Namak Issk Ka, 2nd August 2021, Written Update

Namak Issk Ka

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Karan comes to the audition. Yug wishes him luck. The director says we should test a romantic scene. Yug says we would need a heroine for it. Satya brings Gunjan and says we have a heroine. She asks Gunjan to help Karan. Yug says I don’t mind if Gunjan has no problem. Gunjan says okay let’s do this. Karan starts a romantic scene with Gunjan. He sits on his knees and says I have seen a romantic dream of you. He holds her hand. Satya starts a fan and Gunjan’s dupatta falls on Karan. He takes it off and puts it around Gunjan. She smiles. Rupa claps for them and says I like this couple. The director approves Karan for the movie. Satya excitedly hugs Yug.

Iravati comes to Kahani in the basement with Bholenath’s photo. She says you want to see another photo? She shows her the photo of Satya hugging Yug. she says I didn’t even ask her to do this, she is a clever girl and I like to break them, I would finish her before you. Kahani says you don’t care about human lives right? Iravati says yes. She goes from there. Kahani says what is Satya’s plan? I hope she does something and not be a pawn for Iravati.

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Rupa sits with Saroj and says I think Gunjan needs to move on from Yug. There should be another man in her life. Saroj says do you have someone in mind? Rupa shows her Karan’s clip and says what do you think about them?

Satya tells Yug that she likes Karan for Gunjan. Yug says we don’t know much about him. Satya says so we will find out. Yug says he should focus on his career. Satya says you are helping him already. Just give him a chance for Gunjan.

Satya calls the doctor and asks about her Amma. He says it will take a month to her to get out of treatment. She says okay and ends the call. Satya says I have to bear all this for a month? Iravati comes there and says what will you do here for a month? Satya says I would serve you but you keep blabbering useless things. She goes from there. Iravati thinks I have to control this puppet.

Satya is trying to tie her dori. Yug comes there and helps her in tying it. Satya feels tensed and says I am sleepy. Yug sits with her and says how will we make a cricket team like this? Satya says I am just stressed about Lucky. Yug says how was your day? She says the usual. Yug says I signed Karan for the movie so let’s do pooja tomorrow. Satya says we will do it in the house. Yug says great idea. He says Kahani are you happy? Satya says I am sleepy and goes to the bed.

Scene 2
Satya comes to the basement. Kahani says talk. Satya says I have good news, Lucky is on the donor list. Kahani says anything else? Satya says what’s wrong with you today? Kahani says you are enjoying yourself too much that’s why you hugged Yug? Satya says I got excited about Gunjan’s wedding that’s why I hugged him suddenly. Kahani says who is marrying Gunjan? Satya says Yug’s next hero Karan is marrying Gunjan. That’s my plan. Kahani says what would happen if Gunjan gets married? How will I come out of here? Satya says you have to stay here for 1 month as my mother’s treatment is going on. Kahani says that’s a lot of time. Satya says don’t worry. Kahani asks her to leave. Satya leaves. Kahani takes of Bholenath’s photo from the wall and says I have to do something myself. She starts hitting the wall with the metal rod she found.

In the morning, the pooja preparations are going on in the house. Iravati thinks why is everything happening so fast for this Karan? Dadi asks Saroj to prepare everything for the pooja. Satya comes there and asks Rupa where is Gunjan? She says she is in her room. Iravati glares at her.

Satya comes outside Gunjan’s room and acts like calling her Amma. She says yes Amma, I have found a rich guy, he is perfect and crazy about me but there is a bee-like girl between us. I want to melt him today with my looks. Gunjan hears all that and thinks Yug will melt today when he sees me.

The pooja starts, Gunjan comes there after getting dressed. She sits near Yug. Satya sits on the other side and smirks. A pot is about to fall over Gunjan but Karan rushes to her and saves her. All family members rush to them and ask if they are fine? Satya says everyone moved away from Gunjan instead of saving her. Dadi blesses Karan. Gunjan and Yug thank Karan. Iravati thinks why is he becoming a hero in this house? What is going on?

Satya is talking to Karan by the pool. He sits on his knees and talks to her. She laughs. Iravati sees them together and thinks she wants to two men to herself? She takes their photo and thinks my work is done now.

Yug starts the projector and wants to show his film footage but the clip of Karan and Satya show together. Karan is sitting on his knees in front of her. All are stunned. Yug asks what is all this Kahani? Iravati says this is the proof of her cheating on you. Satya asks Karan to tell the truth. Karan says the truth is Kahani was helping me, I have started liking Gunjan and she told me to focus on my career first. Rupa says thank God he told everyone the truth as they want to attack Kahani all the time. Kahani says thank you Karan, I was just helping him as a friend, I just wanted the best for Gunjan. He sat on his knees to thank me. Yug tells Iravati what you wanted to prove by showing photos here like this? Iravati thinks now I understand what this cheap woman is trying to do.

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Karan talks to Satya and says we were about to get caught today. Satya says it’s okay but I have to say that you are a good actor. Karan says you should debut in films too. Satya says I am the real director of this movie.

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