Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, 4th October 2021, Written Update: Dev refuses to believe that Sanjana is telling the truth

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, 4th October 2021, Written Update: Dev refuses to believe that Sanjana is telling the truth

MUMBAI: Dev is shocked asking what is Sanjana saying as it is impossible, Sanjana asks what is impossible as they are decided by destiny, she explains Menal Arora is her sister, she fell in love twelve years ago and married her boyfriend Rohit Verma, she ran away from their house and they did not have any relation with her, but at the time when she got pregnant she came back thinking that she would be forgiven and she was right, she then at the time of delivery Rohit Verma also came back, she doesnot know what happened but Rohit Verma was arguing with her father, so her sister went to her in laws house straight from the hospital, Dev asks if she never tried to contact her, Sanjana explains she was not able to since her father was also really angry and so after that her mother died and then even her father left this world, she found out that even Rohit Verma died in the car accident three months ago, Dev recalls when he said that Sonakshi gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

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Sanjana explains she has not control over it but is the aunt of Soha, Dev warns her to stop talking mentioning she first tried to express her feelings and is now dragging his daughter into this conversation, Sanjana explains that when she met him she did not know anything about his connection with Soha but this all because of Serendipity, Dev warns her to just leave without saying anything, Sanjana assures she would leave but will surely prove that she is the aunt of Soha, Dev gets really tensed.

Baldev is with the children explaining how he would say a letter from which they would have to guess the name of a city and any birds or animals which they know, he chooses the letter B, Shuv says Bakri, when Radha rani asks him to talk in English, Shuv rushes to Ishwari who hugs him, Soha then informs them, Baldev after that selects the letter K, Aayush answers with Kangroo and Kolkata, Neha explains how he said very nicely, she asks him to say it once again, Aayush explains how they speak Bengali which Maa is teaching him and even says how his grandparents are still in Kolkata.

Dev is standing at the gate, Soha seeing him runs but she is about to fall, Dev catching her asks if she is hurt but she says that she is fine, Dev assures he would not let anything happen to her.

Sonakshi informs that lunch is served, Ishwari asks Baldev to come and then Sonakshi goes to Dev asking what has happened as she can sense he is really tensed, Dev explains how he knows that they both have always come back strong from any situation, Sonakshi mentions how she is getting tensed so asks him to reveal each and everything.

Ishwari sees Ranveer coming from the gate so they all welcome him, Dev hugs him then he even seeks the blessings of Ishwari and Baldev, Dev says he came at the right time as now they all can have lunch together, Ranveer replies he had to come as Dev asked him to, Dev then mentions he would come back after getting fresh, Ishwari asks Sonakshi why did Dev not tell them about Ranveer as they have not made anything sweet, Sonakshi sees the letter so asks Ishwari to wait as she will come.

Sonakshi comes to the bedroom calling Dev, she wonders what the reason of the transfer letter might be as she just yesterday talked about the proposal of Jitin and Sanjana, Sonakshi is about to ask him when Soha comes taking Dev away mentioning how Ranveer is waiting at the table.

Dev comes to sit at the table when Ishwari also calls Neha, she however walks to the otherwise of the table, Radha rani ask why is she not sitting with her husband, Ishwari at once starts to serve, Radha rani also asks him to eat as in their family they make the son in law sit on the eye lasher, Baldev explains she means they take care of the son in law, Ranveer asks Sonakshi if so many food is healthy, Sonakshi explains sometimes it is fine to eat but not so much, Sonakshi mentions how the son in law desires to feel like a family and close to them all, Ranveer also explains that he feels the same, Ishwari then asks Dev to not think of the office and talk with Ranveer, he asks Sonakshi how does she manage keeping the diet of everyone healthy while also managing the job, he explains how he feels if the men are asked to do such a job they might not be able to manage, Sonakshi replies it is certainly not the case as she just started a few years, she asks if he forgot how Dev used to handle everything, she mentions that she feels that one just not wings but even the sky and for her sky is Dev. He exclaims how he feels she has also been supportive to Dev, he assures it is just like that.

Ranveer explains in todays society they are not able to find such women who want to live in a strong family because the women of their society tend to get in a fight demanding to leave the family, Neha in a rude tone asks him to concentrate on the food otherwise it would get cold, he turning to Ishwari explains she is blessed to have a daughter in law like Sonakshi Bhabhi who has always tried to keep the family together and never asked to leave.

Sanjana reaches the house, she at once starts thrashing everything from her cupboard and also takes out the clothes from the wardrobe, she then takes the photo of herself and one with Sonakshi and Soha, she replaces Sonakshi with her own self, thinking how Dev can say she is a liar as she is not a liar but the aunt of Sohana.

The entire family is eating, Ishwari turning to Ranveer explains that one finds the idea after seeing someone else or with their own mind, she asks if everything is fine amongst them both because they all are their family, she asks him to speak up as they must solve all the problems before they become a hurdle for them all, Ranveer assures everything is fine amongst them both, Dev then asks Neha and Ranveer to reveal what is going on because they are a family, he asks them to say it without any hesitation, Ranveer agrees so explains how he did not want to say it today, she explains that since some time Maa is ill and she has to take care of her, he knows it might be difficult for her but Neha wants them both to move into an another house.

Rena enters the house, she is shocked to see how everything is ruined, she questions Sanjana what is going on, Sanjana explains Dev sir said she was lying just because he cannot reciprocate the feelings so he said she is making up stories to get close to him, she is the aunt of Soha and so will give him the proof, she will do anything she can to get that proof, Sanjana once again starts searching, Rena seeing her condition stops her asking her to calm down, Sanjana walks away throwing the file, Sanjana asks if she knows that when Didi got married after running away, Baba threw each and every memory of her from the house, they were not even allowed to take her name, she explains how she felt suffocated in that house, she asks Rhea to answer if it was fair to her, she neither had the sister nor her memory and not a father or her mother, she is alone since that time and after such a long time when she can finally call someone as her family, then instead of understanding her sentiments or her emotions, she was just called a liar by Dev sir who considers her intention to be false, she exclaims what of Dev sir because he has a family but he wants to keep her away from her only family.

Ranveer explains that he is not saying Neha is at fault because she saw a challenging life before her marriage and thought of a peaceful life, he knows they had a lot of fights but are still together because of their love which they have for each other but he doesnot have the capability to afford both a nurse and a new house for them, this is why Neha got angry, she then left him.

Ishwari starts coughing, Neha stands asking if Ranveer got relaxed after ruining her image, Ranveer explains that he only revealed it because everyone insisted, Neha says even then no one would judge him because he is a boy but she would be the one who is judged as she is the daughter of this house, Neha leaves so Dev decides to stop her, he runs calling her but she doesnot stop, Neha enters her room closing the door on his face, he starts banging asking her to at least listen to him. Ishwari starts weeping seeing this situation.

Sanjana is sitting, Rhea asks if she has any solid proof to prove anything, she questions then how does she expect Dev to believe her, Sanjana thanks Rena mentioning now she knows what to do.

Precap: Dev holding the hand of Sonakshi asks her to be strong, he reveals Sanjana is the aunt of Sohana, as she is the sister of the biological mother of Sohana, Sonakshi is stunned to hear this news. Mr Verma opens the door to find Sanjana standing at the door.

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