders where is everyone when she is pulled by Dev behind the curtain, she asks what is he doing, he replies he is just spending some time with her, questioning what was she doing with Maa, Sonakshi replies that she was just spending some time with her and did not know that she loves the small acts which she does for them all, she mentions how when she was teaching her how to make the audio to text, she felt really nice, Sonakshi feels worried mentioning how she forgot that she needs to go to her father’s house and teach him something but Dev assures he would go to him as even he needs to spend some time with him, Shuv finds them both saying mission father is complete, he questions from where did Sonakshi came, Soha and Aayush both also come running, they all enjoy as a family.

In the night Sonakshi asks Dev to give her his hand because he is being so stubborn, Dev exclaims there is no need to cut the nails as they would eventually break, Sonakshi pointing to one of them, says she needs to cut the one nail which is already broken.

Sanjana is reading a book when Rhea brings some coffee saying it is suitable with this awesome weather, Sanjana thanks her, taking her cup, there is a show on the radio about the one sided love, Rhea plans to change it but Sanjana stops her saying it is about her, Sonakshi is cutting the nail when Sanjana is able to call the radio show, she is asked if she loves anyone and does she feel it is one sided love, Sanjana replies she loves a married man and knows he loves his wife a lot, the host exclaims then it would be really heart breaking for her, Sanjana replies she has no concern with what he feels for her as all her feelings are just for her, she knows how much she loves him, Sonakshi gets suspicious hearing the voice, she asks Dev if he recognizes it but he replies he cannot recall anyone who is standing in front of him.

Sonakshi explains she is feeling really bad for her as she loves someone, but Dev disagrees asking why she not feels that it is much worse for the man as he doesnot even know she loves him, even when he has a family, he explains a lot of people would get tensed because of her one sided love so she must think about it.

In the morning Sanjana is in the office when Mona brings some cupcakes for Sanjana mentioning it is her wedding anniversary, she asks her if she had an arranged marriage or love, Mona explains that her husband was her classmate but he was really shy, then at the last day of collage she found the courage to exclaim her love for him, Sanjana questions then what happened next, Mona shows her the wedding ring and leaves saying she needs to get back to her work, Sanjana thanks her for the cupcakes, Sanjana thinks one sided love never causes pain as it is a sign of hope and as it is said that the world is present because of hope.

Precap: Ishwari asks Sonakshi and Dev to see who has come to visit them, Dev is in the office when Sanjana exclaims she wants to reveal how she is feeling, he asks her to go ahead, she then mentions how she loves, Dev is really tensed.

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