Namak Issk Ka, 29th June 2021, Written Update: Kahani gets Ronak arrested

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Kahani gets Bisham’s message who asks her to file a complaint. She thinks I will tell Yug everything first. Rupa comes there, Kahani asks where is Yug? Rupa says his shooting got stopped because of money, he was worried when he left the house. Kahani messages Yug that she has something important to tell. Yug says it will 2-3 hours for him to return. Kahani says that’s a lot of time. She calls him but it’s not reachable.

Ronak comes to Rupa and shouts if there is anyone who will bring breakfast for me? Saroj comes there and says you are free so you can take it yourself. Ronak says I am busy too. Saroj ignores him and asks Rupa about her health. Kahani thinks he might have a doubt about me, I shouldn’t wait in filing an FIR. She calls her lawyer and asks him to file the report. Ronak looks at her and thinks who is she talking to?

Ronak comes out of the house and says Iravati didn’t even look at Kahani’s photo with this lawyer. The police come there and start arresting him. Ronak shouts what is all this? I am Ronak Rajput. The inspector says an FIR was filed against you for domestic violence. Ronak says I respect my wife a lot, you can ask her. I pray to my wife. He shouts for Rupa to come out. She comes there and asks what’s going on? Saroj and Kahani come there too. Ronak asks Rupa if he did domestic violence on you ever? I am a respectable man and they are arresting me. Saroj asks the inspector who filed the complaint? He doesn’t answer her and takes Ronak away. Saroj is shocked. They take Ronak, he glares at Kahani while leaving. Saroj glares at Rupa and screams for Iravati.

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Saroj comes to Iravati and says the police took Ronak away. She says what? Saroj says this all happened because of Rupa. Iravati asks Rupa you didn’t have peace after getting punished? Do you want to burn your house down? Saroj says I took her as a daughter and she is doing all this? I loved her as a daughter and I have a right to punish you, she is about to slap Rupa but Kahani stops her and says I called the police and not Rupa. Iravati says you want to get involved in everyone’s matter? Who are you to destroy my daughter’s house? Kahani says you are behind your daughter’s destruction, he can’t even respect anyone. Saroj says shut up, he is your brother in law, I will never forgive you for this neither will Yug. Kahani says when Yug knows the truth then he will take my side, you just care about Ronak but what about Rupa? She lost her baby because of him, you don’t even sympathize with her? You are fighting for Ronak? Gunjan says I was in the room and Ronak didn’t raise his hand on Rupa. Stop interfering in our family matters. Kahani says this is my family too and I know how truthful you can be so stay silent, I will change all the wrong things in this house. Iravati says I control this house so I promise to bring back Ronak before tonight. Kahani says what if you can’t? Iravati says I will bring him back and nobody can stop me, she goes from there. Saroj says my son will be back. Kahani says you want your son and I want justice for my sister, let us both try to win. She goes from there.

Iravati is leaving the house and thinks Kahani played a big game. I will cut her to pieces. Saroj comes to her and says this girl wants to destroy everything, why are you not doing anything for Ronak? Iravati says nothing will happen to him, we have made this house together so I won’t let that dancer’s shadow on this house, just trust me. Saroj says I just trust you only, she goes from there. Iravati says I have to answer back Kahani’s plot. She finds Ronak’s phone lying on the ground, she opens it to find Kahani’s photo with Bisham. She says I was thinking how that dancer could make this happen, Bisham Singh is my arch enemy, I have to be careful if he knows that Kahani is Ravi’s daughter and I got him in an accident because of all this then everything will be finished. I will do anything to bury this truth.

Ravi is in his room and looks around for the papers he made for Kahani. Kahani comes there and says you promised to help me so it’s time now. I am alone again and if you don’t take my side then I might lose Yug also. Ravi asks what happened? Kahani says I filed a complaint against Ronak and he got arrested. Ravi says why? Kahani says he scared and threatened Rupa, she slipped and lost her baby that’s why I filed a domestic violence case on Ronak. Ravi says does anyone else know? Kahani says everyone except Yug knows it, they were trying to keep Rupa silent but the truth is that Ronak killed Rupa’s baby. We don’t have proof against him. Ravi says how can I help you? Kahani says take your responsibility as a father, bring justice to Rupa by standing against Ronak. Ravi says you want me to lie in the court? Kahani says I am asking you to lie for the truth, even if you don’t take my side, I will find another way to prove the truth but if you don’t take my side today then I will never ask for help from you so just be careful, she goes from there. Ravi says if I take Kahani’s side then Iravati won’t spare her mother and sister but if I don’t take her side then Kahani would leave me.

Saroj is crying, Yug comes home and consoles her. He says I can’t believe Kahani called the police. Kahani comes there so he asks if she brought the police? Gunjan says I will tell the truth. Kahani thinks Rupa’s baby died because of Ronak but I was in the room and he didn’t raise a hand on her. Yug asks Kahani to tell me the truth, what is going on? Saroj asks Rupa to speak up. Yug asks Rupa to tell the truth. Rupa says I.. Yug says don’t be scared. Rupa says I slipped. Kahani is shocked to hear that. Iravati comes there. Kahani thinks it’s not Rupa’s fault. Ravi comes there. Kahani says it was not an accident, Ronak was behind it and I have proof of it. All are stunned. She asks Ravi to speak up but he is scared of Iravati. Iravati says Kahani is right, Ronak is behind Rupa’s condition. He should get punished. Saroj is shocked to hear that. Iravati tells Kahani that you have opened my eyes, I can’t thank you enough. All are confused. Saroj asks her what about her promise? You need to bring him back. Iravati says my motherly love woke up, your son broke my daughter and you are crying about a broken promise? Kahani did the right thing, Ronak is so greedy that it won’t fit in this house. Rupa asks Iravati if she is with her really? Iravati says yes, forgive me for not taking your side earlier. She hugs her. Ravi is doubtful. Saroj says you all think Ronak did wrong with Rupa? Gunjan you were in the room so tell us the truth. Kahani thinks how did Iravati change sides? Yug asks Gunjan to speak up. Iravati says Gunjan is a woman, Rupa’s sister and my daughter, she won’t go against me. She won’t go against the truth. Kahani thinks Gunjan will take Iravati’s side. Saroj asks Gunjan to tell the truth. Gunjan says I am sorry, I was in the room, Ronak was threatening Rupa, he kept harassing so Rupa tried to run away and slipped, she lost her baby because of Ronak threatening her, he is responsible for the miscarriage.

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