Namak Issk Ka, 16th August 2021, Written Episode Update: Satya is ready to take on Iravati

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Yug is looking around for Kahani. Iravati comes to him and asks what happened? Yug says where were you? Iravati says I was with Amma. Dadi comes there and says she was with me. Yug thinks if Iravati is here then where is Kahani? Satya calls Yug and says Kahani is with me so don’t worry. He ends the call and tells the family to go and rest. They all leave.

Kahani asks Satya how did you find me? Satya says I was talking to Yug on the call when Iravati made him unconscious. I heard her telling Ronak to take Kahani to the hospital. I knew she was up to something so I ran away to the hospital and threatened the doctor. Then I saved you. Kahani says you have saved my life, only a sister can do this for me. Satya says let the reports come first. Kahani says I have found my sister. Satya smiles. Yug comes there and asks what happened? Kahani hugs him and says Ronak-Gunjan wanted to kill me. Yug says someone made me unconscious. Satya says Iravati did it. Kahani says Satya saved me and my baby. Yug tells Satya that you have done a favor on us. Satya says just think what we have to do about Iravati.

Iravati asks Ravi why did you tell Yug I was not in the room? Ravi says because that’s the truth. Iravati says do you remember what I had done with you? Ravi says I know Kahani’s sister is not under your clutches. Iravati says you will see it tomorrow.

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Ronak and Gunjan try to silently come in the house but Iravati stops them. Gunjan stammers and says someone took Kahani away from there. Iravati says that must be Satya. You both are fools. You can’t do anything so I have to something tomorrow.

Yug tells Kahani that we have given many chances to Iravati but it’s enough. I promise on my baby that I will stop her now.

Scene 2
In the morning, Yug and Kahani come back home. All look on. Gunjan is scared. Yug glares at Iravati and says someone kidnapped her yesterday, maybe someone doesn’t want her baby to be born. Rupa says I am sorry, I feel asleep. Kahani says it’s fine, I am not filing a complaint as I don’t want Yug to be insulted. Dadi says you are an impostor, I think you must have kidnapped Kahani too, I will call the police. Rupa says we have to find out who tried to kidnap her last night. Yug asks Iravati if she can help them. I want to end this game now. Dadi says when will we have peace? Iravati thinks Yug still doesn’t know that this girl is Kahani. I will use it. Yug thinks Iravati has to pay price for her crimes now. Kahani thinks I know this is a difficult time for Yug but I will be with him.

Yug says to himself that Iravati kept fooling us, don’t know where my father is. He calls the doctor and asks about the report, he says we will have it soon. Kahani comes there and asks if Satya is ready? Yug says don’t worry, she is very strong, she will manage.

Rupa is in her room. She finds Yug and Kahani’s photo. She says I just want Kahani to come back home. Ronak comes there so she hides the photo. Ronak asks if she knows who kidnapped Satya last night? Don’t be over-smart and tell me. Rupa says I don’t know, are you up to something else? Ronak thinks I hope she doesn’t know that I kidnapped her. Rupa says you did bad with Kahani but if you try to hurt this girl then I won’t spare you. Ronak thinks at least she doesn’t know about kidnapping.

Iravati colors her hands red and says soon it will Kahani’s blood on my hands. Satya video calls Iravati and asks if she is missing her? Iravati says you are hiding from me. Satya says you must be regretting by messing with me, I flew away when I knew you would get me arrested. She shows her the hotel magazine deliberately and Iravati notices the hotel name. Satya says you will never find where I am, she ends the call. Iravati says she is a fool and gave me a hint of where she is staying, I will finish her now. Kahani and Yug hear it.

Yug calls Satya and says the plan is working. Just be careful of Iravati. Satya says you have done a lot for me so let me do this, maybe I am doing all this for my family only. Yug says don’t do anything extra, just do what was planned, don’t get angry and try to take a revenge. Satya says I won’t lose my senses, she ends the call and says I can welcome Bua warmly. The room service brings something for and it’s a gun. Satya says I can’t wait for Iravati Bua now.

Kahani gets a package and tells Rupa that I will eat it later on, I am going to the doctor. Dadi asks Rupa to go with her. Dadi says I am no one to you so why worry? I can’t trust anyone so I will go alone. Rupa is hurt hearing that. Kahani thinks sorry and leaves.

Iravati tells the plan to Gunjan and Ronak. She says if you both do a mistake this time then I will kill you both before Kahani and Satya.

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Yug and Kahani are in the car. Satya video calls them and puts the phone on the table. Satya says I won’t spare Iravati Bua today. Iravati rings her bell. Satya is about to open the door.

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