Namak Issk Ka, 18th June 2021, Written Update: Kahani sleeps with Yug

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Yug comes to his room and sees Kahani lying on the floor. He rushes to her and asks her to wake up. He sees her unconscious and picks her. Yug lies Kahani on the bed. He sees blood on her hand and asks if she is fine? He says I am sorry Kahani, I have given you a lot of pain. Kahani says a lot.. Yug asks if she is fine? Kahani caresses him and says you are really here? You know I imagined our consummation night like this only but you became of someone else and my dreams broke. Kahani tries to get up. Yug says you are not going anymore. Kahani says I never wanted to go but you threw me out of your life. Kahani is dizzy. Yug asks if she ate something? Kahani says I don’t know.. how could you do this with me? You thought I would bring media and insult your family? You really think I could stoop that low? You should have asked your heart. Yug says I will ask you now.. how did this happen? Kahani says bad luck, it’s always on my side. I didn’t have parents because of this bad luck, when you held my hand I thought this bad luck would leave me but I was wrong. I have to go now. She starts leaving but can’t walk. Yug pulls her closer and asks her to be careful. Kahani says what if your wife Gunjan sees you? She won’t like you being with a dancer, she shouts a lot and I don’t want that. What will people say? What about your family’s respect? I have to go. Rupa locks Kahani and Yug in the room. She says the family needs to understand that Kahani’s place is with you, they can do anything but I will take Kahani and Yug’s side. She goes from there. Kahani tries to leave the room but it’s locked. Yug tries but it’s locked. Kahani says I have to go from here, I don’t want to be with you. Yug pulls her closer and says you started hating me this much? Kahani says I don’t hate you, your family hates me, if they see me here then they will taunt me so much. They will call me cheap and whatnot. I am tired of hearing all that. She tries to leave but faints. Yug puts Kahani on the bed and says she has a high fever. I should call Rupa. He calls her. Iravati sees someone calling Rupa and asks who is calling you? She says no one. Rupa goes away and takes the call. Yug says I need your help. Rupa says I don’t need any loan, she ends the call. Yug says what’s wrong with her? Iravati asks who was calling you? Rupa says someone from the bank. Iravati says they were calling this late? Rupa says yes they call anytime they want. Iravati says fine, just go and sleep. Rupa goes from there. Iravati has doubts.

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Ronak comes to his room and hides the money that Iravati gave him for a lawyer. Rupa comes there and thinks I hope nobody disturbs Kahani and Yug tonight.

Yug sees Kahani in fever and says she needs a doctor, I will break the door. Kahani wakes up and says I need you, don’t leave me, please. She hugs him and says I want to stay here. Sajanwa plays. Yug caresses her face and kisses her forehead. Kahani hugs him tightly and smiles. They both look at each other lovingly and come closer…

Scene 2
In the morning, Juhi comes to the other room and sees Gunjan sleeping there. She wakes her up and says what are you doing here? Who is in Yug’s room? Gunjan says how did I come here? Juhi calls Iravati and Saroj.

Rupa comes to Yug’s room. She wakes Kahani up and asks her to not make any noise. Kahani is stunned to see Yug sleeping beside her. Rupa silently asks her to come with her. Kahani goes from there with her.

Saroj and Iravati come to Gunjan and ask why were you sleeping here? Gunjan says I don’t remember anything. I just remember Kahani throwing milk at my clothes then Rupa brought me here to clean my clothes.. after that I don’t remember anything. Iravati says do you know what Saroj and I have done to bring Yug and you closer. You wanted Yug to marry you but when it came to you, you came here and slept? Yug is your husband but he doesn’t love you. Saroj says don’t say that, I know Yug, he will never leave her. Iravati says he has left his love so he can leave my Gunjan too. Gunjan says he told me that he doesn’t have feelings for me, he needs time and nothing more than friendship can happen between us. Iravati is angry hearing that.

Yug wakes up and looks around but Kahani is gone. He recalls last night and smiles. Yug says I did very wrong with Kahani by marrying Gunjan. I can’t live with this mistake or without my Kahani. Saroj comes there and says not Kahani but Gunjan.

Rupa tells Kahani that Iravati and Saroj had spiked Yug’s milk. Kahani says but the room’s lock.. Rupa says I locked that door. Kahani says Gunjan should be in the room with him. Rupa says he is yours from the heart. Kahani says but he married Gunjan, it’s her right to be with her husband. Rupa says only you have the right to be with Yug, it was snatched away from you. Kahani says nobody snatched it from me, Yug married her with sanity. Rupa says you don’t know what happened with Yug, this family played a game with you both. I can’t see you or Gunjan be like this.

Saroj glares at Yug and says you should be calling out to your wife and not some other woman. Gunjan is your wife now, you chose her so give her the right she deserves. Yug says that’s the problem, I can’t give rights to Gunjan as my wife or love that she deserves. That will be unfair to her. Saroj says you will be unfair with her like your father was with me. Your father left me for a dancer and you are doing the same thing. Yug says I am not like my father. Saroj says but I can only see him in you. Can I ask why Gunjan was not in your room yesterday night? You couldn’t share the room with her on the first night? You slept alone? Yug thinks Maa doesn’t know that Kahani was with me last night. Saroj says every mother wants her son to be like his father but I have tried my whole life for you to be different than him, please don’t fail me now. I don’t want you to destroy a girl’s life, don’t destroy Gunjan’s life. I have lived with his punishment as a wife but don’t give me this punishment as a mother. Yug hugs her and says don’t say all that.

Rupa tells everything to Kahani. Kahani says they all played this game with me? Rupa says yes, they all provoked you against each other that’s why I locked you both in a room so you both could talk. Kahani says why didn’t you tell me this before? Rupa says it’s very difficult to fight my own family. I took some time in speaking up but you both got separated before I could do anything. If I had stayed silent now then things would have gone more wrong. Kahani says that press conference was their plan too? Rupa says maybe. She says seeing cruelty happening and being silent made me a bigger criminal but not anymore. I will help you get Yug back. Kahani cries and says thank you for doing all this for me. Rupa says you don’t take me as my sister that’s why you didn’t fight me with the right to be with you. You are thanking me because I am not your real sister. Kahani says it’s not like that didi.. Rupa cries and hugs her.

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