Namak Issk Ka, 13th May 2021, Written Update: Kahani protects Yug from Iravati

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Saroj asks Iravati if she has some powers? Iravati says I can’t believe that you are asking me that, if I had some powers then I would have made my husband fine first, I wouldn’t be bearing that dancer in this house. I don’t have many people, you were my support and my friend but you are saying that? If I had powers then I would have used them to make your tears go away, I have lost your trust but I am just trying to make my daughter’s life better, I am sorry if you are doubting me. Saroj says don’t say that. Iravati cries and says I will do everything to make my family happy, whatever happened today was a coincidence, I have got many pains in life so this is just another one. Saroj sadly leaves from there..

Kahani gets Iravati’s call. She tells her that you want to take care of everyone so do it now, Saroj came to me so I have put something in her hair that will make feel ill soon, if you can save her then do it. Kahani ends the call and rushes to Saroj. She starts checking her hair, Saroj asks what are you doing? Kahani says Iravati has put something in your hair that will make you ill. Saroj says enough, I won’t hear anything against Iravati now. She leaves from there. Kahani tells Yug that I was not lying. Iravati comes there and says I was just checking how scared are you of my powers. Yug says I don’t understand? Iravati says just be prepared for my next step.

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Gunjan tells Saroj that Iravati promised that Yug will be mine in 10 days, I just hope that is true. Saroj says you will stay in this house, if he doesn’t come to you then he will have to leave this house. You won’t cry over him, I might not get my son for you but I will give all the wealth to you. Ronak hides and hears that. Saroj tells Gunjan that I will love you as my daughter, Iravati has sent will file to the lawyer. Ronak hears that and says Gunjan will get all the wealth? What will I get? I can’t survive this, Yug is not worried about anything but his love, I have to do something to save this wealth.

Yug brings some bank papers to Kahani and asks her to keep them safe. She asks what is this? Yug says I have made you a nominee of my bank account in case something happens to me. Kahani says nothing will happen to you. Yug says I know you will protect me with your bravery but in case if something happens then you will need money. Kahani gets emotional and says I don’t need these papers, I need you, she tears and throws away the papers and hugs him. Iravati sees them hugging and smirks. She throws a ball on the ground and suddenly Yug pushes Kahani away, he says how dare you to tear the papers? Kahani thinks Iravati must have done something again with him. Kahani says please calm down. Yug tries to attack her but Kahani ties him with a dupatta. He says leave me alone. Kahani says I will leave you alone but look in my eyes, you like my hair open right? She shows her hair to him. Iravati sees it and thinks how did Yug calm down? Kahani tells Yug that you promised to be with me so calm down now as I am opening your ties and you have to braid my hair. Kahani thinks my love has to prove bigger than Iravati’s powers. She opens his ties, Yug is about to attack her but calms down looking at her face. Kahani shows her hair to him and he gets distracted. Rani comes there and tells Iravati that they look nice together, Iravati gets angry and leaves. Yug braids Kahani’s hair and says I can spend my life at this moment. Kahani smiles and hugs him. Yug says when I make your hair, it feels like my life is made. He tries to pull her closer but she has I have work, she leaves from there.

Iravati says I have to do something to change my fate.

Scene 2
Kahani is cooking in the kitchen, Iravati comes there and says you are smiling right now but do you know that if Yug doesn’t go back to Gunjan then all wealth will go to Gunjan. It will show your reality as you won’t stay with Yug once he doesn’t have any wealth. Kahani says thank you for worrying about me, she gives her tea and says Yug is waiting for me, she leaves from there.

Kahani brings tea for Yug who is still sleeping. She asks him to wake up, he says I am sleepy and turns away. Kahani says okay, I thought it will be a good morning, I would kiss you and make you drink tea but you can keep sleeping. Yug wakes up and says do it, Kahani says no you can sleep now. Yug says there is nothing more important now. He pulls her closer and is about to kiss her but Iravati mixes sugar in the tea and says this will be bad for Yug. Yug gets a headache. Kahani tries to massage it.

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