Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali, 7th June 2021, Written Update : Pallavi finds a clue about the theft

MUMBAI: Kirti sees Sunny lying on sofa and tries to wake up, and sats I won’t fight again wake up, Kirti turns around to scold Rocky as he didn’t call Ambulance, Sunny wakes up and says I was just testing our love, sorry and hugs Kirti.

Kirti waiting for Sunny to wish her first, Pallavi walks in with green tea and says let’s chat for sometime, Kirti says sure, Pallavi asks Kirti why is there tension between Raghav and Jaya, Kirti says Raghav was always this way, and he did that to your dad too, Pallavi says what past is there that you two always judge him, please tell me Amma always gets emotional, Sunny calls at 12, Kirti disconnect, Pallavi wishes Kirti, Pallavi sees Kirti having calls and leaves.
Sunny calls Kirti wishes, Sunny says am I first, Kirti says it was Pallavi, she was here since sometime so she wishes, anyways your wishes matter, Sunny says I will compensate this with seeing you

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Raghav in Pallavi’s room and says give this to Kirti, we already fought so she wont accept it, Pallavi says it’s very pretty, Raghav says I designed it myself for Kirti and explains the design, and says Kirti will love it, Pallavi says it’s amazing, Pallavi says you do have some ither talent other than getting angry, yelling, making loss, anyways give this to Kirti yourself, Raghav says it’s one thing any of us gives, Pallavi says I never understand you, Raghav says I myself couldn’t understand how will you, go to sleep and give this to Kirti.

Sunny doesn’t like Pallavi wishing first and says anyways will wish Kirti tomorrow when I see her.

Raghav calls his showroom staff home, Pallavi asks Farhad is it anyone from these 4, Farhad says yes these are one with access, Raghav uses Pallavi’s lines says I wont my impulsive decision affect you, so your jobs are intact, just be careful, Sunny walks in and sees girl who stole necklace and says you are Rocky’s friend you gave him necklace, she denies and leaves. Pallavi hears that.

Raghav sees Sunny, and asks him how come he is here, Pallavi says you called him and how do you know him, Raghav says he dropped me station that day, Sunny says yes I am the reason you met, Pallavi says you were just a help, who called you here, Sunny says no one I found this in my car and you were the last to be in it, so is this yours, Raghav denies, Kirti walks in and surprised to see Sunny, and greets him and why is he here, Raghav asks Kirti do you know him, Kirti says common friends, Pallavi says I thought you are here to wish her, Sunny says is it your birthday Happy Birthday, this pendant has no owner, please have it, may I Pallavi, Pallavi says its her choice, Kirti accepts and says thank you, Sunny says I am done and Pallavi learn to chill you will have fun.

Sunny leaves, Pallavi follows him and stop,Sunny asks what new lecture now, Pallavi says I have work, you stopped a girl at door, Raghav’s showroom employee, Sunny says you can’t tell me what to do, Pallavi says just answer and you think we are fools that we didn’t understand what happened inside, I know you were here to gift Kirti, Sunny says Rocky knows her my friend, she had handed it to Rocky for some Vijay Deshmukh’s work, Pallavi says I want to meet your friend, Sunny says only once, give me your number will call you in evening.

Jaya serving Kirti her favourite dish, Pallavi asks did Jaya show her tattoo to Raghav and tells whole story to Raghav, Jaya says his name doesn’t matter, and takes a seat, Pallavi says Kirti I have gift for you and gives jewellery, Kirti says so pretty and thanks Pallavi, Pallavi asks her to wear it and helps her put it, Pallavi purposely injures herself with safety pin, and leaves necklace, Raghav says careful, its delicate, Pallavi says sorry do a thing you put the hook, Raghav puts it on Kirti, Pallavi smiles, Raghav smiles back.

Pre cap: Raghav applies ointment, Pallavi says it was just a pin, Raghav says now I get it, even the other night you did it purposely right to make me sleep down, Pallavi says it worked.

Farhad and Pallavi with Sunny and Rocky, Pallavi asks Rocky to tell the truth or he will be sent jail, Rocky says a man gave me money to blackmail Ragini to get the necklace.

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