Nima Denzongpa, 17th January 2022, Written Update: Maaji asks Mania to pretend as an orphan

Nima Denzongpa, 17th January 2022, Written Update: Maaji asks Mania to pretend as an orphan

MUMBAI: Nima tells Paras’ family that Mania is pregnant. Everyone is shocked. Suman gets happy hearing that. Paras says Mania was sick and we got the test done so she was pregnant, it happened after the marriage. Nima tells Maaji that we would have waited but maybe God wants them together. Maaji says don’t bring God in this. Your daughter plotted all this. Paras says don’t say that. Maaji asks him to shut up, you have done everything to destroy our honor. Suresh says we didn’t want things to happen like this. Maaji says you all are lying, you all thought that if there is a baby then we can’t do anything against you people. She tells Nima that you have given good learning to your daughter. Mania comes there and says don’t say these things to my parents. Nima asks what are you doing here? Maaji says why shouldn’t we question them? The parents have to pay the price for their kids’ mistakes. Dinesh says even if Paras leaves the house, this baby will have a right on this property and wealth, that’s good planning. The girl planned to have a good future by doing all this. Paras says enough, why do you think everyone wants money only? Some people just want happiness and Mania has taught me that. I told you that I married a person I love but you were not happy, I am giving a baby to this house and you are looking at it as a mistake? Paras tells Nima sorry and says this baby is not a mistake and I won’t let anyone look at it like that. I won’t let anyone insult you anymore. He says let’s go from here. Dinesh glares at him. All look on.

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Sia, Shiv, Kanchan and Mayank are in the restaurant. Kanchan orders for herself and Mayank. Mayank says you still remember my favorite food? Kanchan says it’s not a big deal. She tries to flirt with Shiv so Mayank gets angry and asks Sia to order for him, I want something new. Sia says I don’t know what you like. Mayank says you can order anything for me and I would like it. Kanchan glares at him flirting with her. Sia orders for him. Mayank says we are here not just for food, we can talk also. Shiv says right. Mayank says let’s play a game. It will be fun. Kanchan says we are not kids anymore. We are not playing any game. Mayank says it’s your favorite game.

Paras is leaving with Mania and Nima. Suman cries and tells Maaji to stop him, we will lose Paras and his baby like this. Babita asks Maaji to do something. Maaji says stop. All look on. Maaji tells Paras to stop leaving the house, she tells Nima that I know you are going through a difficult time as a mother. This news has stunned us, we have to solve this matter now. She asks Nima to give them some time to take a decision, you can give us some time right? Nima says yes. Maaji tells them if they want tea then Nima can make it and use servants’ cups. Nima nods. Paras looks on.

Nari tells Sunita that Mania went to Paras’ house. Sunita says don’t worry, she gives her tea and says why did Mania leave alone? I wouldn’t have stopped her. Sunita winces in pain and says I have a stomach ache, do you have medicine? Nari says I will bring it. Sunita says just tell me, I will take it. Nari says it’s in the cupboard. Sunita opens it and finds Nima-Suresh’s wedding photos inside. She sadly looks at them.

Paras is waiting in his house with Mania and her family. Mania asks him to relax. Babita says you both support each other so well, I don’t know what our family will decide but if you both leave this time then take me with you. Mania laughs. Nima is worried. She sees house not cleaned and starts cleaning with her saree. Maaji comes there and says you didn’t come here to do this work today. Maaji says we have taken a decision that.. we can’t stop this wedding. I will talk to the priest, we will get them married after finding a good date. All are happy to hear that but Suman is tensed. Dinesh smirks. Maaji says I want a good wedding for Paras so we will call all our family members. I know it will be difficult to arrange everything in 2 days but we will do it. Nima says thank you for accepting them. I know it’s difficult for you but I can’t thank you enough. She looks at Suman who is stressed. Maaji says you have to listen to me. Nima looks on.

Scene 2
Mayank tells Sia, Shiv and Kanchan that we will tell 3 things about ourselves and others have to guess which 2 things are wrong and which 1 thing is right. He says I will start, 1st is that I have a big business, 2nd thing is that I loved a girl but she got married, 3rd is that I will find a girl and get settled. Sia says 1st is correct? He says wrong. Shiv says maybe 2nd is right? Mayank says yes, I liked a girl, Kanchan knew her. He is about to talk but Kanchan mistakenly throws water at him. It falls on Sia so Mayank cleans her up. Shiv gets angry seeing him close to Sia.

Maaji tells Nima that I don’t have an issue with Mania, Paras likes her. But we can’t accept some things about Mania as it’s about our family honor. Nima says I understand, your status is way above us but we will try our hardest for Mania’s wedding. You have already done a lot for us so I won’t let you be insulted in the society. Dinesh says we are already insulted, when people know that Mania’s parents are from servant class then they will spit on us. Maaji tells Nima that you have worked in this house for 25 years so our relatives know you. This news will spread like wildfire. Paras says then we can have a small wedding. Maaji says we have to answer our relatives, we can’t do this wedding in hiding. Nima says then what should we do? Maaji says it’s not that difficult. We will do a big wedding but Mania has to pretend like she is an orphan. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Paras says I won’t allow that. Dinesh says we just have to show it, we have to pretend like she is an orphan that doesn’t mean she has to become an orphan for real. Mania says but.. Nima stops her. Paras tells his family to not do all this, you were agreeing before for the wedding after some months so why now? Maaji says yes, we thought if we wait for the wedding then you both would forget each other. Paras says you were playing a game with me? When will you stop? Maaji sighs and says why are you blaming me only? Do you ever think that what you did was wrong also. How many of your friends have married their servants’ daughter? No one. You have made us a joke, we are facing this for the first time. We are part of the society and there is no example like this. Paras says we are not wrong, we can’t take decisions based on what people will say. Maaji says we are accepting Mania as our daughter in law but I won’t allow people taunting us. Maaji tells Paras that you have to compromise a little bit also. Mania says I can’t cut myself off from my parents, there is nothing to think about. These parents have brought me up, I am sorry but I can’t accept this. Maaji says then forget about this marriage. All look on.

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