Namak Issk Ka, 5th July 2021, Written Update: Kahani thrown out of the house

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Bisham tells Yug that Kahani started the fire as she wanted to kill Iravati. Kahani says why would I do that? Yug says I don’t believe Bisham, Kahani can never put me and Saroj in danger. Saroj says even I don’t accept this. Kahani says Bisham got a call and he left from there. Kahani says I will tell the truth. I found Bisham’s photo in Iravati’s room so she knew him. Bisham says I was her family lawyer, why are you trying to kill your family Kahani? Yug says I don’t trust anyone else but my wife. He asks Iravati where were you at the time of the fire breakout? Iravati says Kahani called Bisham here, he called me so I tried to find out why she sent all of us there and called Bisham here? I came back to the house to check on her but the fire broke out in his house. She got to know that her plan failed that’s why she went there to save Yug and Saroj so she can hide her truth. Kahani says they are lying. Iravati says you didn’t come with us to Bisham’s house because you had a sprain so how could you run there when the fire broke out? Yug asks Kahani if she called Bisham here? Kahani says yes but I just wanted to know about his connection with Iravati. He told me that.. Ravi comes there and slaps her hard. All are shocked. Yug pulls Kahani back. Ravi says Kahani came to me and said that she wants wealth from me, if she doesn’t get it then she will kill the family. Kahani is shocked. The flashback shows how Iravati asked Bisham to call Ravi and ask him. Bisham called Ravi so Iravati told him that Bisham is with me, he should know that I have kidnapped Kahani’s mother and sister so ask him to stop. Ravi asks Bisham to just do as Iravati says otherwise she will kill them, Bisham agreed. The flashback ends. Ravi tells Kahani that I saw you bringing a kerosene bottle so you could start a fire at Bisham’s house. Kahani says you all are lying, you are plotting against me. She cries and tells Yug that you know me, are you with me? Yug says I am with the truth but I don’t know who is telling the truth. Iravati says no one will trust you so leave. Saroj asks Kahani why did you do it? Gunjan says this girl is selfish. Yug says enough, I will find out the truth but not today. Whoever comes between me and my family will have to face me. He tells Kahani that I promised you my anger doesn’t come between our relationship so I will try to be not angry at you. Saroj says what if she is lying? Yug says I will find out the truth and I won’t do anything against Kahani till then as she is my wife. Dadi says you don’t understand that this house is breaking. If you are giving a chance to Kahani then get Ronak bailed too. Kahani says it’s not proven that I did anything wrong but everyone saw what Ronak did, even then you want to bring him back? I won’t let injustice happen with my sister. She tells Rupa that she won’t let the pain come back in her life. Yug says I am not saying that Ronak was right but try to understand. Saroj says if Ronak doesn’t come back then Kahani has to leave the house. Kahani thinks no one is with me because of Iravati’s plot. Yug coughs, Kahani tries to rush to him but Dadi pulls her back. Saroj takes Yug from there. Kahani cries for Yug.

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The doctor checks Yug and says there is nothing to worry about, he just inhaled some smoke. Iravati says I can’t believe that she burned the lawyer’s house for some money. She asks Ravi to give all wealth to that girl, I don’t care about money but I want to protect my family. Saroj says I won’t let that dancer destroy my son’s life. She goes from there.

Rupa prays for Kahani. Kahani prays to show her the path to bring the truth out. Saroj comes there and grabs Kahani’s hand. She drags her from there. Rupa says leave her. Saroj throws Kahani out of the house. Kahani says I won’t leave the house, I have to be with Yug. Saroj says you will come back to the house when you bring back Ronak. Kahani says I didn’t do anything. Saroj says just do what you are asked to. She locks the door on Kahani’s face. Kahani cries and says I didn’t do anything, please. She cries and is worried about Yug. Iravati smirks seeing all that.

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Kahani cries and says I am worried about Yug.

Ravi sees Kahani sitting on the porch and tries to go to her but Iravati says if you bring her back then I will call the police. Ravi goes to Kahani. She glares at him.

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