Namak Issk Ka, 13th July 2021, Written Update: Kahani scares Iravati

MUMBAI: Scene 1
The family comes to the mandir. Otherside Kahani is leaving the house but Iravati pushes her from the stairs. Kahani whispers for Yug and tries to get up but faints. In the mandir, Yug feels like Kahani is calling out to him. He says Kahani? Rupa asks what happened? Yug says I don’t feel alright, I feel Kahani is in trouble, why didn’t she come till now? Saroj says she will come, don’t worry. The priest says we have to start the pooja. Saroj says we are waiting for our daughter-in-law.

Iravati sees Kahani unconscious on the floor and says you tried to bring out my truth but I won’t spare you. Gunjan comes there and sees Kahani’s head bleeding. She rushes to her and asks what happened to her? Iravati says I have taught her a lesson to not mess with me. Gunjan says she is bleeding, what if something happens to her? Iravati says she will be a pain but she tried to trap me by recording my voice. That recording broke your marriage. Gunjan says she is bleeding a lot. Iravati says she broke your heart, did you forget? Iravati looks at Kahani and says you shouldn’t have given me another chance when you know my nature. She laughs at her and says nobody can save you today, not even your God.

All are waiting for Kahani in the mandir. The priest says time is passing. Yug asks Saroj to start the pooja. She says I can wait. Yug says no, you start the pooja. He tries to call Kahani but she doesn’t pick up. Saroj starts the pooja and thinks if Kahani lied to me about Yug’s father then I will never forgive her but I wish she wasn’t lying. Ravi prays for Kahani. Saroj is doing the pooja but diya dozes off. All look on.

Iravati looks at Kahani and says she tried to bring up my past, she tried to play with me but she is a nice person which is why she is in this condition. She tells Gunjan that it’s time to finish her. You have to decide if you want to live a lavish life in this house or cry for life like your sister Rupa? Gunjan is tensed.

Saroj lights the diya again and prays to reunite her husband. Ravi comes to Yug, he says she is not picking up her phone. He asks her to call again.

Iravati asks Gunjan to take an action. Gunjan sees Yug calling Kahani but they pick her up and takes her from there.

Iravati and Gunjan put Kahani’s body in the trunk of the car and drive away.

Ravi prays for Kahani and calls Iravati. She doesn’t pick up. Rupa prays to protect Kahani. Yug asks what happened? Ravi says she is not picking up either, we have to go home. Yug tells the family that I think Kahani is in trouble, let’s go home. Saroj says yes.

Iravati and Gunjan are driving away. Iravati says nobody would know what happened to her. Gunjan says I am very scared, what have we done? Iravati says if you had trapped Yug then I wouldn’t have to do all this, don’t cry now. What if the family ask where we were? Gunjan says then I will tell them we mistakenly went to another mandir, I have taken parsad too but what if they find out? Iravati says I have already silenced the trouble.

Scene 2
Iravati and Gunjan come back home. Gunjan says I am scared. Iravati says wipe your sweat and calm down. She takes her out of the car and says just tell them that we went to another mandir, these small things keep happening so don’t worry, I will handle it. Gunjan rings the doorbell. Iravati is shocked to see Kahani opening the door. Gunjan gets scared. Kahani tells the family that Iravati-Gunjan are back, Yug was about to call the police. Gunjan shivers and says why police? They come inside. Yug asks Iravati where were you? Iravati is tensed and says it was my mistake, we went to a different mandir. Kahani says I knew you would say something like this so I told Yug already. Saroj says you didn’t do the right thing Iravati. Gunjan says I am sorry.. Iravati asks what happened? Saroj says Kahani got hurt and you left her alone at the house? How did she get hurt? Iravati says she didn’t tell you? Kahani says I told them that I slipped from the stairs and fell down. Yug asks Iravati if she is saying the truth? Iravati says I don’t know, I didn’t even know she got hurt. Ravi asks Kahani to speak up if something wrong happened. Kahani says even if I tell it, nobody would agree. I am fine now. Gunjan says I will go and rest. Iravati tells Saroj that this day was heavy. Saroj tells Kahani that I know you are tired, I wanted to talk to you but if you are tired.. Kahani gets dizzy so Yug takes her away.

Yug sits with Kahani and asks if she is fine? She nods. He says I am with you. How did you get hurt? Kahani says I slipped from the stairs. Rupa brings milk for her and Yug makes her drink it. Rupa says it’s not good that she got dizzy. Yug says I will call the doctor. Kahani says I am fine. Yug says I will call him. He goes from there. Rupa asks Kahani if you are fine? She nods. Kahani thinks I have to meet Iravati.

Gunjan is scared and shivering in her room. Iravati comes to her. Gunjan says they will know the truth soon. Iravati asks her to calm down. Gunjan says she will tell the truth to everyone. Iravati says nobody knows anything till now, if you open your mouth then I will do the same what I did with Kahani. Gunjan says you have the same solution for every problem. I am very scared and you are threatening me. I can’t lie. Iravati says then go and try to tell the truth, I won’t spare you. If you try to tell the truth then I will tell Yug that you pushed Kahani from the stairs. Gunjan is shocked and says I am your daughter. Iravati says you know my nature, just do as I say. Gunjan says I won’t tell anything to anyone. Iravati says good.

Yug comes to Rupa and asks where is Kahani? Rupa says she left her room when I was in the kitchen. Yug calls her but Kahani left her phone there. Yug says something is wrong. Iravati hides and thinks where did she go? I have to find her. Yug says I am worried about her.

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