Namak Issk Ka, 21st May 2021, Written Update: Kahani and Yug fight because of Saroj

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Kahani tells Yug that Iravati threatened me.. Iravati comes there and says what? I was bad but now you are taking advantage? I was just worried about my daughter, I don’t have time to think about your siblings. She asks Yug to make her understand, she leaves. Kahani tells Yug that she did threaten me. Yug says it doesn’t matter, I am with you and Maa is with you. Kahani says no, I can’t take a chance with Rani and Lucky. Yug says but trusts me and Maa, give us a chance. Kahani says you won’t understand. Yug says please let them go to the boarding school, trust me I won’t let anything happen to them. Kahani says no, they will stay with me and that’s final. Yug says you can’t compromise their studies, if you were educated then you would know. Kahani says I just want my siblings to stay with me. Yug says they are something to me as well, so I have to right to decide for them, they will go to the boarding school and that’s final, he leaves from there. Iravati tells Saroj that we have to keep waging this gap from now on. Saroj says we will separate them in a way that Kahani will never get him. He fought with his wife for the first time so let me be a good mother, she leaves.

Kahani says I am not worried about their suggestion but something else. Iravati comes there and says nobody can protect them in the village or anywhere. Anything wrong can happen with them.

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Yug is sadly sitting. Saroj comes there and says what Iravati did with Kahani has made her doubt everything. Kahani is smart, she knows what’s good for her siblings, give her time so she will understand that our decision is not wrong. Yug nods. Saroj says be patient till then.

Iravati tells Kahani that power can take you anywhere, be it a boarding school or a village. You should listen to Saroj and send them where she is asking you to. She leaves from there. Kahani gets worried and looks for Yug’s purse.

Kahani sees Yug sitting outside the house. She comes to him and says let’s go. He says where? Kahani says let’s bring the kids back from the village. Yug says I am not going anywhere, go inside. Kahani says please understand. Yug says just go inside. Kahani says what’s the way of solving this problem? I can’t leave them in the village, come with me. Yug says you are thinking that I will send them to the boarding school from there? Kahani says anything can happen. Yug says I will talk to you later on. Saroj and Iravati come there. Saroj asks Kahani to listen to her husband. Kahani says he is not listening to me, I don’t want Rani and Lucky to go to the boarding school but you are being stubborn. Iravati says he is not a kidnapper to send them to a boarding school. Saroj says it’s fine, if Kahani doesn’t want them to go to the boarding school then they won’t go. She tells Yug to drop it. Kahani glares at Yug and leaves from there. Iravati goes from there. Saroj tells Yug that I want everything to be fine, I want Kahani’s siblings to have a good future but I want you to have a good future with your wife too. You both have to follow the same path, Kahani loves a lot but whatever happened in the last few days has made her lose trust in us, give her time and don’t fight with her. Yug nods.

Scene 2
Kahani says how to tell Yug that I doubt Iravati and her actions. He doesn’t listen to me, how to tell him that Iravati has been threatening me alone. He just gets angry at me in front of everyone. He is so stubborn and bitter man. I got angry with him too.. what should I do? Should I call him? No, he was shouting so he should call me.

Ronak sits with Ravi and says I talk to you because you listen to me in this house. I know you are helpless but I have a headache seeing Saroj these days. How has she started liking Kahani after hating her so much? What is going on? Then my brother is in a different zone, I know he is young, I am young too, I know he wants to enjoy life. If you had a chance then you must have enjoyed it too? But he has married his enjoyment, he has gone mad. Ravi gets angry and slaps him hard. Ronak is shocked and says I am ready to get beaten, I like that you are getting active. I will come tomorrow, he leaves from there. Ravi thinks am I getting fine? He looks at his moving hands and smiles.

Yug comes into the house and sees Kahani. Kahani brings the clothes to the washroom and starts washing them. Yug comes there and thinks I shouldn’t have fought with her, I should say sorry to her. Kahani turns but Yug hides. Kahani smirks and ignores him. Yug says she was fighting too so why should I apologize? Kahani says come inside. Yug comes to her. Kahani asks what? Yug says why should I say sorry? You do it first. Kahani says you want to get angry again? Yug says I just want you to trust me and Maa. Kahani says we are husband and wife, we are not wild cats. Yug says there is only one wild cat here. Kahani says what? Yug holds her hand and says I don’t know how to apologize to a wife, it’s my first marriage. Kahani says like I have been married 4-5 times. Yug says forgive me Kahani. Kahani says me too. You have to repent for your mistake, you have to help me in washing the clothes. Yug says I am not going to do it. Kahani says you have to. She gives him the clothes. Yug says you have made me a laundry man. Kahani puts wet clothes on his shoulder and laughs. Saroj and Iravati see them together laughing and enjoying.

Saroj tells Iravati that this girl has trapped my son. Iravati says they patch up fast, we have to be fast. Saroj says Yug’s weakness is this family so this family will break and Kahani will be responsible for it. Then their relationship won’t survive. Iravati says great idea. Saroj says I will talk about division today only.

Saroj brings food to Kahani. Kahani says we were coming downstairs. Saroj says I don’t like when the family talks bad about you. Kahani says they will accept me soon. Saroj says I accept you as my daughter in law but I don’t like when people talk bad about you. I have to talk about something. Kahani says sure, Saroj says this family dreamed of getting Yug married to Gunjan, fate had a different route which I have accepted. Iravati is not able to accept it, Gunjan keeps threatening to give up her life, Rupa gets sad for her sister, I can bring Rupa on my side but I don’t know about Iravati and Gunjan. I am scared for you and Yug, I see the only one solution and that is the division of this house. Kahani is stunned.

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