Namak Issk Ka, 1st July 2021, Written Episode Update: Bisham tells Kahani some heavy secrets

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Kahani is working in the kitchen. Rupa comes there and says give me some work otherwise my loneliness will make me go crazy. Saroj comes there and says I am really sorry Rupa, my son went to jail for some time and I went crazy but you lost your baby forever so I am really sorry. She hugs her and tells Kahani that I am with you now against injustice. I will go to the lawyer with you now. Kahani says okay but doesn’t tell her the address. Iravati hides and thinks I will find out where Bisham is.

Kahani thinks why Iravati is silent and Saroj is taking my side? She asks God to take her side and give her a hint to choose the right path. Kahani starts leaving her room but finds Bisham’s photo on the floor. She recalls how it got stuck to her phone and says it was in Ravi’s room? How does he know Bisham? Yug comes there and asks Kahani to go with him.

In the lounge, Rupa is thanking Saroj and Iravati. Kahani thinks how did their attitude change in a day? Yug tells Iravati to come with them to the lawyer. Kahani screams and says my foot has a sprain. Yug says you can rest, we all can go and meet the lawyer. Iravati thinks it’s good, I can do what I want peacefully now. Yug, Saroj and Iravati go to meet the lawyer. Kahani looks on.

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Ravi is in his room and says how can I find Kahani’s mom? Kahani comes there and shows him Bisham’s photo. She asks if he knows her? Ravi looks away and says you ask too many questions. Kahani says it means you know him? When did you meet him? Answer me. Just help me. Ravi thinks my answer can hurt her mother and sister. Kahani says you have a lot of things in life but you don’t have bravery.

Yug brings Saroj and Iravati to the lawyer. Iravati asks them to go inside, she has a call to attend.

Kahani asks Ravi how does he know Bisham? He had an accident years ago like you, were you his client? Ravi says I can’t tell you anything, I am helpless. Kahani says you are always helpless but never a good father, she cries and goes from there.

Yug rings Bisham’s doorbell but he doesn’t open.

Kahani thinks how can I reach the truth? Nobody is guiding me. I have to find the truth. She turns to see Bisham there. The flashback shows how Kahani had called him and asked if he knows her family? She asked if he knew Iravati and Ravikant? Bisham was stunned and asked who are you? Kahani asked him to come home and meet her. The flashback ends.

Scene 2
Iravati goes to the backside of Bisham’s house and says when he met me the first time, I was a dancer and had big dreams. I am not a dancer anymore but I have bigger dreams. I won’t come in front of him but I will keep an eye on him. Yug and Saroj go to Bisham’s office but he is not there. Saroj says he is not here.

Bisham asks Kahani how do you know Ravikant and Iravati? It’s very important for me to know that. Kahani asks if he is working for Iravati? Bisham says you think I will work for the woman who destroyed my life? Kahani says what? Bisham says she was behind my accident. Kahani says what? I don’t trust you. Bisham says till you don’t tell me who you are and how you are related to them, I won’t take your case. He starts going away but Kahani says I am Ravikant’s daughter and Nishikant’s daughter-in-law. Now you tell me your truth. Bisham says you are really Ravi’s daughter? Did you find me because Iravati asked you to? Kahani says no, I am Ravi’s that daughter who he left in my childhood. I didn’t even know Ravi was my father some days ago. Bisham says I don’t trust you, how would you find me? Kahani says God wanted us to meet. There are a lot of secrets, you have to tell me about your accident and what secrets you are keeping? Bisham says I am sorry but I can just tell you that Iravati is guarding all paths you are trying to cross. Kahani says I am walking the path of truth. Please help me. Iravati knows about you so I need to know the truth to handle her. I have sent Iravati to your house so I could meet you here. My husband is there so she won’t be able to do anything. Bisham says I used to walk on the right path like you. I used to think that Ravi’s accident was a coincidence but then you met me and told me that nothing is a coincidence in life. After that, I looked Ravi’s case files and got to know Ravi’s accident was because of Iravati. Kahani is shocked and says it means Iravati was behind his accident? Why would she do it? Bisham says you don’t remember anything but before that accident, Ravi was in the car with your mother and your sister. Kahani is stunned and says I have a sister? Bisham says yes, your family was perfect but then a dancer came into Ravi’s life, her name was Iravati. Iravati trapped him, I tried to put sense him Ravi. I told him to go back to his family so Ravi understood and chose his family. Kahani says Iravati a dancer? I and my mother was Ravi’s first family? Bisham says yes, I tried to stop Iravati but she took everything away from me, she took my career away, my clients and my life. Then she got Ravi into an accident. Kahani says I can’t believe she has destroyed so many lives. Who else was in the car? Bisham says Nishikant. Kahani is shocked.

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