Pinjara Khubsurti Ka, 20th July 2021, Written Update: Mayura tries to convince Omkar of their past birth

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Mayura wishing that Omkar and Mayura never get separated in this birth. She cuts the cake while DM sings happy birthday song for her. Mayura makes her eat the cake. DM makes her eat cake too. She says we thought to celebrate your birthday grandly, but suddenly your health got deteriorated. Mayura opens the box and finds a chain. She recalls Omkar and Mayura talking about Tara. She asks if you believe in rebirth. DM says yes and asks why are you asking me? Mayura says just like that. DM asks her to take rest. Mayura thinks where is my family and my Tara? She thinks to meet them, but before that she needs to meet Omkar. She checks Om on her hand and thinks even Omkar gets nightmares like me, if I talk to him then he will recall the previous birth surely. She calls him, but his number is unreachable. Ishaan recalls Mayura asking him to take Omkar’s name with respect. He breaks the things in his room. Vishaka comes there and asks if everything is okay? If Mayura is fine? Ishaan says yes,s he is fine, but my mood is off. Vishaka asks him to tell what happened? Ishaan says I started liking Mayura, but don’t know about her. Vishaka says what I taught you, the thing you like, shall not leave. She says you have sent the pic, I will see it now. She says I used to know some other Mayura, many years ago. She was very beautiful. Ishaan says but she can’t be more beautiful than my Mayura. Vishaka says really. She is about to see the pic, when she gets Mr. Goswami’s call and goes talking.

Omkar comes out of house and finds Mayura standing. He asks her to go before his mummy wakes up. Mayura asks him to listen to her once. She gets inside and says if I shout then Aunty will wake up. Omkar says this was expected from you. Mayura says this is truth that I called you to party to humiliate you, but when I fainted, I remembered everything. She tells that they are Mayura and Omkar of last birth and tells that their love story couldn’t be completed in last birth, and they are reborn, tells that they have to unite and win this time. She shows the line on his hand and Om birth mark on her hand, says there is surely some meaning related to it. She tells that we met again and hugs him, and says nobody can separate us now. Omkar breaks the hug and says I didn’t know that you make such a nice story. He says first you tried to humiliate me and now this rebirth drama. Mayura says this is truth. Omkar says you can’t make me lose, as I am not playing the game. He says you tried to trap me so that I don’t interrupt in your Papa’s chemical factory. Mayura says she is unaware of that. Omkar says this time, the matter is about my basti, where my Mother and Naina stays. He pushes her out. Mayura asks him to trust her. She cries as he closes the door.

Omkar’s mother coughs. He gets worried and asks her to rest. He says he will make kada and will call doctor too. Omkar says he will cook food and asks her to rest. Doctor checks his mother and tells him that her health is bad, due to the polluted water in the pond, due to the testing of the chemical factory. She says don’t know what will happen. Omkar apologizes to his mother and tells that Mayura staged a big drama so that I stay away from her Papa’s chemical factory. His mother asks him to stay away from her, and says those who can use their daughter for their motives, cannot be good.

Mayura asks Mr. Goswami about his factory in Azaad Nagar. Mr. Goswami says yes and asks her not to interfere. Just then Omkar comes there and shouts Mr. Goswami. Mayura says Omkar. Mr. Goswami asks how dare you take my name? Omkar accuses him for using his daughter to distract him. Mr. Goswami asks how dare you? Omkar asks him to ask Mayura. Mr. Goswami threatens to crush him. Omkar says I will break your ego in a moment. Mr. Goswami coughs and takes the water, but Omkar takes the glass and asks him to cancel his plan of setting up the factory. He says if basti people drink that water, then? He puts sand in his glass from the pot and hands over the glass in Mr. Goswami’s hand. Sachin asks Mayura what did she do? Mayura says she didn’t do anything, I will go to college and talk to him, he must be having a misunderstanding. Mr. Goswami says you will stay at home. Mayura goes. Mr. Goswami asks Sachin to go and check the factory work. Sachin says we should have shown him his value when he broke the factory board.

Naina tells that she is happy that they got their Omi back. She says how will we stop the factory work? Naina gives him gift. He opens the gift and finds marble gift. She says I got this from Jabalpur specially for you. Omkar gets flashes of himself and people calling him Sangemarmar sartaj. He asks do you believe in past birth? Naina says no, tells that whatever it is, just the present birth. Omkar gets a message from Sarpanch that they are setting up factory.

Mayura is practicing sword. DM comes there and says I am seeing you since yesterday, seems like you are reborn yesterday. Mayura says you said right, tells that she was caged and wants to get out from the cage. She says I am not the same old Mayura, I will tell my word and will come out of cage.

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