Namak Issk Ka, 23rd July 2021, Written Episode Update

MUMBAI: Scene 1
The inspector arrests Saroj. Saroj sadly looks at Yug and starts leaving the house. Satya is sad seeing Yug hurt. All family members go behind Saroj. Iravati says poor Saroj. She tells Satya that you gave an award-winning performance. Outside the house, the media arrives and starts questioning Saroj. Some women from civil society put black ink on Saroj’s face. She is stunned and humiliated. Yug rushes to her and wipes her face. He cries and hugs her. Saroj weeps saying that she didn’t do anything. The inspector takes her away. Rupa and Dadi cry. Satya sees all that and goes from there.

Satya looks in the mirror and cries. She says I thought I am doing all this for my mother but I don’t know what I am doing anymore. What I did today.. I have become poor after today, I have lost all my honor, I am the cheapest woman.

Kahani is in the basement and worried about Yug. Iravati comes there and says you tried messaging Yug but you know my nature. Don’t worry, you can use my phone but let me show you a video. She shows her the video of Saroj getting black-faced by the media. Iravati says I made Satya blame her and she got arrested. I have never seen Yug angrier than today.

Yug comes to Satya and offers her water. She cries and takes it. Yug looks at her wound and starts cleaning it. Satya cleans it herself and cries. Yug says my mother had to bear a lot of pain but she took care of us like a mother and a father. I am not emotionally blackmailing you, what Maa did was wrong but she is my mother. I don’t know what to do anymore. My mother and my wife live in my heart. You both are moving away from each other and it’s paining my heart. I have fought for you always but I will need strength to fight this battle, I will have to fight like a son and as a husband. I can’t let my mother spend the night in jail. I will bring her back and I hope that you come there to bring her back. Yug hugs her and she cries. Gunjan sees them and thinks if Satya has fallen in love with Yug? She will cheat us.

Iravati talks to herself and says my game is working out as I wanted. Gunjan comes there and says there is bad news, I think Satya will take back her complaint. Iravati says then I will kill her.

In the police station, Ronak and Yug come there. The inspector asks Saroj about her husband? She says he is not in her contact. Yug says I know you are miffed with me. Saroj looks away. They take off her bangles and jewelry. She cries and takes off her mangalsutra. She thinks this mangalsutra was always with me but I am totally alone now. Ravi brings Bisham there and says we are all here with you. Bisham says we will get bail tomorrow. Yug says Kahani will come and take back her complaint today only. Ronak says you keep dreaming. They are about to put Saroj in jail but Iravati comes there and says Saroj is innocent, I have proof. She shows the video of Satya breaking the bottle on her head while Saroj tried to stop her. Iravati says I mistakenly left my phone in Saroj’s room and it recorded everything. Yug is stunned. Iravati says now Kahani should be in jail. The inspector asks Saroj if she wants to file a complaint against Kahani? Saroj says no, I want my son to take a decision now, he went against his mother for his wife so now he will have to decide to choose between truth and his wife. Iravati thinks how Yug will throw Kahani out of the house. Saroj thanks Iravati and hugs her. Iravati says you are like my sister. She says Kahani has crossed all limits today. You have to do something Yug. Ronak asks him to stop this love drama and handle his wife. Yug angrily leaves.

Rupa comes to Kahani and says you really want Saroj to get punished? Satya says you saw my condition. Rupa shows her the video and says Iravati’s phone recorded it. Satya thinks I know what she did. She fooled me also. Rupa says why did you lie Kahani? Yug is angry. Satya says will they send me to jail? Rupa says you always took my side so I am on your side. You can apologize to everyone. Satya says nothing can happen now. Rupa says just apologize with good intentions. Satya thinks she is right.

Precap: Yug says that he made a mistake. Now he will only rectify it. When he’s getting destroyed already, he will get destroyed fully. He will hate Kahani more than he used to love her. He promises Saroj until he doesn’t bring Kahani in her feet and make her apologize, he won’t relax. Iravati smirks.

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