Mere Sai, 16th September 2020, Written Update: Trambak and Chintamani demand partition

MUMBAI: Babu meets examiner and thanks him for meeting him in Dharamshala encouraging him to give exam. Examiner says he never visited Dharamshala or Shirdi and don’t even know him. Babu says how is it possible, even his parents saw him. Examiner says he must be mistaken. Babu walks thinking how can this happen, he sees idol and prays god asking who had come disguised as examiner. He sees Sai’s face in idol and realizes that Sai helped him.

Amba sees Trambak busy preparing medicine/fertilizer for crops and asks him to go to gym and let her prepare medicine. Trambak says dada/Chintamani asked him to prepare medicine soon, else they cannot stop crops from insect infestation, so he has to finish is work first. Amba thinks like Tejasvi told, her brothers don’t trust her at all. An old lady walks in and tells Trambak that she came to invite Anandi and Damayanti for her bahu’s goad bharai/baby shower ceremony, if he can inform them as she has to invite others. Amba asks why didn’t she invite her. Lady says only mothers can attend it, Amba is childless. Amba feels insulted. Trambak leaves for gym asking her to inform dada that he prepared medicine. Amba reminisces Tejasvi’s words that nobody respects Amba because she is childless. She determines to create rift between 2 brothers and separate them.

Babu with his parents reaches Dwarkamayi and touching Sai’s feet apologizes him for not understanding him, he passed in his practical exam with Sai’s help, asks why did he leave after giving 2 answers. Sai says like a bird can feed its child whole, but it forces it to fly and learn to gather grains itself, he has cannot support Babu whole life and Babu has to use his own knowledge to treat patients without any help. He continues that he should trust himself and his knowledge than someone’s prediction and just move on with his intuition. He continues giving moral gyaan. Babu says he will be Sai’s devotee from here on and will trust only Sai.

Chintamani drags Trambak towards home from gym. Trambak asks what happened. Chintamani asks him to come and see himself. Neighbors seeing that gather outside house. They reach home, Trambak frees himself and asks what happened. Chintamani shows crop medicine utensil fallen down and medicine spilled all over the ground. Trambak asks who did it and asks Amba when he told her guard it till Chintamani comes, why didn’t she. Amba says she went in to give medicine to Godavari. Trambak asks how can she be so careless. Chintamani shouts to not drag Amba in it and speak to him. Their argument starts. Chintamani says he works hard in fields and Trambak just enjoys. Trambak says if he feels so, he is wrong as he selects crops and fertilizers and when to reap crops, so he is equally working hard. Chintamani says he can do this alone and Trambak finds ways to excuse. Anandi says Chintamani and Damayanti both insult them and think they are inferior than them, she cannot tolerate all this anymore. Damayanti confronts and their argument starts next. Trambak warns that he will not tolerate his wife’s insult. Godavari and Joshi walk out hearing their argument. Argument continues, Chintamani says it is better to partition this house and properties. Godavari falls unconscious hearing that.

Santa and Panta inform Kulkarni that Joshi’s sons are fighting and demanding partition. Kulkarni is shocked to hear that. Tejasvi walks to him and says as promised, she broke Joshi’s house; now both brothers will thrive for each others’ blood.

Sai reaches Godavari and makes her conscious again. Godavari cries profusely and tells Sai that she needs to speak. Joshi asks family to go inside and lock door. Godavari requests Sai to stop this partition somehow. Sai says he cannot help them and let her sons who want partition decide themselves. Kulkarni with his puppets enters saying it is his job and not saint’s. Joshi requests Sai for help. Sai says it is Kulkarni’s job as he is mukhiya of Shirdi. Kulkarni says he will distribute things equally. Santa and Panta draw a line in between house and distribute things equally. Sai says house is distributed, now he will distribute field among 2 brothers; Chintamani will keep lakeside field and Trambak will keep roadside field. Joshi crying tells Sai that he cannot see his forefather’s house and fields distributed like this. Sai asks him to have patience and wait till the people who want partition themselves reunite. Joshi says properties are distributed, now with whom parents will stay. Godavari and Joshi’s eyes wide open in fear and shock.

Precap: Ragini with friends plays hide and seek and counts. Her friend slips and falls in water well. Sai in Dwarkamayi notices that.

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