Namak Issk Ka, 8th July 2021, Written Update: Yug wants to kill Ronak

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Iravati is about to sign the papers but Ravi gets dizzy and mistakenly pours ink on the papers. Bisham rushes to him and asks if he is fine? Ravi nods. Iravati glares at them.

Ronak grabs Kahani’s hand and says your skin is still soft. Kahani says I will slap you so hard, have you gone mad? Ronak says I haven’t done anything now. You have made me look like a bad guy so I have to prove it right. You were so happy when the police were taking me, it’s time for you to cry. Kahani says leave me alone otherwise I will crush your head. Ronak says nobody would come to save you here. What was my mistake? I wanted to love you but you have forced me to hate you. Kahani says it was not love but just being stubborn. Ronak says it was my style of loving but you went away with my brother and kept insulting me. I will end this story today. Where is your women’s empowerment? Kahani says I am enough for you, I will beat you. Ronak says you have done your part, it’s my time now. Kahani kicks him and runs from there. She tries to outrun him but his goons catch her. Kahani prays for Yug to come to her.

Yug tells Saroj that it’s a mother’s duty to show the right path to her kids but you freed Ronak and didn’t fulfill your duty. Saroj recalls how Ronak asked her to not stop him now. Saroj tells Yug that Kahani sent my Ronak to the jail. Yug says she just him to the jail but if it was me then it would be worst with Ronak. You took his side and have become criminal in Rupa and Harsh’s eyes. When I look at you I feel like mothers can do mistakes also. Saroj says Kahani tried to kill us. Rupa says it was just an allegation, you didn’t give her a chance to clarify. Yug says you think Ronak won’t repeat what he did? He will do a bigger sin and you will be responsible for it. He says I used to take you as God but not anymore, my God can’t be this weak. Saroj says don’t say this. Rupa says bring her back, she just took her sister’s side. Yug says it was Kahani’s prize for standing up for the truth. He asks Saroj if you want to give me the pain of living without my partner? You lived without your partner so you know the pain. Your heart is very small, it’s suffocating me so I am going away forever. I am going to my Kahani. He starts leaving. Saroj recalls Ronak’s words and says Kahani is in trouble, save her. Yug says what? Saroj says Ronak was angry when he left, he is looking for Kahani. Just go and save her otherwise something wrong is going to happen. Yug runs from there.

The goons have captured Kahani. Kahani screams to leave her. Ronak tells her that nobody can protect her here. He asks his goons to throw her in the godown. Kahani tries to fight but they take her away.

Scene 2
Kahani is locked in the godown. She tries to run but Ronak grabs her. Kahani screams to leave her alone. Ronak says why do you get disgusted with me? I love you so what’s wrong? Kahani prays for Yug to come in time. Ronak asks if she is missing Yug? Don’t worry, you would dream about me after this. Kahani pushes him away and hides in the godown.

Yug calls his man and asks him to track a number. He sits in his car and drives away.

Ronak looks around for Kahani and says where are you hiding? Let’s talk with love. He says come out otherwise I will find you. Kahani hides behind boxes but Ronak catches her.

Yug gets Ronak’s phone location and drives there.

Ronak grabs Kahani and says you can’t run away from me. He throws her on the bed and says you don’t need to play hide and seek with me. What’s your problem with me? Kahani moves away from him. Ronak says I want to do everything with your consent. He moves over her and says now I will do the deed with you. Yug comes outside Ronak’s den. He runs inside and grabs him before he can touch Kahani. Yug punches Ronak angrily. Kahani hugs him and cries. Ronak says my brother is a spy, he can never leave me alone. Yug glares at him and says you have crossed all limits today, I won’t spare you now. He starts beating him. Ronak shouts that I am your big brother, have you forgotten all limits? Yug says all relationships are finished after what you just did. Ronak says you are beating your elder brother for a dancer? Yug says that dancer is my life, how dare you touch her with your filthy hands? Kahani is scared and cries. Yug keeps beating him. Ronak shouts that if she is your life then take her away but she has insulted me in the whole world. Yug says you should have respect to be insulted. Kahani sees Yug beating him badly and stops him. She says don’t do it. Yug says I will kill him today, don’t stop me. Yug starts beating Ronak with a stick, he breaks a tube light on his back. Kahani is stunned. Yug is about to throw a big can over him but Rupa rushes and falls in Yug’s feet. She pleads with him to stop, don’t kill him. Kahani asks him to stop also. Yug sits with Rupa and cries. He hugs her. Rupa cries and says leave him for me. Saroj rushes to Kahani and asks if she is fine? Kahani nods. Saroj hugs her and cries. Yug hugs Kahani as she cries. Saroj says if Kahani didn’t call me then I don’t know what would have happened, you were saying something? Kahani says yes, when you see that letter.. Kahani looks around and says that letter? Where did I leave it?

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