Kumkum Bhagya, 9th July 2021, Written Update

MUMBAI: Mitali Bhabhi and Aliya are preparing the food, Abhi reading the newspaper thinks that his house is being sold and before the auction everyone can visit the house, his house was the one in which the two people he loved the most lived, he remembers Dadi and Pragya so decides to at least watch his house for one last time before it is sold, he walks out of the house, two of the neighbours invite Abhi to come and play Carom as his Rani is waiting for him, Abhi exclaims there is no time, they question who has come into his life who is more important than his game, Abhi replies the real Rani has come which he has lost, they both question what is the reason for his tension, he replies that he is just going to see his drama house.

Prachi explains that he can select the girls, but the final decision would be off Sidharth, Ranbir however replies that he trusts his decision the most and desires to marry a girl whoc is just like him, he cannot even think of marrying someone else, as he wants someone who can just like her solve all of the problems of his house, Sidharth wants someone who has the same exact DNA like her sister, she gets shocked, he apologizes, Prachi exclaims she prays he doesnot even see her and if they happen to cross the path, he moves away.

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Sidharth is trying to fix his car, Ria is walking waving at her friend, a car driving by causes dirty water to spill over her, she starts shouting at it which catches the eyes of Sidharth, he smiles seeing that she is covered in water so walks to her with the tissue from his car, she immediately takes it appreciating him for his help, he is not able to say anything, so she leaves away. His friend comes asking if he would drop her at home, Sidharth exclaims it is his car and he knows there is tissue so can use it.
Dadi orders Aliya and Mitali Bhabhi to talk calmly as she is reciting something, Tanu coming asks where Abhi is as he is not outside or with his friends, Tanu asks Dadi to not say anything because she knows what she feels for Pragya but doesnot know she lives in this house, Mitali Bhabhi replies they have all heard she in front of Abhi said that everything is because of them both, they look at Mitali, Dadi exclaims that she is now standing with Tanu and Aliya but was with Abhi yesterday. Tanu asks why they are not telling her what she wants to know, Mitali Bhabhi replies she is the most innocent because she cannot even work with her own intention, Aliya asks her to not create such a melodrama and cook the food.

Aliya asks Tanu to go and ask his friends because they would know where he is, Tanu goes to them both asking where is when they reply that he has went to a place for which he took the auto, she leaves when they wonder how Abhi lives with her under one roof, they joke she lives in the house while he sleeps outside.

Sidharth is with his friend who is trying to fix the car while Sidharth is constantly looking at Ria and her friend, she exclaims all the driver are crazy as her dress is completely ruined, her friend replies not all driver as she saw the handsome man who was offering her tissue, she agrees that not all of them drive crazy, Sidharth’s friend exclaims that he feels they have now found the correct way to fix the car, Sidharth questions what did he mean and sits in the car.

Tanu walks in the house, she is nervous, Aliya questions what happened and if she got to know where Abhi went from his friends, Tanu says he went to Sakit, Aliya questions what is the big deal because there is no curfew there, Aliya replies in Sakit is the Mehra Mansion, Aliya replies it is no longer their house, Tanu asks if she knows whose house it is, Aliya replies that it is now the property of Pragya, Mitali Bhabhi comes saying that no one lives their anymore as they saw it last week that it was in ruins because of the renovation work, it is a big mansion and not like their house, Tanu asks for the newspaper and starts turning the pages, she is not able to find the add, Mitali exclaims she would have found the add of the cosmetics, she questions if Tanu even reads the newspaper, Aliya takes the newspaper from Tanu who exclaims that she is a graduate from Mumbai university, she doesnot use the newspaper as a tissue paper like her, Aliya finds the ad, Tanu is shocked after reading it, Mitali asks if she is not able to understand, Tanu asks her to shut up and exclaims that Pragya is auctioning the Mehra Mansion.

Pragya opens the door of the Mansion, recalling the moments she first time walked into the house, she remembers how she and Abhi stepped in together, the celebrations which they had in the house, she is not able to stop recalling all those years she lived in the house Abhi’s wife, Pragya starts walking towards the dining table but turns to walk upstairs, she used to bring the clothes for Abhi and also walked down with his daughter.

Tanu drinks the water, she and Mitali bump into Tanu, Aliya scolds her to walk with her eyes open, Tanu warns her to remain quiet because if she doesnot then she would bite her, Mitali asks her to stop talking, Mitali exclaims they are living in this house because of Aliya because she did such actions that caused them to live in such conditions, Mitali Bhabhi asks in which contest is Tanu participating, Tanu replies she meant to say they cannot let Abhi and Pragya be together as it would end all of the misunderstandings which they have created which she doesnot want, Abhi would also find out about the car accident, Mitali Bhabhi getting curious questions which accident are they talking about.

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Precap: Abhi and Pragya are together in the Mehra Mansion, she warns him to not come near her because they no longer have any relation, she starts coughing and also gets unconscious falling on Abhi’s arms.

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