Namak Issk Ka 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kahani free Yug from Iravati’s clutches

MUMBAI: Namak Issk Ka 29th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Iravati is beating Kahani with a stick. Yug is screaming for Kahani from the bottle. Kahani’s head starts bleeding and she gets dizzy. Iravati tells Kahani that you will be finished today. She keeps hitting her, Kahani falls down and is losing strength.

The priest comes to the place and digs it to find ashes there.

Kahani faints in front of Iravati. She smirks.

All family members are waiting for Iravati. Gunjan says maybe she found where Yug is. Dadi says she never tells anyone where she is going. Ronak comes there and says all have time to fine Iravati but some women have no time to look for their husbands. Saroj says don’t taunt Rupa, you can take care of yourself. Ronak says I was not at home so I know you all want to taunt me, you all must have a quota for me. I didn’t go to roam around, I had Iravati’s work but I got Juhi’s call that Yug is missing so I came back home. They all hear a noise and go to check it.

The family comes to Ravi’s room to find him lying on the floor and jittery. They all rush to him and put him on the bed. Saroj asks Rupa to call the doctor, how did he fall down? Rupa calls the doctor and asks him to come. Saroj says it’s good that he is awake.

The priest and Kaki come to the mandir to save Kahani. They see her fainted. Iravati glares at them and says I will send you both with her. She is about to attack them but the priest rushes to Kahani while Kaki tries to stop Iravati. Iravati fights with her. The priest comes to Kahani and asks her to wake up, I have brought your wedding’s ashes to bless you. He asks her to wake up and throw the ashes on Iravati, he prays to Mata rani. Iravati pushes Kaki away, Kaki hits her head and faints. Iravati starts approaching the priest and says there will be no miracle today, my decision is that you have to leave this world too, I will end you too, She attacks the priest and pushes him on the flood, he faints. Iravati glares at unconscious Kahani. Yug is pleading for Kahani. Iravati says I will use these ashes to please my evil gods, everyone will know today that nobody can make me lose, my evil powers are stronger than the good powers. Yug prays to Kali Maa. Iravati is about to take ashes pot but Kahani wakes up as Kali’s sindoor falls on her hand. Iravati is stunned to see her awake. Kahani takes the ashes and throws them on Iravati. She screams and gets dizzy. Kahani keeps throwing ashes on her, Iravati says you think you can make me lose? She tries to attack her but Kahani throws more ashes on her. Kahani comes to Kaali Mata and takes her blessings. She takes the Trishul and says you tried to take my life many times but my Mata saved me every time, I told you that this mandir is my home so Maa protected me. Kahani starts beating her with the Trishul. Iravati asks her to keep beating her, kill me otherwise I won’t spare you. Kahani says I thought you just hated me but today I got to know that you won’t let me live, you have tried to kill me many times but I was patient, you have finished my patience today. Kaki and the priest wake up. Iravati tells Kahani that you have to chance to kill me today, if you leave me today then you will regret it, I will never change my ways. Kahani says I have no hopes from you. Iravati says then don’t wait, just use this Trishul. Kahani says you have no right to live. Kahani pushes her on the floor and is about to stab her with the Trishul. Yug’s bottle gets broken too.

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Ravi wakes up and looks at his family. Rupa asks the doctor to check him. The doctor welcomes him and leaves from there.

Kahani has Trishul pointed towards Iravati but she doesn’t stab her. Iravati looks on. Kahani sees Yug’s bottle broken. The priest says Yug got free and he went back to the place he was kidnapped from.

Scene 2
Yug wakes up in his house and says what am I doing here? I was leaving the house with Kahani. Yug looks around for Kahani. He comes to her room and doesn’t find her.

Kahani tells Iravati that I am not like you that’s why I have spared you. Kahani goes to Kaali Mata and puts the Trishul back. Iravati gets up and says you will pay for sparing my life. Kahani says my missing was to free Yug, how can I kill my inlaw? I am a dancer but I am a good daughter-in-law. I will serve you but if you try to hurt Yug or my family again then I will end you. I will protect my family at any cost. Kahani leaves from there.

Yug says I was leaving the house with Rani and Kahani. Where did they go? Yug sees a family in Ravi’s room and goes there. He asks what happened to him? Rupa says he has woken up. Gunjan asks where did he go? Ronak says the missing person is back. Yug says what happened? Saroj says Kahani kidnapped you, we even reported to the police. Yug asks where is Kahani? Dadi says we locked her in a room but she ran away with Rani. Gunjan says how did you run away from Kahani’s clutches? Did Iravati bring you back? Yug says I don’t understand anything, why would Kahani kidnap me? Where is Kahani? I will go and look for her. Ronak says all were worried for him but he is just worried for Kahani. Dadi says I am tired of teaching him a lesson. Gunjan asks Yug to forget her, she tried to kidnap you and she will never come back. Kahani comes there and says how can it happen? Where Yug is, I will be there. Yug rushes to her and says where were you? He looks at her wounds and asks how did she get hurt? All look on. Kahani hugs him tightly. Iravati comes there and is angry looking at them. Saroj says they are so shameless, stop this drama. Ronak asks them to separate from each other. Kahani asks Yug if he is fine? Yug says I have seen you so I am totally fine. Kahani caresses his face lovingly. Ronak says they have no shame in front of the elders. Gunjan pushes Kahani away from Yug and says you kidnapped him and now doing this drama? Don’t ever come close to my Yug again. Yug says enough, why you all keep saying that Kahani kidnapped me? Juhi says we have been looking for you since yesterday. Dadi asks Kahani to tell him the truth. Ronak thinks what’s the matter? Saroj asks Yug if Kahani didn’t kidnap you then where were you? Yug says I don’t remember anything. Ronak says what happened, can somebody tell us? Saroj asks where were you both? Kahani asks them to stop for a minute. Iravati looks on.

The episode ends.

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