Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali, 13th July 2021, Written Update : Pallavi point’s gun at Inspector

MUMBAI: Raghav thinking about Pallavi, and Jaya asking Raghav to support Pallavi if she saying the truth, Farhad walks to Raghav for signs, Raghav asks Farhad to ask everyone to not disturb him.

Sunny gets home back, Kirti calls him and tells him that Pallavi has tye confession recorded but Raghav hide it and Amma also has asked Raghav to support Pallavi if she is telling the truth, Sunny says don’t worry, I am here, I knew Pallavi will do something,Kirti says what of I get arrested, Sunny says I am coming wait.

Pallavi thinking about Jaya and Raghav saving his family, Kirti sees Pallavi in kitchen and ignores hee, Pallavi says Kirti wait listen to me, Kirti says why will I listen to you, I have nothing for you, you are good for nothing not even an enemy, Pallavi says oh now I am.your enemy, you should be ashamed and surrender yourself, Kirti says I won’t because itvwas just a mistake and I won’t take punishment and my brother will save me, Sunny walks in and says what is your problem why are yoy jealous that Raghav chose Kirti and not you, Pallavi says its our personal matter, Sunny says its bothering my Kirti, and look Kirti what friend she is, Kirti says Pallavi go manage your shop, don’t remove your frustration on us, make yourself busy in shop and spare us god knows why did I meet you and throws plate from Pallavi’s hand, Kirti holds Sunny’s hand and leaves.

Raghav goes to garage to the car. Vijay dying sarees Amruta helps him and says tell me what happened, you and Dad where idle brother’s for me, my friend’s use to keep talking about their fights and I would think you two are so perfect and this time you have fought so bad you don’t want to see eachother, and so lets finish this and patch up, Vijay says Milind sent you right, Amruta says he doesn’t know anything, Vijay says then tell this to your father and not me and leaves, Milind walks to her and says Amruta dont waste time with him he won’t listen to you, Amruta says how long this will happen, Milind says till I cut ties with Raghav and Pallavi, but I won’t, Vijay says then go stay with them. Milind says lets go Amruta its no use staying here, Vijay says soon you will realise Raghav is reason Mandar isn’t with us.

Pallavi gives Naidu instructions, Rama walks in and tells Pallavi that Raghav hasn’t eaten anything and isn’t home too, Krishna calls Pallavi and asks to see news, Pallavi sees on news that Raghav has surrendered. Pallavi in shock.

Jaya walks to Kirti and says did Raghav surrender because of you, I know you are lying, Kirti says was Pallavi not enough that even you have started, Jaya says you have committed crime so you wipp be punished, Kirti says wow Amma you care about Pallavi more than me, she is liar, Jaya slaps kirti and says if you have even little humaniy left surrender yourself.

Pallavi arrives at Police station, Media keeps asking her questions, Farhad helps her reach inspector, Inspector tells Pallavi he has surrendered with the car so we have no option but arrest him.
Pallavi walks to Raghav and asks why Raghav, Raghav says you got justice and I couldn’t see my sister here, so all is good, Pallavi says just shut up, don’t you have brains you are hiding something very big and you think this is right and you again make me long for my husband and now wait and watch. Pallavi removes gun from inspector and points at him, Raghav says Pallavi calm down don’t do this, its gun, Pallavi says release Raghav Rao, Raghav says I dont want to, Farhad says calm down, Pallavi says get Raghav out, Pallavi shoots in air.

Sulochana, Amruta and Milind watching news, and shocked, Milind says this isnt true I will go talk to Pallavi, Vijay distributing sweets and very happy, and says Mandar’s culprit got arrested, Milind says I don’t want to be part of this and I will go support by daughter she is alone there you enjoy this blackness, Vijay says if you leave now dont return, Milind leaves.

Pallavi in jail with Raghav and asks him is he angry, Raghav says what nonsense is this, Pallavi says I wanted to be with you, Raghav says is this joke, Pallavi says you take things as joke why can’t I, Raghav says Farhad get her bail, Pallavi says listen to me if you get bail get us both bail or don’t, Frahad says enough of you two and leaves.

Pre cap: Pallavi asks Raghav what exactly happened on 1st Dec, Raghav says it was raining very heavily it was raining first time like this in Hyderabad and I saw a car hit Mandar and Kirti in it.
Sunny says to Kirti if case reopens things will come out so let’s run away.
Raghav says Kirti keeps lying says she can’t drive but that day she was in car.

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