Namak Issk Ka, 7th June 2021, Written Update: Yug and Kahani’s romantic date

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Yug says I won’t be able to be with Kahani this time, she has to do something for herself and for us. She has to compromise on her past otherwise everything will be finished.

Kahani thinks everyone wants me to compromise on my past but it’s time to face it. I have always wanted to find my parents, I had to hear so much, people used to taunt me because I was a dancer but now everyone will know that Ravi Kant was a mistake, they called me a filthy dancer, I don’t want society to call me an illegitimate child.

Ronak stops Yug and says now you want to impress the family. It’s good that you are not blinded by that cheap dancer. Yug says don’t say that and stay away from Kahani. Rupa says he can’t do much. Yug goes from there. Ronak tells Rupa that you taunt me but your father married another woman when he was already married with two kids. He wasn’t much different from me. Rupa says he gave me respect and love unlike you.

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Saroj tells Iravati that Kahani should keep forcing to get Ravi punished. Iravati says Yug can feel love for her anytime. Saroj says we have to be strong till their end. Iravati starts crying. All family members come there. Iravati says my husband had to bear so much pain, he just got up and now Kahani is doing all this. She tells Yug that what if I take the blame on myself? What I say in the court that I forced him to marry me? Yug says you don’t have to do anything, Kahani will take the case back. Saroj asks her to not cry. Kahani comes there and sees it. Iravati goes from there. Yug glares at Kahani.

Rupa asks Iravati to calm down. Iravati says Ravi spent half of his life in a wheelchair and now he is in jail because of that Kahani. Rupa gives her water. Iravati recalls how she had pushed Ravi’s car in the cliff, she thinks I don’t know what he is saying there. She says I want to go and meet him.

Rupa comes to Kahani. Kahani says if you have come here to tell me to take the case back then don’t please. Rupa says if you take the case back then you will get rights as his daughter. Kahani says you want to bribe me? Rupa says it’s not like that. Kahani says just try to understand me once.

Scene 2
Ravi is sitting in jail and recalls how Iravati had pushed his car. Iravati enters his jail with food and smirks. She says I have brought halwa for you. Ravi says does it have poison? I was helpless for years because of you, how could you hate me so much? Iravati says I was just bringing you on the right path. I didn’t kill you, I just put you in the wheelchair. Ravi says I will bring the truth out, I will talk about Nishkant also. Iravati says I don’t like your tongue. I can talk to Kahani about her sister? only I know where Kahani’s mother and sister are. Ravi pleads and says please tell me. Iravati says I will but you need to remain silent.

Yug thinks how to pacify Kahani? He calls her and says come to the balcony. She says why? Yug says don’t question please, I just want to say that maroon color looks good on you.

Yug cooks for Kahani and says enough fighting, I will make my wife eat pasta from my hands. Maybe then she will listen to me.

Kahani says he loves me so he will understand me. Kahani gets ready in maroon dress and comes to the balcony. Yug comes there. Sajanwa plays as they both look at each other. Kahani sees the table set for their date. Yug holds her hand and makes her sit on the chair. He makes her eat with his hands. Kahani smiles and says it doesn’t have much salt but it’s perfect because of your love. Yug offers his hand. Kahani holds it. Yug says I love you a lot Kahani. She says that’s why you got divorce papers. Yug says your forced me, I am not fighting you but you are against my family. I am yours. Kahani says you are just on your family side, you have to choose one side. Yug says can’t I choose both? Kahani says that’s not possible because Ravi is part of your family and I can’t be in the same family as him. Thank you for doing all this. She leaves from there. Yug looks on.

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