Namak Issk Ka, 18th August 2021, Written Episode Update: Satya is alive and with Kahani

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Yug asks the inspector to arrest her while making everyone think she is Satya. She must have killed my Kahani. Iravati says I always doubted this impostor, you should have listened to me Yug, if you had then Kahani would be alive. Rupa says as if you wouldn’t have cursed her, you people always had a problem with her, you people never treated her as a daughter in law of this house, she was just a dancer for you all. She tells Iravati that you lost as you said you would bring her back in 24 hours. Dadi says we are all sad so don’t be angry. Rupa says you are all doing a drama of being sad, Kahani is free from hatred of this house. She tells the inspector that they have killed Kahani’s happiness, her dreams and her soul. This family killed her hopes. She pleads that she wants to see Kahani for the last time. Iravati says but arrest her first. Kahani says they have no proof of me killing her. I didn’t go to Kahani. She asks the inspector to look at the hotel footage and if you find me there then arrest me. Yug asks the inspector if he can look at his Kahani one last time? He says we have to do an investigation first, we will go and get the footage, he leaves. Yug says no one will follow me. He drags Kahani from there.

Yug brings Kahani to his room. They hug each other tightly. Ronak and Gunjan stand outside their room. Yug acts like throwing things around in the room and ties Kahani to the chair. Kahani fakes her screams. Yug whispers to her that he is going to meet Satya. The flashback shows how Yug had given a fake gun to the waiter, Satya told him that she would act nicely, I would act like I got shot. Yug says all will be my actors and they would act like you died, the police would be my actors also. He promises to protect his mother.

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Ravi comes to Rupa and cries. He says I couldn’t save my daughter. Rupa cries and says I want to meet Kahani one last time, try to find out where she is. We couldn’t protect her. Ravi says I will try to find her.

Iravati calls her man and says I want the hotel footage before the police but he says the staff already took it to give it to the police. Iravati gets the car number of the inspector from the man.

Ravi calls someone who tells him that Kahani’s dead body in a hospital morgue. Let’s go there.

The inspector calls Yug and says Iravati will try to temper with the footage. Ravi and Rupa are going to look for Kahani’s body. Yug thinks who should I stop?

Ronak and Iravati stop a hotel staff member in a car. Ronak takes the CCTV footage from him. They see Yug driving there and hide. Yug drives away.

Ravi and Rupa come to the morgue. They find Satya’s body there. Ravi thinks it’s Kahani and says it’s all my mistake. I shouldn’t have fallen for a dancer. Rupa says what? Ravi says Iravati was a dancer, she lured me and took away my wife and my daughter. He kept them kidnapped for years. I was silent for years but Kahani was never scared, this is the punishment. Rupa is shocked to hear all that. Rupa hugs Kahani and they both leave. Satya gets up. Yug is hiding there also. Satya says don’t become a father like him. Yug says you never had father’s love but I never even had my father.

Iravati tells Saroj that I will put Satya behind bars. Ravi and Rupa come back.

Iravati calls her man and asks him to temper Kahani’s face in the CCTV footage in my place. Ravi comes to her and says what do you want? Money? Property? I want my second daughter, Kahani is dead but just give me my other daughter and I will give you everything. Iravati says okay, I will make you meet your second daughter today.

Yug and Saroj come to Kahani’s room. Saroj says we won’t forgive you for killing Kahani. You still have time to tell the truth so we can stop all this madness, she leaves. Yug closes the door and brings Satya in the room from the window. Kahani hugs Satya and asks if she is fine? She nods. Yug says Iravati will lose to us now.

The man gives the tempered footage to Iravati in a USB. Satya comes to her and says how could you kill that girl? Please don’t frame me, I am pregnant, I can’t go to the jail. She holds her hand and silently changes the USB. Satya acts like pleading to her as Kahani. Iravati says your game will be finished soon, she leaves. Satya smirks looking at the USB she got. Yug hides and keeps an eye on Satya.

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