Namak Issk Ka, 25th May 2021, Written Update: Yug goes against Kahani

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Saroj comes to Kahani and says don’t cry please. I came here to thank you. If Yug talks to you then tell him that I asked you to say all this, I didn’t like the way he talked to you. Kahani says don’t worry, I will handle him. Yug comes there and says I want to talk to Kahani alone. Saroj asks him to be calm and leaves. Yug asks Kahani why she is provoking Saroj? Kahani says I am not, I know the family should stay together but if they start doubting each other then it’s useless, Iravati has done so much with us, Saroj is scared of her, you got angry at her and tried to throw her out of the house. Yug says but that doesn’t mean we should divide the house. Kahani says this is not a family, they are all scared of each other. Yug says this house is for everyone. Kahani says I am your wife but no one respects me here. Yug holds her hand and says Maa accepted you so give time to others. Iravati’s daughter is in pain so it must be difficult for them to see us together. Kahani says Gunjan sees me daily living her dream which pains her, she won’t move on in her life like this. If Gunjan doesn’t move on then Iravati will never forgive us, maybe it’s better that we divide the house. Yug says division just brings pain and I can’t let that happen to my family. Kahani says families don’t live like this. Yug says Iravati is part of the family. Kahani says don’t you remember what she has done and she slapped your mother today. Yug says because Maa was wrong and she said sorry. Kahani says Maa has said clearly that she wants division. Yug says it will never happen. Kahani says fine, nobody respects me in this house, if you care about your family then I care about my respect. Yug says Iravati’s has broken my trust but you are asking me to divide this house which I can’t let happen. Kahani says fine, I am with Maa and if she wants division then I will stand with her. Yug says division will never happen and I will make it clear to Maa also. Saroj hears all that and smirks.

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Yug comes to Saroj and says I want to talk to you. Saroj says if you can’t be with me then don’t talk, it’s good that my daughter in law is with me.

Iravati is in her room. Saroj comes there and says Yug is sure now that Kahani provoked me for this division. Iravati says we have to break the trust between them. Saroj says we have to bring doubt between their relationship. Iravati says it’s easy to make Yug doubt Kahani, we are near our destination.

Kahani comes to Ravi and asks if he thinks she is wrong too? You know Maa knows Iravati and if she thinks that division is ideal then maybe she is right, she has asked me for something for the first time so I can’t say no to her. She wants this division that’s why I am taking her side. It’s good for Gunjan and she will be able to move on in her life. I will come to meet you wherever you are as I have to know about my parents too. Ravi looks on.

Kahani comes to the dining table and sits beside Yug. Iravati asks where is Saroj? Juhi says she said she won’t eat. Ronak says then how will she take medicines? Juhi says someone is provoking her. Iravati asks Yug to call the lawyer, we will do the division if she wants. Yug says first she has to eat, he makes a plate and asks Kahani to give it to her, she is listening to you only these days. Kahani takes the food and leaves. Iravati thinks the pawn is reaching to her.

Kahani brings food for Saroj. She says I won’t eat, this is the way to make them listen to me. Kahani says Yug won’t like it. Saroj says my son doesn’t listen to me, I won’t die without eating one day. Kahani says don’t say all that. Saroj says I am not liking that you both are fighting because of me but I am doing all this for you both. Kahani says I still feel that you should eat something. Saroj says you have been with me so just be there for some more time.

Kahani brings the food to the table. Yug says she didn’t eat? Kahani says no and I won’t eat also, I am not hungry anymore after seeing your attitude. She starts leaving but Yug holds her arm and says why are you doing all this? Kahani says because I feel this is right like you are doing what you think is right. Yug raises his hand but stops. Kahani says why did you stop? You are stubborn and you have crossed many limits before in your hatred so now cross the limits for your love. Your mother and wife are saying the same so listen to them. Yug says it’s useless to talk to you, he leaves from there. Ronak says let’s go and meet Maa. Iravati says I am hungry. Gunjan smirks and says me too.

Dadi comes to Kahani and says you are the biggest mistake of my son’s life but you are playing a good game. I don’t like Iravati so keep forcing Yug for the division. Kahani says if I do this work then what will you give me? Dadi says now you are talking truth, I will give enough for your life. Kahani says I just need your blessing, just accept me as your daughter-in-law, please let me serve you. Just think about it. She leaves from there. Dadi is confused and says she is smarter than Iravati. She is playing so many people.

All family members are in Saroj’s room. Yug asks her to eat something. Saroj says I won’t eat anything and Kahani too. Rupa says not even for me? Ronak tells Saroj that if you want division then I will make it happen. Yug asks him to leave. Ronak says why? I am her son, I am with her. Yug says fine. Kahani asks what he will do? Yug says what I think is right. He leaves from there.

All family members are in the lounge. Yug brings ice cream and starts eating it. Kahani tells Saroj that he will get ill. She rushes to Yug and says you are blackmailing Maa instead of listening to her? Rupa tells Kahani that you have provoked Maa for all this. Yug asks Kahani why she is doing all this? He keeps eating ice cream but Kahani tries to stop him and says you will get ill. Saroj sees all this and calls Iravati. She says it’s time to play our next trick. I will start the drama of my high BP and then you talk about division. I have thrown Kahani down in Yug’s eyes so this will be the last step. Iravati says let’s start then.

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