Namak Issk Ka, 16th June 2021, Written Update: Kahani turn the tables!

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Yug tells Saroj that I don’t have a good fate anymore, I have to live with this pain now. He goes from there. Gunjan looks at him and smiles. She says Yug has made me wait a lot but he is mine now. I won’t let him become of anyone else now. Rupa comes there and says till when you can keep someone’s property? You will have to return him one day. Gunjan says for your kind information, Yug is married to me now, he is mine. We will have kids soon and it will make our relationship stronger. Rupa says if the base of the relationship is weak then you can’t strengthen it. Gunjan says why are you spoiling my happiness? Rupa says if you spoil other’s life then you won’t be happy for long. Gunjan angrily leaves from there. Ronak tells Rupa that if she is done lecturing then let’s go home.

Iravati meets her lawyer and asks what happened? The lawyer says I went to meet Ravi but his words shocked me, he said that he wants to confess his crime, he wants to lose this case and I can’t fight to lose. What should I do? Iravati smirks and asks if he wants breakfast?

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Kahani gets up from her hospital and takes off her bandages. She tells the doctor that I have to go. Her lawyer asks her to rest. Kahani says you have destroyed my life and now you are here? The lawyer says I was making your life easier. Kahani says you kept me engaged with the media and my husband got married to someone else, if I had reached on time then I would have stopped Yug. I have become a criminal in Yug’s eyes because of you, he blames me for breaking this relationship, just leave. The lawyer goes away. Kahani pleads with the doctor to let her go home.

The family comes home. Yug is dejected and looks at all the decorations. Saroj asks Juhi to clean the mandap, he will be in pain by seeing all this. Juhi nods and goes from there.

Yug is sitting with the family and is sad. Gunjan brings food for him but he rejects it. Gunjan says eat something please. Saroj asks Yug to eat it, it’s a ritual. She won’t eat if you don’t. Yug recalls how he used to not eat if Kahani didn’t eat. The flashback shows how Yug told Kahani that he won’t eat if she doesn’t. Kahani said that he would change when he becomes old but Yug told her that we would make her eat even when she is old. The flashback ends. Yug takes the kheer from Gunjan and eats. She says just leave some kheer for me.

Iravati and her lawyer meet Kahani’s lawyer. Kahani’s lawyer says Kahani is miffed with me. Iravati says it’s good for us, she tells her lawyers that you both have to prove that Ravi Kant’s killed Kahani’s mother and sister. Kahani doesn’t know about her sister, when she knows about her then she will get angrier, she will make sure to get Ravi punished which I want. If Ravi gets punished then Yug will be angrier on Kahani, she will stoop low in Yug’s eyes. Yug will see me cry for my husband daily and his hatred for Kahani will keep increasing. Ravi has to live in jail for Yug to keep hating Kahani.

Kahani comes to the police station and tells the inspector to leave Ravi, she wants to take her case back, I have changed my decision. Ravi hears it and says let me pay for my deeds, I will accept any punishment from the court. Kahani asks the inspector to leave him, I am sure. She takes her case back. Ravi comes out of his cell and says why are you doing this Kahani? She says because you have to go home. He says where will you go? Kahani says jail.

Scene 2
Iravati tells the family that we can’t change fate but I bless Gunjan and Yug. I hope all others do it too. Rupa says I can’t take the side of the wrong. Ronak says all family members are right here, who is wrong? This family has become a battleground so end this drama. Saroj says Yug has paid a big price, I just hope Ravi comes back and this family becomes complete. The doorbell rings, Juhi opens the door to see Ravi standing there. All are shocked. Iravati can’t believe it. All rush to him. Yug asks how did he come home? Ravi says Kahani has taken her case back. Iravati recalls her talk with the lawyers that she wants Ravi in jail. Gunjan says it’s good that she got her senses back, it’s the happiest day of my life. Iravati says I will bring aarti, she goes from there. Ravi glares at her.

Iravati calls her lawyer and says you both can’t handle one case? Ravi came back home. The lawyer says Kahani took her case back so we can’t do anything, he ends the call.

Gunjan asks Rup why are you not happy? Rupa says you don’t care about others’ happiness. You all won but Kahani lost everything, you just be happy. Iravati brings aarti but Kahani comes there and says I will do his aarti. All are shocked to see her. Dadi asks Ronak to stop staring at her. Iravati says you lost without even fighting? Your husband left you so why did you come back? Kahani says it’s a jail for me where Ravi and I will spend our punishments. Iravati says you took the case back so go away. Kahani says I just took the case back but the culprit needs to be punished. Iravati says who will punish him? Kahani says to me, what’s the bigger punishment for a father than seeing his daughter in pain and tears every day? He will see me die in this jail daily. He is responsible for killing my love too, she tells Ravi that you kept running away from me for life but we will live together now and you will see me die slowly every day. You will see your one daughter having a married life but your other daughter getting more destroyed. This punishment will never end for you. Yug asks Kahani why are you here? You will only find pain in this house, what happiness will you get out of this? Kahani says this is my love’s death bed so there is nothing to be happy about. She does Ravi’s aarti with tears in her eyes. All look on. Kahani tells Ravi that when you lose love, you either break down completely or you become so strong that no one can break you. The tears in this house will never end, my court punishes you to burn in this pain for life. Ronak whispers to Dadi that everyone is here for drama.

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Dadi tells Yug that what had to happen has happened so now just start a new life with Gunjan. She brings Yug and Gunjan to their room. She sees their room decorated and asks who did it? Saroj calls Rupa and asks if she decorated it? She says no. Iravati says I was busy too. Gunjan says then who decorated the room? Kahani comes there and says I did. She tells Yug that I have used roses which are your favorites, I have taken out thorns too. Now flowers are for you and thorns for me. Dadi says you didn’t do anything great. Gunjan glares at her and says I don’t like these old-fashioned flowers, can you put some aroma candles? You don’t mind it right? Kahani smiles and says sure, I can do that also. Dadi asks Yug and Gunjan to go to their room. Yug looks at Kahani and goes with Gunjan to their room. Rupa thinks everyone is making a drama out of Kahani and Yug’s relationship, I will end this drama.


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