Molkki, 29th September 2021, Written Update: Sudha and Purvi get thrown out of haveli

Molkki, 29th September 2021, Written Update: Sudha and Purvi get thrown out of haveli

MUMBAI: Purvi tells police not to handcuff Virender. he hasn’t done anything. Nani tells police to treat criminals like they are. She tells Virender he has sinned enough. God has done justice with Daksh. Purvi asks her why she is saying this. You saw Daksh trying to molest me in front of everyone while Mukhi ji was trying to save me. Nani admits that Daksh was wrong. Virender was worst though. How is it just to kill a guy who was not even in his senses? This was a crime and he must be punished for it! Purvi says he warned Daksh so many times but he was not listening to anything. What’s wrong if Virender shot Daksh to protect me? Nani says he shot Daksh to get him out of your life. Why do you care about the person who doesn’t care about someone else’s life? Purvi is confused. Nani says Daksh got punished for his misdeeds and now it is Virender’s turn. I will be at peace when Virender will be hanged. Start counting the days to his death! She leaves. Prakashi and Anjali leave as well.

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Purvi cries. Virender tells her not to cry. You got what you wanted. I am going away from your life for forever. I wont live and you will not have any complaint from me. She requests him not to say like this. I dint want to punish you disrespectfully. I wanted to punish you for the words you had used for me. I had never imagined any of this. You shot Daksh to save me and my dignity. You are not at fault here. Daksh was trying to rape me. It is my duty to save you now. I will do it at any cost. I wont let you die. I will take you home! Inspector tells Purvi to speak to her lawyer once. Reopen the case. Maybe court will change its decision. Do it quickly though as we have less time. she nods. Inspector takes Virender away.

Purvi comes looking for her lawyer and finds him taking money from Prakashi and Anjali. She slaps the lawyer angrily. You are a cheap person! You cheated your work and Mukhi ji! He has done so much for you, the villagers and village! You were cheating him in return. Were you not ashamed? Lawyers have a duty to help people gain justice. Don’t malign your court like this. Many innocent people are in jail because of people like you while many criminals are roaming outside freely. Give up law if this is what you are going to do. He says sorry and walks away.

Prakashi asks Anjali to come. Purvi tells Prakashi she is ashamed to call her Ma. Calling you Ma is an insult to the word itself. I can understand what you did to me but you are finalizing your son’s death by doing all this when he loved you like a real mother! You are worse than Kaikayi Ma. She dint ask for Ram ji’s death. Prakashi asks her if she is feeling bad. You must be hurt. Virender is going to be hanged. You forgot that he and you turned your back to me first. You proved it that I am his stepmother. I had begged you to save my Vaibhav but you dint do anything. You are responsible for Vaibhav’s death. You and Virender will reap what you have sown. You two had even thrown me out of the house. I was a stepmother after all. I looked after Virender when his father died but he threw me out in no time. he even shot my real son in front of me. Purvi tries to reason but Prakashi reminds her that she is still Vaibhav’s mother. I will take revenge for his death at any cost. I want to see Virender dying in return of it. Purvi tells her this dream will not come true till the time Purvi is alive. Prakashi tells her to do whatever she wants. Virender wont come out of jail. I will be at peace then. Anjali comforts her as she shouts after Purvi.

Purvi meets another lawyer. She gives him case files. He tells her that the case is very weak. All eyewitnesses said that they have seen Virender shooting Daksh. This make it difficult to prove Virender’s innocence. I am very sorry but I will still try my best to get Virender out of jail. She thanks him. Please get the papers ready. Ask me if you need anything. He asks for 5 lacs in advance as his fees. She agrees to arrange the amount and takes his leave. She is worried as to how she will arrange this much money. I must go to Rewari for this.

Purvi takes out her jewelry. Forgive me Mukhi ji but I will have to sell the necklace to pay fees. Prakashi and Anjali walk in just then. They ask her about the necklace. She tells him the truth but Prakashi takes it from her. Who gave you the right to sell it? This belongs to haveli. You cannot take it. She tells her that Virender had given it to her. Only I have a right on it. I wont give it to you. Veer says neither you nor Baba has any right to anything that’s in this haveli. Hope you understand that mom had named the entire property in her kids’ name. Juhi and Manas are young while Nandini is in London. Technically, it is mine. Priyu tells her that she does not have a right to stay here either as Mukhi ji isn’t here now. You came here as Molkki. Don’t forget your status. Purvi tries to slap her but Priyu holds her hand. Don’t shout at me. I am not the old Priyu who is dependent on you. I will show you your status now! She holds Purvi by her hand and takes her downstairs. Anjali and Prakashi follow them.

Manas asks Juhi when Baba will be back. Juhi says I don’t know but haathi said that she will bring Baba back soon. She never makes false promises. Manas agrees. They hear Purvi’s voice and decide to check what’s happening.

Priyu pushes Purvi outside. Manas and Juhi run downstairs. Priyu tells Purvi she has no right to be in this haveli anymore. Juhi and Manas hug haathi. They ask her why Priyu is throwing her out. You dint bring Baba back. Priyu tells them that haathi lied to them. Your Baba will never come home now. He will be hanged now! Purvi tells her to be quiet. They are kids. Stop talking nonsense. Priyu tells her it is true. Purvi reassures the kids she will bring Virender home soon. Priyu tells them not to fall in Purvi’s words. She is lying. Virender wont come back till the time I a here. She pushes Purvi. Kids question Priyu but Anjali warns them to be quiet or she will slap them. Priyu is angry. She has pushed haathi now. You might be next. Juhi retorts that they will stay where haathi will be. Anjali gladly tells them to leave as well. Veer tries to stop them but they leave with Purvi.

Prakashi notices Sudha and asks her to go with her friend as well. Sudha asks Purvi what’s happening. Priyu says it is good that you are here now. You too will be taken care of now. Remember how you once said that you wont leave this haveli or Veer ever? Everything has changed. What was yours till yesterday is mine now. I will take your place now. Get out with your friend! Sudha looks at Veer who seconds Priyu. You know I love her and not you. Forget this wedding. Live and let me live peacefully with Priyu too. I agree that I am your husband. I will buy you a house and will send money monthly. She refuses his offer. I will face everything myself as you have thrown me out of your life now. She leaves with Purvi, Manas and Juhi.

Manas asks Purvi where they will go now. Purvi says we must not get afraid when we are in problem. Kanha ji will guide us as we are together. She asks Sudha where they should go. Sudha says there is only one place where we can go now. We can go to our old NGO. There is one empty room. We can stay there till the time we find a place to stay. Purvi agrees.

The room is in a mess. Kids, Sudha and Purvi clean the room together. Purvi feeds the kids. Juhi asks Purvi if Priyu was right. Will Baba never come home? Episode ends on Purvi’s shocked face.

Precap: Purvi tells Sudha, don’t know who will help us. Sakshi enters and says, I will help you. Purvi gets surprised seeing her. Later, Sakshi goes to Haveli. Prakashi asks her what are you doing here? Sakshi says, I am here to take all that belonged to us back from you. She calls Purvi inside and says just like how Anjali dragged her out of Haveli, today Purvi will drag Anjali out. Purvi does that. Prakashi pretends or gets heart attack.

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