Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali, 6th July 2021, Written Update : Pallavi decides to investigate

MUMBAI: Pallavi finds Mandar’s ring, and is confused how is it at Raghav’s house and walks to Raghav and asks about ring, Raghav asks whose is it, Pallavi says its Mandar’s, Pallavi says I gave it to Mandar, my brother specially made it from him, we still dont know what happened to Mandar that night did you ever meet him Raghav, Raghav says its old story, I mean I met Mandar when he asked for lift at Ring road, and then he found auto, and his ring fell and before I could give he left, Pallavi asks how was he that day, was he tensed, worried, happy, I kept going Police station hoping to find something to find about Mandar, Mandar had a call and he left, I was waiting for him all night, we started looking for him and then we learnt Mandar, Jaya walks in and says Pallavi why did you still not leave, Raghav asks where, Pallavi says its Mandar’s birthday and there is pooja, Raghav says okay I will drop you.
Raghav imagines his good self asking him to tell Pallavi the truth, Raghav says I won’t.

At Deshmukh house, Milind and everyone make all Pooja arrangements, Sharda says Pallavi will be here soon, then we can start pooja, Vijay says she couldn’t come on time on such day too, she doesn’t care about Mandar why wait, Sharda says today you feel for Mandar what about the time when he was alive, Sulochana says Sharda Vahini not now, Vijay says dont stop her she can’t see anything in from of Pallavi, Milind asks Sharda to not react today as it is Mandar’s birthday.

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Pallavi on way to Deshmukh house with Raghav, Raghav sees she is lost and asks is she fine, Pallavi says its Mandar’s 29th Birthday and I think what would my life be if he was alive, Raghav says try forget it, its past, don’t think of things that wont happen, Pallavi asks how can I forget I have so many questions past 2 years, only thing I know is he met with car accident and we know nothing else, who was driving and I won’t keep quiet till I punish the culprit, Raghav loses Focus on driving, Pallavi shouts and alert him from bumping.

Raghav sees a poor girl fall on ground while chasing a car for money, Raghav rushes to her picks her up, gets her water and asks her to go school and he will take care of the school expenses. Raghav gives the girl money and his card and says call your brother whenever you need help and dont ever beg, she says you two look like hero heroine, Pallavi and Raghav smile at her and leave.

Raghav and Pallavi reach Deshmukh house, Raghav says I won’t come in today and don’t want to fight with your Baba on this day, Sharda says not required, your Pallavi’s husband and you don’t need to stay out, come to Pooja.

Raghav and Pallavi enter, Raghav looks at Mandar’s picture, Vijay angry seeing Pallavi walk to Mandar’s picture and Praying.
Sharda asks Pandit ji to start pooja and asks Raghav to take a seat, Sulochana asks Amruta to get more logs for pooja. Raghav keeps thinking about accident night, Raghav looks at Pallavi and says I have to leave, I have urgent meeting and leaves.

Raghav goes near car and gets anxious, Raghav says why me always, I can’t, this feeling is killing me its difficult to handle it, Amruta sees Raghav restless.

Pallavi shows Sharda and Milind about Ring, and how Mandar met Raghav, Pallavi says its God’s sign that we will know answers now, Sharda says Pallavi you are married now they won’t like this, Pallavi says Aai don’t worry my past wont ruin present and Amma and Raghav are very understanding, we will find the truth and its my responsibility against Mandar to find truth and punish culprit, I will leave now and visit Police station on our way back.

Pallavi leaves, Amruta walks to Sharda and Milind and tells them Raghav looked very restless and he said its very difficult, I can’t do it.

Pallavi is told at Police station that Inspector Swami is transferred and the case is close, Pallavi requests them to investigate further based on Raghav’s statement, Inspector says please leave I can’t help you, Pallavi says okay I will investigate on my own then.

Raghav gets call from Police station that Pallavi was in police station and asking about 2 year old accident case and she left challenging Inspector that she will find the truth.

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Pre cap: Pallavi meets an old man and asks.him about 1st December 2018. Kaka says there was big accident that day.
Pallavi asks Raghav, did you kill Mandar, was I widow because of you.

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